Joe Biden’s Allegiance to Prophetic Tradition: Hope or Hoax for Muslims? Khaled Hossain Arman


On 20th July 2020, in an attempt to procure votes from the Muslims, the then presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden said, “Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instructs, ‘whomever among you sees wrong, let him change it with his hand; if he is not able, then with his tongue; if he is not able, then with his heart.’ So many of you (the Muslims) are living this teaching in your own communities every day, joining your faith and your principles the American principles that are consistent; actions that make life better for your family, for your neighbors through service, advocacy work and preaching peace. You deserve to have a president who will work with you and support you in these efforts.”
Moreover, since he recognized that the Muslims and the Christians came here from the same root, in terms of our fundamental basic belief, a considerable number of Muslims around the world were seen to be enthusiastic at President Biden’s apparent allegiance to Prophet (PBUH). Though the Prophetic narration makes a government responsible to wipe out crimes and guilt from society, there are some aspects in the speech to be considered.

Have the US officials embraced the Islamic principles of wrongdoings? Are the American principles really consistent with that of Islam in this case? Will actions under the US principles make the Muslims life better? Finally, will an American president really support and work with the Muslims in the efforts of preaching peace? The answer to all the questions is an explicit NO. Therefore, Biden’s entire speech was not a clandestine hoax for the Muslims.
To start with, the US officials would never embrace the Islamic principles of wrongdoings, ranging from notions like terrorism to violence. President Biden might have meant that he agreed with the Islamic principles of fighting with the wrongdoers, but not the principles that define such wrongdoings; because any allegiance to the Islamic definition of terrorism will render the US policy immoral and inhumane. The outline made by the US officials to identify any wrongdoing is doubtlessly contradictory to the Islamic notions. Hence, according to the notion, whatever the US is doing to maintain its hegemony throughout the world will itself be considered as terrorism.

True, Islam approves violent acts like jihad to envelope the world with perpetual peace, but the way the US follows is verily not the way Islam permits. Islam doesn’t consent to the killing of innocent people in name of pre-emptive attack which is at the heart of the US policy and which the US operated regularly to stop other countries from acquiring nuclear power. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are a vivid example of it. Islam doesn’t acquiesce with the US policy to force other countries to accept liberal democracy and secularism through attributing sanctions on them and creating civil wars among the countrymen and different nations living in there, and Syria and Afghanistan is a perfect example for it. According to the Islamic definition of wrongdoing, these actions of the US will be regarded not as a holy war on terror, but as terrorist acts.
In line with this, as indicated earlier, the American policy of peace and terror isn’t consistent with that of Islam at all. These two notions are what and how are found in the biblical narratives of Islam. Peace, according to the Islamic concept, is the status quo when a state is founded and its people are ruled by the ideals established by the final Prophet of Islam. On the other hand, terror is whatever disrupts the order cast by the Islamic ideals.

Therefore, everything the US does and every policy the American officials adopt is, without a doubt, explicitly contradictory to that of the Muslims and Islam. Whatever the US government will do to ensure perpetual peace in the world will be considered as an act of terror and whatever the Muslims will be doing to prevent the US actions will be recognized as an attempt to bring peace back on earth.
In consistent with this; with all these definitional difference stemmed from the diversity of ideology, it is, indeed, foolish to think that a person or community practicing Islam in the truest sense and obeying its rulings in the fullest will have a better future in the US or in the countries that are reigned by a US-backed government. When the Muslims will strive to thwart the effort made by the American policymakers to maintain its hegemony, the US government will not be at ease and therefore, they will retaliate the Muslims with similar moves.

Finally, an American president will never support and work with the Muslims in the efforts of preaching peace because of the fact clarified earlier. Though in reality, the root of Christianity and Islam are found in the Abrahamic monotheistic religion, the Christians officials of the US government will not, indeed, tolerate the Muslims acting against the American policy; and vice versa. History testifies six Crusades between the followers of these two Abrahamic religions which caused annihilation of massive property, demise of several empires and death of millions of soldiers from both warring parties. What may worry the Muslims is that what if now Biden proliferate the US hegemony by violating mass human rights with the pretext of the hadith!
Then, whom did Biden actually address in his electoral speech? Who would have better life in the US under Biden administration? Whose effort of preaching peace will receive support from the American government? In fact, they are the liberal Muslims and the secular ones who are not really a Muslim in the sense Islamic scriptures endorse and who comply with the US policies liberalized from religion. These sorts of Muslims reprobate numerous rulings of Islam and instead, they embrace the western policy of life and governance which makes them less of a Muslim, if not an outward kafir, a disbeliever.
They undermine the sovereign power of God and suspect whether His rulings are compatible with the 21st century; and therefore acquiesce some human-mind-bred rules. They also advocate the westernization of biblical laws of Islam to reconcile the religion with the western civilization. They are in an endeavor to make Islam unquestionably acceptable to the west which can, in no possible way, tolerate the religion in its truest appearance. In brief, Biden made a snare for the Muslims in his electoral address by giving them false hope.