Hypocrisy Free Society The Only Claim


Wasequzzaman Mubashshir

ArticleOne of the common reasons of serious fall down of a country’s socio-economic condition is hypocrisy and unfortunately this evil spirit of hypocrisy is also seriously inherent among most of the people of our dear motherland Bangladesh which is also ‘internationally recognized’. Often it is seen in the newspapers that many hypocrisy afflicted labours are compelled to return back to their own country i.e. Bangladesh by the countries which previously made sincerely an arrangement for their shelter like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, UAE and so on. As a consequence it is now said by some wise intellectuals that most of the Bangladeshis are born hypocrites and the practice of hypocrisy has become a culture in Bangladesh.
Each and every nook and corner of the country has become afflicted with the disease of hypocrisy in the form of mismanagement. It might be an easily acceptable matter that mismanagement lies in some sectors of Bangladesh. But it’s a matter of great regret that that the Railway Department, Roads and Highways Department, leather processing sectors, Forest department, passport office, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) all these important administrative branches have become highly dysfunctional because of mismanagement and above all hypocrisy is seriously inherent among the character of most of the officers and staffs.
Lack of proper education, lack of proper usage of the intellect and conscience, absence of sincerity and trustworthiness, corruption and hypocrisy these are some common problems because of which Bangladesh is still treated as a third world country. In the country where almost 90% of the total population is Muslim such kind of immoral attitude can never be expected from the people particularly from the Muslims. Islam itself is strictly against all kinds of attitudes which make reflection of Hypocrisy. Even Allah himself has declared in the Noble Quran that Munafiqs(hypocrites) will be in the lowest depth of the Hell and they will not find any helper for themselves(Surah An-Nisa : 145). Therefore the hypocrisy of the Bangladeshis particularly of the most of the Muslims is truly a threat and a great hindrance for the development of the nation.
If the nation really wants to keep them away from the darkness and wants to be enlightened then first of all they should swear without making any delay not to act as hypocrites. Though it seems to be very difficult but it may be possible if they highly depend upon the will of Allah. Allah wishes then any impossible turns into a possible matter. The vital task of the nation is to practice honesty in their personal life and they should bear in mind the significance of sincerity and trustworthiness.
It is only the Quranic Formula which doesn’t give rise to any doubt (Surah Al-Baqarah : 2) and which can only provide the 100% correct solution regarding all the existing problems lying in Bangladesh. The Noble Quran is strictly against hypocrisy which has been explicitly highlighted in Surah Al-Baqarah and Surah Al-Munafiqun. Moreover it is a common saying that ‘self help is the best help’. Therefore, if any person wants to help thyself in true sense then he through taking lessons from the Quranic principles should try to purify his mind and soul from hypocrisy.
Islam always urges for building up such a society where all the elements for ensuring a just society will exist which are peace, happiness, forbearance, harmony, tranquility, mutual cooperation and brotherhood. But unfortunately these diamonds like elements of building up a just society is completely missing in Bangladesh despite of its being a Muslim majority country. Sometimes we feel very lucky thinking of the matter that we live in such a land where wise saints and Islam preachers like Hazrat Shahjalal (peace be upon him), Khan Jahan Ali (peace be upon him) kept their footsteps and tried hard and soul for bringing reform in the character of the people. But there is doubt that whether we have become truly able to be successful followers of their teachings and guidance.
Patience, tolerance and forbearance are always considered as the key to success. But in reality these pearls of wisdom are absent in the character most of the people of Bangladesh and this matter can be easily observed during the moment of our journey by public bus. Losing the patience and tolerance most of the riders of the bus starts throwing angry words towards the bus driver and the helper and most often the bus staffs are beaten mercilessly. The only reason behind such kind of attitude is that if the bus driver makes delay then they will fail to reach their destination on time. But in my opinion, before showing off their animalistic attitude they must also keep in mind that it is their duty to start for their working places within a suitable time from their home thinking of the issue that traffic jam is a regular phenomenon of our country though a quick recovery of this problem is highly expected.
However, a society is built up of both wise people and evildoers but unfortunately the number of the wrongdoers and hypocrites is greater than the pious ones. If they don’t feel the necessity of being sincere and honest in all spheres of life it will only bring misfortune for the nation. The most important thing to be done by the people in this crucial moment is to set an ideal philosophy in their mind and heart in accordance with which they should spend their entire life with modesty.