Terrorism Twin Metaphors on Bangladesh Perspective


By MahmudulHasan

“Terrorism” the use of the term has changed the political climate in Bangladesh. This term has been applied extensively to gain political advantage instead of solving the problem. Any movements against the wrongdoing of rulers are called terrorism. Mingling with the religious reaction an odious sense is being depicted among the people. Now the word has become a symbol of extreme religious violence. Religious uniform, beard, gunpowder bombs, weapons have been equalized in terms of state reaction against terrorism. Consequently, the diabolical fashion killing seems stale to everyone. On the other hand, people with long beard are being presented to them in a manner as they are the enemies of the nation. Statistically speaking, the biggest threats to life and property of the people of Bangladesh are political violence, leftist extremism and road accidents. Government seems reluctant to heed on those problems. The government is paying its highest attention to Beard-caped branded so-called terrorists instead of the real culprits.
As a consequence of internal violence among the ruling party Awami League activists and leaders 172 people were killed in last six years. More 74 people were killed in the hand of political opponents and extremists. According to the information provided by different Human Rights Organizations, data storing unit of Ain-o-Shalish Kendre (ASK) and its own reporters from 64 districts, the Daily Prothom-Alo prepared this report. The paper also claims that 200 persons have been killed in last six years as a consequence of internal conflicts within Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). However, the report is not clear about the source of its information regarding the BNP conflicts.
In last six years, the ruling party makes 1111 internal violent incidents and consequently 13691 were injured. BNP clashed 344 times within internal clash and 4762 people were injured as a consequence. A total of 908 people were killed in political violence in last six years and 29 political representatives were killed at the same time. Apolitical people are also being killed in political violence. The report reveals that 27 apolitical persons were killed in the political collisions.
People were stabbed to death on the public street in political violence. The terror, cruelty and brutality of Chhatra League have crossed the limit of public tolerance throughout whole reign of present ruling party. They killed their 40 members in last six years. They were reckless and brutal in slaying of opponents. The story of poor tailor Biswajit slay shall be a witness for their atrocities. The world viewed a prehistoric brutality through the TV channels. They killed him thinking one of their opponents, Chatra Shibir. They took that as an opportunity to display their performance. They practice this game of performance showing in public universities. During the event of Biswajit killing local police closely watched the scene of the murder. They also took it politically not as a murder. The law enforcement agencies are motivated by political considerations. Before taking any action, firstly they ensure that their action will not go against the ruling party. If they find any brutal action in favour of the ruling party, then silence is their only responsibility. Their actions remain limited to mere investigation and then cannot be found guilty or something similar to that.
Biswajit failed to clarify his political identity. He wanted to say that he was a Hindu. His idea was simple that a Hindu cannot be a ‘Chatra Shibir’ and his religious identity will be enough for his clemency. BCL men had no time to listen Biswajit because that was their rare opportunity to show their craziness for attracting the attention of their senior leaders. Opportunities do not come often. So at that time there should have no place for compassion in heart. If you can contribute to the killing of one Chatra Shibir man then your position in the party will be promoted. If the word terrorism means the prejudice and killing of innocent people then what could be the greater terrorism than the killing of Biswajit.
The Chairman of Fulgazi, Ekramul Haque was killed openly in the presence of Police by some local known cadres of ruling party. Akram’s car was set on fire and Akram was shot and burnt inside his car. The Chairman of Natore Baraigram Upozila and BNP leader Sanaullah Nuri was lacerated to death in the street by ruling party’s cadres while he was leading a procession. Similarly, the Chairman of Jhikargacha and BNP leader Shawkat Ali was murdered. Tales of such horrific murders cannot be finished. Those taking part in the killing, even when their presence is confirmed by TV footage, are not brought to the justice. Thus, there is no other country in the world with such culture of political murder in broad daylight.
Left-wing extremism comes next to the ruling party in terms of barbaric killing. The spread of leftist extremism routes is rooted in one place. Imbued with the ideals of communism and exploitation-free society they began their journey. Later on, they divided into various groups and factions such as, pro-Russian and pro-Chinese and involved in cruel fighting among themselves. Hundreds of leftists became the victim of their cruelty. They now have a reign of terror in different parts of Bangladesh, especially in the south-west. The main activity of them is extorting money from people and if people are unable to give money, they are killed in a brutal manner. According to Prothon-Alo report dozens of members of the ruling party have been killed in the hands of left-extremists in last six years. Killing of people is a part of their regular practice.
The expense of these political clashes and mobs are huge.  The cost of such destructions is huge in cash money. When the ruling party runs any mob or unscrupulous destruction somewhere they do not bother with any law or rule. Having control over the security forces they become like monsters. They carried out such attacks on Chittagong Railway Station a few days ago to get the train tickets.

Terrorists mean extremist attacker groups who damage the life and the property of the innocent people without any justification. Their main activities are murder, destruction of property, intimidating people through force and so on. In the context of Bangladesh ruling party and its political wings are mainly responsible for these activities and then the left extremists. At least statistics says so. Different Media do not feel any discomfort to blame the religious groups for terrorism without any justification. But the statistics revealed by one media interested in campaign against religious extremism proves its action to blame the religious groups wrong. Extremism by the name of religion may be a truth in the case of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India but for Bangladesh the reality is different. Some groups are trying to mess up the terrorism with mainstream Islam to serve the agenda of their anti-Islamic allies.
The world’s most road accidents are occurring in Bangladesh. According to the report of World Health Organization (WTO) everyday 35 people in average are died in road accidents. Civil society sometimes demands to take action to prevent road accidents, especially after the death of the Mishuk Monir and Tareq Masud. There is no focus on that drawback of us. Road accident is more responsible for death of people than ruling party and left-extremists.
There is no attempt by the government to reduce the loss of life and to ensure safety of general people. Political hatred is increasing competing with the growing road accidents. On the other hand, terrorism campaign is also increasing. Government and pro-government Media do not bother with any logic or reality to blame someone as terrorist. Their guns are targeting the beard-caped Islamic scholars and Madrasah students.  But no one asks how many people were killed in six years in the hand of these people? Some Media are very interested to promote this stereotype.

A few years ago a group named Ansarullah Bangla Team revealed. They were charged with the murder of an atheist blogger and the attack against another. It was said that they were imbued with the ideology of Al-Qaeda. Yemen based Anwar al Awlaki’s “jihadi style” writings were found on their website. Chatra Shibir was also blamed for the murder of Rajib Ahmed Haider. As he was killed by so-called anti-liberation war so he was titled as the first martyr of second liberation war. Government and its allies gained the political advantage by throwing the arrow to two groups of separate ideology together for one murder.
The information about this Ansarullah Bengala Team from the intelligence is that they began operations in 2007. They were supplied money from different sources behind some Non-Governmental Organizations. Intelligence agencies claimed that they have stopped those sources of the money. Recently, DB police brought two long-bearded men of this group claiming they were preparing to build a drone.  Tanjil Hussain was main ringleader and Golam Mawla Mohon was his fellow. Both of them were wearing half-sleeved old t-shirts.
Police said about the identity of these two persons that one has higher education in Computer Science from the Green University and the other has also technical knowledge. DB members taking part in the operation were participating in a photo session with seized materials. Among the seized materials there was a CPU, a laptop, five-six ‘jihadi books’, a plastic box full with electric wire, alpines and similar things, and a synthetic miniature. ‘Jihadi Book’ is now a widely used term. Some days ago, a TV channel news was showing a photo session of police with captured so-called long-beard ISIS members and “Jihadi Books”. The name of one “Jihadi Book” was Esho Arbi Shikhi (Let’s we learn Arabic). When The TV camera man could perceive the matter, he turned the TV camera to a different direction. Police are doing these types of photo sessions after capturing bearded-caped people. But police never give any statement about whom they were planning to kill and which institutions they were about to attack them. In last year police seized three grenades from a Madrasah in Chittagong, which led the Hifajati Islami’s procession against government in Dhaka. According to police, they came to know about the grenades after blasting of one. They seized all three grenades from the same room where one blasted. A question comes, how three grandees can remain un-blasted after blasting of one within the same room? At least anyone knows a little about explosive capacity of a grandee will not believe the story.
Police said at the press conference that equipments such as, ‘drone’ or ‘quad like helicopters’ were seized from them. They apprehended that the drone or quad helicopter will be deployed for taking pictures of different significant places of the country for militant attacks. Drone technology is used by few country’s Intelligence Agencies. No militant group has been able to use this technology yet. In Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks the suspected Al-Qaeda did not use this technology. There is no precedent of using drone technology for carrying out the destruction by world’s leading terrorist organizations. Even it is not known by international Media that they come close to use this technology.
After the Twin Tower attack the world politics has been changed. Muslims are portrayed as terrorists. Beard and Islamic uniform are becoming the symbol of terrorism. All indiscriminate and unjustified actions against Muslims are termed as war against terrorism. Attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria are legalized by the sake of terrorism. Drone attack in Pakistan and Yemen are silently taking lives of thousands civilian people. No one can dare to speak a single word against this massacre of United States. So called Islamic terrorism is legitimating all of their brutal actions against the innocent Muslims in different parts of the world. If anyone goes against the interest of US he becomes a terrorist. ISIS was patronized and sheltered by European Union and West but when ISIS captured the oil mines in Iraq it went against the interest of US and they declared war against ISIS. Our ruling party is following the footsteps of US and west. They are portraying their oppositions as terrorists. They are ascribing every political movement as terrorism. They are using some sycophant Media to promote their vision.  Capturing beard-caped people and oppressing the Islamic scholars and students are extension of western actions against Islam. They are using the same language as US use to undermine the Muslims. They are using this term to legalize their brutal actions against oppositions. They are legitimating their ‘gun fighting’ or ‘crossfire’ killing missions by using this word, terrorism.
There was no question of terrorism in Islam before 2001. Islam was out of this question for fourteen hundred years. After the attack of Al-Qaeda on Twin Tower, the whole Muslim world became terrorists at once.  Evidently, Al-Qaeda and Taliban were sheltered by west during the Soviet rule in Afghanistan for fighting Soviet. So it was a creation of them with a deliberate intention to misguide the rest of the world about Islam. In Bangladesh, the so-called religious terrorism is sheltered and funded by some unknown organizations. Government never lets us know about the fund sourcing of these separatist groups. Government never reveals the fate of these people who are caught by the name of terrorist planning.

West exercises their unfettered freedom of expression to criticize Islam and Islamic symbols.  Some west ally Media in Bangladesh is using their freedom of expression to undermine Islamic scholars and mainstream Islam.  Historically, western was the most violent throughout the centuries. They used to fight against each other until the late nineteenth century. Even two World Wars were outcome of their own anger and disdain against each other. Still they are carrying out the most terrorist activities throughout the world.  They killed millions of people in Vietnam, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. After killing of millions of people George W. Bush did not become a terrorist. After killing of thousands of innocent people in Palestine the Prime Minster of the apartheid state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, can have the place at the front of peace rally in Paris.  Similarly, after killing of hundreds of people our ruling party can claim itself sinless. Our ruling party shelters several Godfathers countrywide but they never become a terrorist party. Mainstream Islamic parties and oppositions are becoming terrorists when they talk against the anti-Islamic and brutal actions of the government.