Stop this sick mentality called ‘Suicide’


Suicide- nowadays it’s a very common word for us. When people get involved in various emotional disturbances, illnesses or turmoil, they look for easy ways to free themselves. And for the current generation, suicide is an easy way to free yourself from everything. Suicide is not the right thing to do. Rather, his own brutality with his own life. To face anything positively and bravely is the meaning of life. But this fulfillment can never be through self-destruction.
This suicide is the cause of death of about 1 million people every year. Every 40 seconds, 1 person throws themselves on this path of death. Suicide accounted for 1.4% of all global deaths in 2017. And 1.3% of deaths in 2019 were due to suicide.
An average of 30 people commit suicide in Bangladesh every day. In 6 years, about 70 thousand people have chosen the path of suicide. In 2016, 10 thousand 749 people, in 2017 10 thousand 256 people and in 2018 11 thousand people died by suicide. 14 thousand 436 people committed suicide in 2019-20 during Corona period.
Students a study conducted on the mental health of 27 university students in the country called ‘Motivation and Barriers for Clinical Mental Health Seeking in Bangladeshi University Students’ by Cambridge University Press has shown that 28 percent of university students have thought of suicide at least once in their lives.
Loneliness is created among people when they suffer from various family problems, various frustrations of youth, danger or death of a loved one or a relative or various inconsistencies or social harassment. And as a result, thoughts of suicide creep into people. And this is how each sensational life becomes stagnant.
Suicide is a social disorder of today. To get rid of it, the first thing you need is to love your life. Along with the social or economic aspect of human life, the mental aspect should also be given sufficient vigilance. You must have the skills to solve any obstacle with your own courage.
And therefore you have to involve yourself in various social activities. Be realistic. They should involve themselves in religious practice and various good works. Change must be accepted and accepted positively. Overcome inertia and talk about your problems and find solutions. Because suicide can never solve anything.

Safa Akter Nolock
Student, Department of Philosophy
Jagannath University.