No More Rape


Rape is one of the many social ills in our country. This problem has existed before, it still exists and it seems that no one will say that it can be completely eradicated in the near future. But this is the reason for concern that the rate of rape has increased manifold at present. Girls are not safe anywhere today. Rape is happening everywhere in homes, educational institutions and public transport. In today’s age of globalization, our girls are also coming forward to take the country forward shoulder to shoulder with the boys.

Everyone will agree that just as boys have a role to play in building a society and a country, so do girls. So, if we can’t give them a safe environment, won’t that responsibility fall on us? We never try to know the state of mind of a girl who has been raped. Instead, we began to despise him socially. Lack of proper religious and good education is the main reason for rape. At the same time, abandoning one’s own culture and giving more prominence to the culture of other countries is also one of the reasons for the increase in social unrest. And as a result of this, various kinds of misdeeds are taking place and the rate of rape has increased at a huge rate. The current situation is worse than ever before. Nowadays in most cases murder is committed after rape. Even two / three year old children are not getting rid of their clutches. Thus, a society cannot last long.

To get out of this vicious circle we need to be well educated, we need to awaken our values. The education that helps us to build our character and thinking must be accepted. In leisure time we have to develop the habit of reading different types of books. We have to engage ourselves in various social service activities. Need to spend time on various good deeds. Entertainment that does not fit our society, culture and values must be eliminated. Family ties must be kept intact. Religious practices should be increased. We have to consider whether the death penalty can be given to the rapist. I think strict laws and the implementation of the law will greatly reduce the rate of this heinous act. Besides, care should be taken so that there is no delay in rape cases.

Afsana Rezoana Sultana
Student, Department of Agronomy
Patuakhali Science & Technology University