Parenting in Quarantine Days -Muslima Akter Tonny


Both corona virus and quarantine are new terms to the children. Besides, the children are also at risk of affected the virus. The parents have to be mindful, are they spending quarantine time with their children properly? The parents should make their children conscious about the way of spreading covid-19. They have to always encourage them so that the children do not get afraid of it through giving them authentic knowledge and information.
As the educational institution remain closed for a long time, children’s daily life has totally changed. Besides they can’t communicate with their friends and do not have chance to play with them. As Harvard Garner in his ‘theory of multiple intelligence’ theorize that people do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many kinds of intelligence, including musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual, and linguistic intelligence. So children can learn through different ways like songs, story and games. That’s why in this situation, the parents can become friend for their children. In their free time, they can spend their time with them by gossiping, reading story books, playing indoor games (such as chess, caroms, puzzle matching etc) watching entertaining program on television with children. And they can encourage their children for drawing, practicing songs at home and gardening instead of pressurize their children only for academic study which may make them monotonous.
According to Dewey, powerful educational experiences are a result of two fundamental principles: continuity and interaction. Continuity refers to how experience both past and present and influence the future while interaction refers to how one’s current situation influence their experience. So children present experience of Covid-19 will help them in future. It is also important how they are interaction with others in quarantine’s days.
The parents can make their child happy by talking over phone with their relatives, neighbor and friends etc. When they will be older they have to manage so many things to make their life sustainable. So, parents have to teach them how to maintain their life properly. Such as they can make their children do their self activity. If they do the work properly, parents should praise and encourage them for their wonderful job. On the other hand, parents have to consider the mistake of children as a part of learning because the children can increase their ability of maintaining future crisis through mistakes and solving problems.
In this time most of the children may get dependent on internet and the parents should be careful about their children’s using internet. They can play a vital role to make their children use internet positively. That’s why the parents have to inform their child about cyber crime so that they can keep themselves safe from internet’s negative impact. As both husband and wife are staying at home, the possibility of misunderstanding is high which may have negative effect on child’s psychology and may make them frustrated. It may trigger feeling of insecurity and hamper mental development of children. So, parents have to carry practice of compromising and sacrificing for the betterment of their children. As children have the tendency of following and they love to imitate, they will react how their parents are reacting against Covid-19. Parents have to utilize their quarantine time properly so that children get proper guidelines from their parents.

The author is a student of BSS 2nd Year, Department of Public Administration, Cumilla University.