Suicide Crisis in Bangladesh -Md. Murad Hoshen


A quarter of the total population of Bangladesh is young people aged 15-29 years. In terms of numbers, the youth population is now around 4.59 million. Nowadays, the tendency of suicide among this young generation is increasing significantly. Inadequate desire and addiction to effortless achievement, the frustration of not getting the few things is driving this generation to the path of life called suicide. Why is the air of suicide among the young generation? It is necessary to find out why precious life is being willingly given away after so much effort by nature to sustain human life from the beginning of creation.

There are two types of suicide. One is suicide from immediate persecution called decisive suicide. Others plan and commit suicide by writing suicide notes, known as scheduled suicide or impulsive suicide. Studies have shown that for those suffering from mental illness, especially depression, personality, and emotional problems, drug addiction, and schizophrenia; The tendency to suicide is high among them.

Excessive use of online media is increasing suicide among young people. Facebook or internet-based life is gradually alienating the youth from society. It hurts the youth. In dramas and movies, suicide by failing in love is portrayed as romanticism, which is another psychological tendency of young people to commit suicide. Depression, social and family neglect, financial poverty, and neglect of loved ones are creating mental anarchy among the youth. Getting good marks, not getting or failing in exams in the conventional education system is another aspect of suicide tendency. The issue of being the best in the classroom with the rote knowledge of first, second, and third place young teenagers at mental risk. Thinking of oneself as a failure gradually weakens the mind. Then the subconscious mind starts looking for a way of liberation by renouncing life. Irrational pride over trivial matters often leads young people astray. In the case of young women, sexual harassment and rape are other reasons for suicide. In the name of so-called modernity, there is a high tendency for suicide among people suffering from drug addiction or schizophrenia.
The unemployment rate is high among the highly educated in the country. The unemployment rate is 8.7 percent, especially among young people studying in colleges and universities. Professor Mohammad Moinul Islam, Department of Population Science, University of Dhaka, said that it is true that the country is developing economically, but it is also a fact that the youth are not getting employment. Much educated youth are resorting to suicide to overcome the scourge of unemployment. One of the causes of suicide is mental illness. Mental illness is not given as much importance as physical illness. Mental illness is also a disease that needs to be known and understood.

In the eight months from January to August 2022, 364 students committed suicide in the country. 194 of them were school students, 76 were college students and 50 were university students. In addition, 44 students studying in the Madrasah also committed suicide. According to the report of the World Health Organization, about one million people commit suicide every year in the world. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 15-29 in the world. And suicide rate is more in developing countries is 79%.

The practice of self-restraint and patience should be taught in a family and institutional way. A monitoring cell should be formed in every institution. As if the people suffering from inferiority can speak their unspoken words of frustration and suffering without hesitation. It will reduce the mental crisis and get support to do something new. Adequate counseling and promotion should be arranged in educational institutions. To prevent suicide, young people need to be nurtured during their childhood development in such a way that they can accept failure as a part of life. Failure should be considered the key to success in future life. Positive solutions to problems like depression, drug addiction, personality disorders, etc. need to be provided. Besides strengthening family ties, spending quality time with good people in society, and maintaining friendly relations with good friends, Reducing the availability of suicide materials, sale of sleeping pills without prescription, stopping the sale and purchase of narcotic drugs, and ensuring proper enforcement of drug laws. Raising social awareness is key to suicide prevention, having the courage to face social or family problems without running away or hiding, practicing religious discipline is very important in this regard because the scriptures describe strict restrictions on suicide.

Consciously adhere to approved guidelines for the media when covering suicide news. In addition to traditional media, users of alternative Internet-based media and social networking sites should also be cautious when posting comments and photos about suicide. Here too one should refrain from glorifying any suicide incident. The authorities of social networking sites should also have their policies on the matter. A round-the-clock hotline for suicide prevention is the need of the hour. Renowned psychologist Dr. Mohit Kamal said that those who resort to suicide in young society need proper treatment. According to him, urban life is currently under threat due to the intrusion of different cultures. Family relationships are torn apart and people resort to suicide taking Doctors to say that most of those who commit suicide are suffering from some kind of mental illness. But the treatment system for mental illness in the country is also insufficient. The government needs to implement the necessary steps on these issues.

Md. Murad Hoshen is a student of University of Chittagong.