Military Jargon

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11 Bullet Catcher/Bang-Bang – An Army infantryman. Recommended by user NGH144.
Air Picket – Any airborne system tasked with detecting, reporting, and tracking enemy aerial movements within a certain area of operation.
Alpha Charlie – Military alphabet used to represent ass chewing.  Defines getting verbally reprimanded. Recommended by user Joe Trejo.
Any mouse – A lockbox on Navy ships where sailors may drop anonymous suggestions.
Ass – Armored vehicles such as Strykers and Tanks.
Ate-Up – Describes a servicemember who follows regulations so closely that they disregard the context of the situation. Conversely, may describe a servicemember who doesn’t understand regulations at all.
Band-Aid – A Vietnam-era term for a medic.
Bang-bang – An Army term describing a pistol or rifle.
Big Voice – Term used to describe the loudspeaker on a military base. The Big Voice warns of everything from incoming attacks to scheduled ordnance disposal.
Bird – Slang for helicopter.
Bitchin’ Betty – Most U.S. military aircraft feature warning systems that frequently utilize female voices. The phrase is derived from the same anthropmorphizing many apply to GPS units in cars, only Bitchin’ Betty’s alert pilots to life-threatening situations.
‘Black’ on ammo, fuel, water, etc. – A common phrase which denotes that a particular resource is gone.
Blowed up – The state of being hit by an IED.
Bolo – A derogatory remark for recruits who cannot pass marksmanship training. The idea being that if one cannot use a rifle, one most resort to a bolo.
Bone – A B-1 bomber.
Bull Bomb – A package intended to disperse propaganda leaflets. Recommended by user Steve Neal.
Bullwinkle Badge – Another name for the Air Assault Badge. Recommended by user David E Windsor II.
Burn Bag – A bag used to hold shredded documents, designed to be burned. May also refer to a useless person. Recommended by user Gregory Waugh.
Cannibalize – The act of taking workable parts of one item and using them in another.
Chancre Mechanic – Medical officer who checks servicemembers for venereal diseases. Recommended by user jloman42.
Charlie Foxtrot – Commonly used expression utilizing the military alphabet to stand for clusterf.
Chem-Light Batteries – A mythical object that would be extremely, functionally pointless. Often the source of fruitless hunts embarked upon by hapless privates.Recommended by user Nick_1.
Chicken plates – Sheets of protective material, called Small Arms Protective Inserts, which are used in the Interceptor body armor system.
Comics – Term used to describe maps presented by military intelligence. The term is fairly derogatory in nature as a slight against the accuracy of the maps. It also refers to the brightly colored layouts and symbols usually included.
Commo – Communications equipment or the individuals who operate it.  Usually given to Communications Officers on U.S. Navy vessels.
Crank – Navy term for a sailor pulling temporary duty in the galley.
Crumb Catcher – Military slang describing the mouth.
Crusher – Hats worn by pilots during World War II. The hat’s wide top brim would need to be crushed down to allow for headsets to be worn.
Dear John – Common term referring to a significant other breaking up with a service member through a letter. Recommended by user wilburbythepsea.
Demilitarized Zone – A specific area in which any type of military force including but not limited to personnel, hardware, and infrastructure are banned.
Digit Midget – Usually used with a number as a prefix. X digit midget refers to the number of days till an individual goes on leave or retires. Recommended by user Steve Pinder.
(To Be Continued)