Yellow Journalism Unilateral News Coverage By Ahmed Bhuiyan

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Journals are the mirror of the society as well as fourth pillar of the state. It was the 18thcentury, inception of print media and the electric media, radio & television set in in 20th century.Media is so influencial that it exerts its power on audience cognition, belief system, psychological and behavioral effects, attitudes and emotion. Infant since its childhood learns from media journals and his thoughts and views are formed in such a way. This is media which reflects the culture, values of people and even is overexpert for borrowing foreign philosophy, culture, sentiment and thereafter inject those in people mindset in pre-planned forma. In modern times, imperialists use this weapon to usurp the lands. In course of natural disaster & war it seek after help for victim`s favoure. Sometimes, this platform is used for casting rumour, circulating biased views and thoughts or even propagate intendedly against community,tribe etc and spoil communal harmony, making instigation, even breaking out clash and collision. Here comes the forms of Yellow Journalism. Yellow Journalists hide crime report, scandal, government or non-government trade & commerce corruption. Samuel Hopkins, Adams, Lincoln Steams, Malcon Turnbull are the initiator of Yellow Journalism. In USA, it was called ‘Journalism of Mackworm’ and the Journalists were termed ‘Mackrackers’. The term was introduced in the mid 1980s by the sensational journalism of some yellow link in the circulation of war between ‘Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World and William Randolph’s New York Journal. In 19thcentury, inception of communist movement socialist countries where many capitalists were killed by proletariat because of news exaggeration ‘’capilatists were cheering elated contentedly exploiting proletariat’’. From the second decade to sixth decade of 20th century, communists were so robust. Then threatened imperialists started stooge news worldwide so that no communist know what is going on other parts of the world and cast biased, fake news favoring imperialists. 20th century was another landmark for info privatization by ‘’Goebbels’’, publicity minister of ‘’Adolph Hitlar’’. Goebles spread out Nazi worldwide and made ‘’Jews’’murder countlessly. Minister made this murder justified casting rumor repeatedly through media. His belief,’’ once a lie spread out frequently people recognize it true in turn’ ’In Reality, Goebbels was the initiator of ‘’Stooge News’ ’Following the footprints of Goebbels, Muslim Murder and way of veiling it is widespread now in the world.

Yellow Journalism Unilateral News Coverage By Ahmed BhuiyanMeanwhile, inmid-20th century communism oust and communist world was bound to accept ‘’free trade economy’’ or capitalism. Capitalism-communism dispute had mitigated and six new Muslim state were born after fracture of RSA (soviet union of Russia), Albania state emerged in Europe and Islamic Renaissance evolved in Africa, Asia and many parts of the world. Capitalistic Imperialists deemed Islam as their idealogical counterpart and material endangerment.Under leadership of philosopher ‘Hartzell’, more than 30 Jews organizations assembled in Bazil City, Brazil on 29-30 August, 1997 marking the ‘’International Media including print and electronic must be dominanted by them so that Muslims can’t circulate news independently even though it’s correct’. Hence, assault and conspiracy were so severe that globally armed invasion, economic assault, diplomatic fall down and info-terror were intensified. In a survey, 96% media of world are owned by Jews. In this age of Globalization info-terror gets advantage because of its economic and military support. Therefore, TV and Newspaper must be influential and have to have national, international acceptance being its owner diplomatically linked and economic, military opulent.
Even sometimes no room remains left for self-defence. International media are subservient to them. Throughout the geographical border, BBC, VOA, AP, New York Times, Gardian have million numbers of subscribers globally. The monthly ‘Readers Digest’ and ‘National Geography’ have 20 million and 10 million readers respectively. Let aside BBC, Reuters etc. western Media were key role player for assassination of Gaddafi brutally in 2011 after his 42 years of regime. Civil war that is still flaring 7 years long in Syria since 2011 was instigated by their dominant journals and casts , 5 lakh were killed, many more wounded and half of its total residents are refugee. Since Arab -Israel War in 1948 untill these times , Palestine the independent state by right is not favoured nominally by their just correct news coverage. Muslims in Uyghur, Kashmir, Palestine ,Afghanistan and other devastateded parts of the world that are being inflicted with lots of agony are out of their coverage. Mughol Emperor ‘Aurongojeb’ in his regime 1658-1707 was kind enough to Hindu practitioner we know from real source of history but the agent media propagate him communal who raid temples, residences and destroyed. The Dim, obscure ‘9\11 incident’, world Trade Center invasion in 11 September 2001 was another miscreation of media that impute Muslims. But the clandestine and most phenomenal fact is that day out of three thousands Jews employees majority were absent. Following this accusion on Muslims, the defame against Muslims as pro-terrorist was widespread globally. Following 9/11 incident ‘’Operation-Iraqi-Freedom 2003-2011 ‘’ was an invasion in Iraq by US-led coalition. In disguise of protecting freedom coalition killed about 6 lakh Iraqi in this Operation of first 3-4 years. Same maneuver was applied in case of Libya, Syria and Egypt to overthrow Mursi-Regime in 2013.

Yellow Journalism Unilateral News Coverage By Ahmed Bhuiyan‘’When Israel invade Syria to usurp Palestine media call it ‘’Border Protection’ ’But when Palestine children throw stones to tanks for their self-defense they call them terrorist even exaggerate that How lurid is it to see children are fierce, violent at their early age’’.
Who follow the media? People of every walk of lives ranging from high-up’s to lower-class of the society. Both international and national arena raised info-terror to art and peer-competition. Mass people have not adequate awareness of yellow journalism and its biased publication. The proportion of lower–class is of greater number in society. So, when any rumor or biased news is spread, lower-class accept that without filtering, a pre-planned trap made by devil backed media that they utilize to differentiate nation and make faction inside it. For Instance, when USA invaded Iraq claiming to have nuclear weapon in Iraqi where Iraqi Government repeatedly assured that they didn’t have any but soft minded Muslim worldwide didn’t believe that and so hadn’t protested. Finally, after much harm and loss they being realized no scope to restore. The western media are so omnipotent today that we have no alternative for accepting survey, report made by them where the statistics are intendedly fake and partialized.

Since very first, they are rough against Muslim especially. There is a proverb in English, ‘’To Kill a Dog Give It a Bad Name.’’ Following this adage, imperialist world propagates through their leading media that Fundamentalists and Communal are similar to the Muslims and they are barbaric, terrorists. The sentimental situation is so acute that even new born child grows up with Islam phobia. Once a fact is deeply rooted in brain of children to adult of society be it right or wrong, it takes a century or more about to wipe out. Even inside the Muslim countries, their owned journal and radio, television is prey to Jews pre-planned drawing. They have to comply with their foreign media lords fearing the security and existence of media.To some extent, the fair and neutral media are deprived of respective government scopes but also fall under imperial outrage. As a result of all these misinformation of yellow journalism, people are represented with partisan, exaggerated news that leads to internal collision and rift braking out more dangerously to civil war. Once an issue takes place in journals, gets exposure. That people globally follow BBC, CNN for international news have no room for knowing about distress, agony inflicted on people of Kashmir, Palestine because they reflect news of selective countries. The Muslim country based presses are so brittle that they even can’t hope for counter-revolution. The biggest repentance is that unity among all Muslim countries is thought to be impossible now because some Muslims are spy and act for their western friend.

Yellow Journalism Unilateral News Coverage By Ahmed BhuiyanBangladeshi perspective of info-terror is well acquainted with us. Fierce aspect of Law enforcement agency on mass people in peaceful strikes and walkout, Government scandal, political high-up’s corruption etc. are obliged highly to be hidden out by indoor journals. Throughout period of Safe Road Movement of Students, imprisonment of renowned photographer, journalist ‘’Shahidul Alam’’ and actress Nawshaba Nur Rahman under ‘’digital law’’ is the best recent instance. Even media can create the story of making at heist fresh religion-practitioner featuring post-demise prayer.
Being corporate employee is only concern of our people and no worry about upcoming world for their descendants. We should get involved professionally in Media and journalism as of sacred duty. Other than that, micro level concern for making mass people realize truth is another solution as ‘’ once a lie is spread out repeatedly it turns to be true in turn’’ as well as quality journalism of this side must get priority. More importantly, we must stretch our backing to the owners of neutral newspapers, TV and radio ranging from reading their paper, being audience of those channels to promote it within crowd. It takes to step forward in well-designed forma. Strengthening our media network led by national and international emergency initiative, strong unity to act for defense first will be a great milestone in this pathway.

The writer is Undergraduate Student at University of Dhaka.