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WHERE IS SYRIA GOINGThe Syrian war continues with all of its ruthlessness in its seventh year. Idlib is the last and one of the four regions where ceasefire had to be sustained in the context of the Astana process where Syrian and Russian attacks are on the agenda of the whole World. The whole World has been cold bloodedly discussing how many million people would have to leave their homes and whether chemical weapons would be used as a result of these attacks. As if they are carelessly, hard heartedly and hopelessly talking about new scenarios of a film series. As if their hearts have become emotionless. 
The parties in the Astana process Turkey, Iran and Russia convened in Tehran last week. Especially the future of Idlib and Syria in general was discussed. This summit was a solid proof of Turkey’s honest and lonely struggle to prevent murder of the Syrians when the West has remained mere a spectator and the international community and institutions are in a dead silence. The live broadcast of the talks by Iran without the knowledge of Turkey and Russia once again brought this open reality in front of the eyes of the whole World. Just like a microphone left open. Unfortunately we did not hear any sentence of anxiety regarding the humanitarian tragedy of the Syrians from the other leaders participating in the talks. President Erdo?an stressed on the necessity of a ceasefire for a few times. He told that Turkey was hosting 4.5 million refugees with a majority of Syrians. Turkey could also shut its borders on refugees and its heart on humanity like many other countries. Turkey could also behave like some of the EU countries who ignored EU values, human rights and their Motto of “freedom, equality and fraternity” and generated their power over hatred towards immigrants after seeing a few thousand refugees. In fact it could not behave like that. The feeling of historical, conscientious and humane obligation already differentiates Turkey that absolutely prevents it from behaving like those countries.
WHERE IS SYRIA GOINGUnfortunately there is no significant change in the positions of the parties in the seventh year of the war. By virtue of its military bases in Syria, Russia wants to be more influential in the Mediterranean and continues to support Syrian regime to face off West in a far flung geography rather than Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine. Iran too continues its regional expansionist policy in Syria. Tehran MP and a close aide to Iranian Supreme Religious Leader Ali Khamenei Ali Raza Zakani says three of the Arab countries are in Iran’s hands and affiliated with Islamic revolution. Sana is on the way to join Iranian revolution that will be the fourth Arab country. This statement is an open expression of Iranian regional expansionist policy. I don’t know to what extent Lebanese, Iraqi, Yemeni and Syrian capitals are in the hands of Iran as it has been claimed by Zakani. However Iran has been obviously kept responsible for the developments and bloodshed in these countries. The protest demonstrations against Iran in Basra, the 2nd largest port city of Iraq and torching of Iranian Consulate General building is an exemplary of the footprints of Iranian expansionist policy in the other countries. Not to mention the fact that the Syrian refugees have been going to the other end of the World but almost none of them has gone to Iran. Doesn’t it show that the Syrians do not carry any hope on Iranian sectarian interpretation, neighborliness and human values? Israel is certainly the most key and fundamental country behind the scenes of the Syrian war. Israel has been pursuing a silent and deeper policy since the beginning of the war for the lingering of war as long as possible to weaken its rivals in the region. This policy overlaps with the Greater Israel strategy to expand Israeli borders in the context of the Promised Land of the Zionist Jews that would also include Turkey’s Southeast. It has been perhaps developing its policies in that direction since the beginning.
WHERE IS SYRIA GOINGSyria policy of the United States of America is not independent of Israel. The United States of America continues to supply terrorist organization PKK/PYD with all kind of arms and provide extraordinary support despite a complete eradication of any threat from DAESH. Apparently it has been said that this support has been given to besiege Iran. Can an extraordinary support provided for the establishment of a PKK-PYD terrorist state along Turkey’s border be explained as a support to besiege Iran only? Or is this terror corridore a way opened for Israel to meet its goals in the long run?
Can it be said that the European Union countries have any policy for Syria whose sole problem is to block Syrian refugees from entering their borders and where ultra-rightists have gradually increased their power and held those countries captive? As long as United States of America does not give up Israel based policies and European Union does not take any concrete steps beyond its empty promises it will be futile to expect blockade of attacks of the Syrian regime supported by Russia and Iran. European Union and United States of America virtually do not perceive Syrians as a problem as long as they die in their own country or remain in Turkey.
Ethnic cleansing is going on in Syria in front of the eyes of the whole world. The demography of the country is being changed. The regime and its supporters and sometimes Western countries bombard the cities they want to capture saying that these cities are terrorist nests. As a result of these bombardments millions of people are forced to leave their country. Can millions of people thought to be terrorists? Isn’t ethnic cleansing and changing demographic structure of the cities and aim here? Is it the aim to exterminate citizens of all of the cities without discriminating between terrorists and innocent people while fighting the terrorist organizations?
WHERE IS SYRIA GOINGThe dirty war in Syria must come to an end whose price is being paid by the ones who are worried in the name of humanity like Turkey rather than the warring parties. It must come to an end so that steps can be taken to wrap wounds that will take years and years. What is the fault of the babies who have been burnt alive in the war? For how long our hearts would go through the pain of the Aylan babies who drowned in the seas while escaping bombs in their native country? What a tyrant rulers have passed through the history of mankind. Idi Amin, Stalin, Pol pot, Hitler, Mussoulini, Ivan the Terrible, Robespierre, Cont Dracula (Vlad the Impaler), the Crusaders and Hajjaj the Cruel were the most prominant among them. However none of the cruels remained permanent in history. The cruelty of the tyrants foisted on themselves sooner or later. The oppressed people always won sooner or later. If these tyrants are known and cursed by everyone today, it is because humanity prevailed in the long run. 

We presented an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret BÜLBÜL, Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yldrim Beyazit University.