Rape is a Social Cancer Remedy in Islam -Salman Riaz


Many men describe rape as a social disorder, and it was defined as a sin by others, but I’ll describe under the current progress, rape as a social cancer. As our country continues to grow at the rate of rape is seen, it seems to me, though not many goggle. But I’ll blame some mythic culture in our society, which are covered by the culture behind the boldness of the long tail. Some people will be blamed as mimic, who have already tried in vain to implement fiction stories of their lives. Fiction and reality are not same, they have forgotten that.
When the question comes up rape prevention or cure whenever the question of religion. Bangladesh is 94 per cent Muslim-majority country, which is world’s 3rd largest Muslim country. But, how many people are confident to sustain and practice their believes, how many people have faith to speak, we are continued to implement religious rules in our life. It really comes to the question of decent clothes after religion. I know many feminists can’t agree with me. Every woman wants freedom like freedom of clothing, freedom of speech and freedom of movement. Islam is ever ready to give these freedoms to women. But if the meaning of freedom is nudity of clothing, women’s body to show as meaning of competition, women used like the product, so that Islam does not approve that kind worst situation.
The word “rape” means forcefully ravishment act. If a person is reluctantly forced a woman to have physical relations with him, but we have found that the woman had been raped.
According to Women and Children Repression Prevention Act-2000, amended in 2003, when a man having sex with a woman without her consent, it is rape. In the simplest sense, if women do not consent to sexual relationships it can be called rape. If women do not have any barriers preventing rape or sexual relationships that may not obstacle even be considered as rape if disclose any disagree. Which is means that, having sex without the consent of woman to be treated badly as rape.
However, Women and Children Repression Prevention Act 2000, and amended Law 2003 referred that; sexual relationships with child under the age of 16 will be treated as rape, if it happened with the consent of her.
The law mentioned as a reason that adults can influence on children to have sex. I appreciated that decision. But the question remains, under 16 years’ old means 15 years old girl are ignorant of the physical relationship?
I would say absolutely not. A 14 or 15-year-old girl or a boy is not absolutely ignorant about sexual relationship. Because of such age of a boy or a girl is a student of class seven or eight. If he is not autism, obviously he has concept on physical relationship. Moreover, during puberty, a girl’s physical problem (blood dripping from uterus) occurs, its starts from the age of 12 or 13 like the weather of our country. The meaning of such natural bleeding is she has gone to be youthful. So, in Women and Children Repression Prevention Act 2000 should be changed such inconsistency. However, less than 12 year old a girl willing to have sex that would be called rape, such law would be more reasonable, I think so.
Now the question is, why are the heinous act as rape happened? Much of the reason behind the heinous incident of rape can be identified.
Our society, our culture merged with the culture of the neighboring country’s corrupt society. Our country is a country of believers of Muslim culture. But our people have been influenced by foreign TV channels, which are trying to implement in their lives. The rape of our country was widely reported in the media recently and immediately before started to happen in our neighboring country India. So many news disclose proves to protest of women against such heinous act. I appreciate these protests of women.
If we review some incidence of rape that shows, extramarital relationship is one of the responsible for organizing the rape. Islam does not in any way extramarital relationship.
When I’m writing this article I saw news in Amardeshonline.com, publish “Lover raped on marriage lure in Fulpur, Mymensingh” (Amardeshonline.com, 23/06/15).
Just 1 day ago “Manabzamin” paper published news: The main accused in gang-raped a college student boyfriend Shakib (Manabzamin, 21/06/15). I think extramarital relations between the two reports are one of the reasons of rape. There are a lot more news behind this news but media may not disclose, if this were true, my beliefs were published.
Recently, a woman police constable raped by her ex-husband police constable. They marriage in 2011 and they separate in 2004. They are uncouth to each other after divorce. This police constable called this ex-wife in his home and she was raped by 5 men. Here, question is that what are dared women who went alone to meet with him? Here should be gone to take someone with her.
Many people may say, the woman on the veil is helpful to prevent the rape, then why are children being raped? But for her, it was not yet mandatory for the provision of yashmak. Man is the best creature of all creation. These men are inferior creature again. When people stay away from religious education, he shall die in his conscience. He will be able to express its brutality. That’s his evidence. No religions like rape, homosexuality or women harassment. But, rape is being happened in America, Canada, United Kingdom, India and many countries every day. What do they mean for their religion? No, that does not mean the real mean. Muslims do not believe in religion or not fully aware of this punishment. There is no longer any reflection on religious life, so it is happening. When people of every religion aware about his religion for his own needs, and they were trying to implement then the dignity of women will be kept.

Some Rape after Rape:
When a woman is raped, her mental balance do not belongs as normal life. He collapsed in mental largely. She stays in silent due to social boycott and social rules and policies. Many women do not stay in silent; she reveals and filed in the name of the rapist. But then this girl is safe? Rather than, she raped more times after the rape to prove she was raped.
1.    First, the case of the rape to the police to give him mentally to be raped again. She answered many questions, Who, Where, and how she raped, and is she raped put in clothes or opening clothes, how many people, how much pain she feel, and so shocking that she was raped more than once. These questions are asked by man police. In some cases, police rape this girl by getting chance again. But she cannot say anything. Because, police can weak this case file. She was raped again come to a fair trial. There is a lack of man police in this country?
2.    The second stage would be to open up to the doctor to get a medical exam before. Here is male doctor also. He was stripped and raped by force once again trying to get evidence of the rape was willing to open up. The woman does so doctors say. Nevertheless, doctor does not give reports on behalf of the victim.
3.    The third stage is the case, you can seek justice in court to prove that she is innocent of the man who raped her in front of everyone again, and the defense lawyer began to rape in her character also. The girl is naked in public again. Lowers are trying to prove that the woman is bitch, taking advantage of gaps in the law.
4.    Finally, if the judgment is in favor of the girl, then another ridiculous game starts. Rapist is sentenced to prison, but our worst society remind constantly of the rape. Remember that the emotional state of the woman constantly have to be raped.
However, Islam is a religion of peace that she has been raped, no need to arrange evidence for it, she talks to it. The girl’s words are prime testimony.

Hadith, Wa’il ibn Hujr (RA) narrated that when a woman went out in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for prayer, a man attacked her and overpowered (raped) her. She shouted and he went off, and when a man came by, she said: That (man) did such and such to me. And when a company of the Emigrants came by, she said: That man did such and such to me. They went and seized the man whom they thought had had intercourse with her and brought him to her. She said: Yes, this is he. Then they brought him to the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him). When he (the Prophet) was about to pass sentence, the man who (actually) had assaulted her stood up and said: Apostle of Allah, I am the man who did it to her. He (the Prophet) said to her: Go away, for Allah has forgiven you. But he told the man some good words (AbuDawud said: meaning the man who was seized), and of the man who had had intercourse with her, he said: Stone him to death. He also said: He has repented to such an extent that if the people of Medina had repented similarly, it would have been accepted from them.(Abu Daud/4379; Tirmizi/1454, Mishkat/3572, Hasan hadeeth, “hudud” section).
This above Hadith mentioned that, the Messenger (peace be upon him) implemented stoned to death when He heard about the man who raped her hearing her words.

Punishment for Rape in State Law:
Women and Children Repression Prevention Act, 2000 has been said about the punishment for rape under section 9,

Article 9(1), Whoever commits rape with a woman or a child, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for life and with fine.
Explanation: Whoever has sexual intercourse without lawful marriage with a woman not being under fourteen years of age, against her will or with her consent obtained, by putting her in fear or by fraud, or with a woman not being above fourteen years of age with or without her consent, he shall be said to commit rape.

Article 9(2), if in consequence of rape or any act by him after rape, the woman or the child so raped, died later, the man shall be punished with death or with transportation for life and also with fine not exceeding one lac taka.

Article 9(3), if more than one man rape a woman or a child and that woman or child dies or is injured in consequences of that rape, each of the gang shall be punished with death or rigorous imprisonment for life and also with fine not exceeding one lac taka.

Article 9(4), whoever attempts on a woman or a child- To cause death or hurt after rape, he shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for life and also with fine.
To commit rape, he shall be punished with imprisonment for either description, which may extend to ten years but not less than five years rigorous imprisonment and also with fine.

Article 9(5), If a woman is raped in the police custody, each and every person, under whose custody the rape was committed and they all were directly responsible for safety of that woman, shall be punished for failure to provide safety, unless otherwise proved, with imprisonment for either description which may extend to ten years but not less than five years of rigorous imprisonment and also with fine.

Punishment for Rapists in Islam:
The punishment that has been described above, constantly Islam mentioned a severe punishment for rapists than.
In the Holy Quran, “those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and to attempt to create the ground for terrorism and disaster, this is their punishment, they would be killed or crucified or their hands and feet be cut off on opposite sides or they land would be banished from. That is their disgrace in this world and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom. “(Surah Mayeda-33)
According to the teachings of the Quran and the hadith narrated above, it is clear that the man who raped her to be stoned to death and there is no penalty for the victim.
There is disparity between Man created law (Women and Children Repression Prevention Act), and Islamic law. The maximum penalty for rapists of Islam is death penalty and in the state law for rapists is life imprisonment. For executing death for rapist is must die of the girl or be a victim of a conspiracy. I’m not opposed to the law, but I wish to amendment. Although it is not possible to amendment rather needed to execute current Act. But, it does not happen. If it would be executed then rapist do not dared to celebrate a century of rape in Jahangirnagor University.
What if there is no remedy? There are, of course.
Firstly, admit that religious law. All the religions of the world, women have been advised to wear modest clothing. Many feminists can question- why does so many questions of men’s about women’s clothing? Rather than, they can mitigate their interests.
I agreed to their words, if not entirely agree. Because the provisions of Islam is not only for women, but Almighty Allah said to be restrained for men before. It is another evidence of the modern religion of Mohammedanism.
The Holy Quran says in Surah Nur, “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze( from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts(from illegal sexual acts, etc). That is purer for them. Surely Allah is aware of what they are doing “. (Surah Noor: 30)
According to this holy word, I fully agree on the question of feminist on behalf of having alleviated desire of men. But then Allah has warned women about their clothing.
“And tell the believer women to lower their gaze( from looking at forbidden things)and protect their private parts(from illegal sexual acts, etc).and not to show off their adornment except only that which is generally appearing. They covered their chest with a veil “. (Surah Noor: 31)
According to this Holy word, women should protect her valuable asset her honor.
Islam and other religious are mentioned to wear modest clothing of women which has been described below.
The commentary of the Qur’an: O Prophet! Tell your wives, daughter and tell other believers women to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known (as free respectable women), so as not to be annoyed. Indeed, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surah Al-Ahzab: 59)
The Bible’s Book of Diotarnamy, Chapter X, Section 5 are at, “Women do not wear clothing like a man. Like women, men cannot wear. The Lord would have hated doing so. There is women wear also modest clothing “.
Religious book of the Hindu Vedas narrated, “the women do not wear clothing like men. And men do not wear their wives” (Rogved 8 / Section: 85, Chapter: 30).
More telling, “the great God has made woman. You custody your eyesight and will be behind the veil”. (Rogved 8 / Section: 33, Chapter: 19).
The feminist in any religion, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, then tell you, women’s clothing is not responsible for organizing the rape in any justification. It is possible to put out all harassment activities of women through the combination restraint of men and women.
Some you might have questions, if religious rules can prevent the rape, then why the muezzin of mosque or the imams are involved in rape? The greedy eyesight is first responsible for happening rape. My question is here, how did this women came to the attention of Imam’s greedy? Of course, she was not decent attire.
Secondly, the family should teach both men and women to respect each other. Because, men and women are complement each other. When a man honor a woman like his mother, sister or aunt through family education then sexual harassment will be reduced. Before a man harassing a woman should be thinking about it at this time, my mother, my sister, wife, aunt, they are out of necessity. If they victim like this woman is being teasing, then can I accept it?
Many are said to be educated in the family immensely important than academic learning. So then why would not you grab the attention of a teacher to his student for?
Thirdly, exemplary punishment should execute like death penalty to the man who raped her. The family bias and even political bias will be stayed away from this execution.
Mohammedanism took the seat of enough honors of women but not in other religions. Women are mother, someone’s wife, someone’s daughter and someone’s beloved sister. Dignity of women is the most precious to her. Every woman will be understood it. People protect and take appropriate conservation measures for the protection of their valuable resources such as gold jewelers, money and other property from thieves and robbery. Even in the depths of the sea, diamond are hidden inside the mussel is a precious resource in the world. When women realize their value, not to display their beauty like product, rather they will hide like diamond hide in mussel as worthy goods, then all of misconduct with the women will be closed on that day.

The Writer is a Student of Peace and Conflict Studies at University of Dhaka.