Second wave of covid-19 and thought of resistance -Nazmunnaher Nipa


Corona infection is going to be about a year. But the rate of infection has not stopped, coronavirus infections are on the rise worldwide. Vaccine companies are trying to make vaccines. So far several vaccines are in the final stages of trials. But in the meanwhile the rate of infection is increasing again. The World Health Organization calls it the second stage of corona.According to their commentary, it may take a stronger form than before.
Around 5 lakh people are being infected with corona virus every day in the world. As of December 2020, the number of corona cases worldwide is about 70.15 million. The number of deaths is 16 lakh 45 thousand 958 people. But it’s just numbers, the reality is more horrible.

New corona infections are on the rise in various parts of the world, including the United States and Europe. Several European countries have already imposed restrictions to prevent a second wave of infections. Protests against the ban have even taken place in various cities in Italy. Developed countries have taken drastic measures as a result of uncontrolled increase in coronavirus infection.
President of the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19 Professor Mohammad Shahidullah said, “There is a danger of re-infection of corona in our country due to various reasons.” That’s why we have to be prepared for the second phase of infection prevention as well as to ensure health care if infected.
Even before the onset of winter, it was thought that corona could increase in winter. Although the winter has not yet fully begun, the number of corona infections and mortality rates are slowly increasing. The health experts are claiming that the actual number is more than the information given by the government. According to various media reports, the number of corona patients with Covid symptoms is increasing compared to the past.

Experts say the horrific air pollution in the capital will play a vital role in increasing the incidence of corona. Especially those who suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other complex diseases, they are at the highest risk. According to the AQI, the air quality of a person needs to be between zero and 50 for normal breathing. At present, the average air value including the capitalcity of Dhakais 150 to 200. There is no doubt that this rate will increase further when winter starts completely.
Researchers at Harvard University recently found that, dangerous fine dust and particulate matter PM 2.5 per cubic meter of air if increased by just 1 microgram, it would increase the mortality rate of Covid-19 by 8 percent. In this context, Bangladesh is at the highest risk of corona.

According to a report published in the dailynewspaper, 282 tons of corona waste is being generated in the capital every day. Corona wastes include masks, PPE, gloves, face sheets, etc. Those wastes are being dumped everywhere. There is no place on the road, sidewalk, market where this waste cannot be seen lying. However, these wastes are also one of the causes of corona infection. Surprisingly, these wastes are being mixed with ordinary household wastes and removed.

The fact that corona waste is not a common waste should be taken into consideration by every government agency. World Health Organization, have repeatedly said that this waste should be stored in a special system and treated separately. All the concerned authorities starting from the city corporation have to take care of this and take action accordingly. However, there is no awareness among the common people. As a result, corona and other wastes including discarded masks are being dumped everywhere. It goes without saying that corona waste can be one of the obstacles to corona prevention.

As already proven, corona becomes quite active and proliferates in winter or extreme cold. This is the reason behind the onset of the second wave and the fear of the onset of the third wave as the European-American countries are predominantly winter. Our country experiences temperate climates and sometimes severe winters during the winter. Winter has not yet fully begun.Even before that, the symptoms of the second wave of corona have gradually become apparent. It is feared that the situation could worsen if the winter becomes severe or normal.

A new publicity campaign will have to be launched to remind the public of the rules that have been communicated to them. The Ministry of Health, City Corporation and other concerned authorities should take effective steps to maintain social distance, compulsorily wear masks and avoid public gatherings including regular hand washing. Other public gatherings, including weddings, are usually held in the winter. Strict control should be imposed by the government in organizing these events.
In winter, small particles of the virus float in the air longer. As a result more people are infected. Winter usually brings other cold-related illnesses. Such as- flu, chronic diseases of respiratory tract-lungs, various types of pediatric diseases. Corona virus infection becomes easier when another virus infects. Because the first virus occupies the patient’s immune system.

Researchers at Imperial College London have found in a study that the coronavirus responsible for the recent epidemic destroys 8.5 per cent of the human brain’s ability to function and causes a variety of mental health problems. The bacterium can remain active in the human brain for at least 10 years. The researchers studied more than 84,000 coronaviruses and those who recovered. It has been found that even after a few weeks or months of release from the corona, its effects remain on most of the body.
In addition, there are more symptoms including body pain, fatigue, heart disease. They call this condition of the brain ‘brain fog’. Researchers also say that those who recover from covid-19 disease have no chance of being assured of immunity. Because the body’s immunity lasts only a few months. After that, the person is at risk of getting infected with Covid again. So everyone has no choice but to be aware.

At present, there is an intense reluctance among people not to wear a mask. However, to prevent corona, the use of masks has been made mandatory for everyone. Special importance has been given to safe distance. There is advice on hand sanitizing after touching something and washing hands with soap. It is in our best interest to follow all these hygiene rules so that we can stay healthy.
Experts say that full preparedness should be taken considering the risk of corona infection during winter. Everyone needs to be aware of their place. It is important to stay away from various pollutants in winter as exposure to the contaminants increases the risk of other diseases which in turn increases the risk of corona. In this case, it is necessary to increase the test, identify the patient and arrange isolation for treatment.Until the corona vaccine is within our reach, there is no substitute for self-regulation.

The author is a Student of the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh.