An Urge for Bringing Socio-economic Reform An Optimistic View


  Wasequzzaman Mubashshir

Story“One who believes in God and the Hereafter should either speak good words or keep quiet. Moreover, he should be kind to his neighbours and extend hospitality to his guests.”
 Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)

Whether a country is developed or not it depends highly upon the socio-economic condition of that country. The term ‘socio-economic’ provides a vast meaning which may include the moral, social, political, economic scenario of the country. The more sound the socio-economic condition of a country is the more developed in nature the country is.
If the overall socio-economic scenario of Bangladesh is taken into consideration then any concerned and insightful person will make comment that it is not satisfactory. Obviously there are several reasons for such kind of comment. Not only a highly educated person but also a medium learned man will be able to identify easily that political crisis, injustice, absence of rule of law, corruption, lack of proper distribution of resources etc are the regular phenomenon of our country which have deteriorated the normal life standard of the ordinary people.
It is true to say that when a man cannot make a proper utilization of his conscience, intelligence and skill rather laziness and lack of positive thinking have become prevailed in his life then altruistic approaches can never be expected from him. It is a matter of great regret that most of the administrators of Bangladesh are of such nature from which hard labor can hardly be expected. Because of the unsoundness of the administration development in Bangladesh has now become a dream.
Moreover, hypocrisy is seriously inherent in the character of most of the people of Bangladesh. As a consequence, often it is found that they are habituated with maintaining a double-standard principle. This double-standardization of character has destroyed the unity among most of the people including those who form the Government. Ahmad Safa, Abul Mansoor Ahmad these high profile personalities once made serious criticism of the hypocrisy of the people of Bangladesh and both of them commented with confidence that because of the hypocrites the Bangladeshi nation has failed to stand raising their heads as a successful nation.
However, in order to resolve all kinds of critical problems there is no possible means otherwise than reform. This reform must be brought firstly in the character of the people secondly in the administration and finally in the overall scenario of the country. The thing which is seriously missing in our country is the proper governance by honest, educated and efficient people. If such kinds of people are appointed in the administration by following proper manner then fair running of the administration is possible otherwise the light of development can never be seen.
Justice is always appreciated and for the betterment of a nation this is considered as a vital element. It is true to say that in Bangladesh this vital element is seriously missing that’s why discrimination always lies between the ruling class and those who are the governed and between the rich and the poor. For ensuring the social justice at the very beginning this discrimination should be strictly removed anyhow. Justice can be done either by bringing reform in the attitude or by abiding by moral principles or by ensuring proper distribution of the wealth of the rich and the resources lying in the fund of the Government.
Accumulation of wealth is all the time treated as a great sin if it is observed from the viewpoint of morality. In Bangladesh it is a very common scenario that the vested class always thinks of becoming richer without considering the condition of the poor people wandering around him. So, changes must be brought in such kind of attitude. The Government should also take drastic steps against illegal accumulation of wealth by people.
It has been said by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that it is not becoming of a believer to go to bed after having a full meal while his neighbor may have nothing to eat (Mishkat al Masabih). Where Prophet Muhammad suggested to be well concerned of the rights of the neighbours in Bangladesh the rich have no time to take proper care of their domestic workers rather most often they are found torturing there domestic workers. What an irony! This saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) bears a great example of altruism. For the purpose of ensuring  proper development of the country and the enlightenment of the nation the state must be a welfare oriented state and altruism must be the fundamental principle for the governance of the country.

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