Winter Season in Bangladesh: a Good Occasion for Entertainment -Md. Rakib


Bangladesh is called the beloved child of nature. Traditionally six seasons are mentioned in this country but the rest except summer, monsoon and winter are disappearing. One season after another emerges in this country. Each season conveys its position in nature. Similarly, in reality winter comes with the cloak of foggy moon. At this time every area of ​​rural Bengal is covered with fog, the fog is so thick that one cannot see from one end of the road to the other. Then the dew drops on the grass. When the sun in the eastern sky falls on the dew point, an incredible beauty is observed. At this time, children, teenagers and old people spread mats and spend the morning eating chira muri and winter pithapuli in the dim sun. Farmers brought home their hoped-for harvest of new paddy. Then there is a festival of fresh rice cakes with date juice in every house. Various festivals and events take place during this season and the villagers organize yatras, palagan kabigans, stage plays and fairs for entertainment. During this time the grounds are empty due to which children organize various sports (cricket, football, badminton and others) together. In this season, many known-unknown flowers bloom in the paths and gardens, such as roses, sunflowers, ashoka, eucalyptus, garden luxuries, camellias etc., which fascinate us.
Although winter is a pleasure for some people, but it is not a pleasure for the lower middle class, lower class, poor and floating people of the society but it is a misery. Because of the bone-chilling winters, mild cold streams and cold in Konkan, their lives become disturbed. During this time, due to excessive cold and fog, people cannot work well; as a result, the poor people are in trouble. In addition to the elderly, children also suffer from various cold-related diseases, such as breathing problems, lung problems, etc. At that time, the hospital did not have enough capacity and the hospital authorities had to cope with double the number of patients. According to preliminary estimates at the end of 2018, the poverty rate in the country has come down to 21.8 percent. However, currently, the poverty rate is believed to have increased due to the impact of Corona and the disruption of the country’s economy. Most of these people live in villages and lakhs of people in various district cities, including the capital Dhaka, are living a barren existence, most of them are homeless, but they are not spared from the harshness of winter.
Joining the existing poor people in the country are about 1.2 million Rohingya who are forced to come from Myanmar, almost all of whom are living in tents in the open. We can’t bear the suffering of winter even from inside our houses, we should think a little about how much they suffer. Already poor people spend their days in destitution; on top of that many poor people lose employment opportunities in winter. As a result, these unemployed people are forced to live inhumane lives.
In addition to the government, various small and large private organizations and organizations support the cold weather in winter, but it is seen that it is insufficient compared to the need. Therefore, if the upper class and well-off people of the society stand by the side of these helpless people, then the winter suffering of these poor people will be alleviated. Just as the poet Sukanta sought warmth from the sun ‘for the naked boy by the roadside’, each of us should stand by them according to our ability and through collective efforts all lend a helping hand to them. So that winter does not become a season of suffering for them, it will be a season of enjoyment.

The writer of this article is studying in Public Administration, Comilla University.