PERISCOPE- January 2019


A patient came to doctor’s chamber to be cured of disease but it seems to the doctor that patient has Kidney problem. In reality, the doctor was not Kidney specialist even he had not minimum qualification to diagnose or to do any treatment. After giving some costly tests and thereafter observing the report, he informed that the patient had some stones in the Kidney and the patient need immediate operation though there was no stone in the Kidney at all. Being provoked by the doctor, patient took the decision accordingly. But at time of operation, the inexpert doctor cut off the Kidney instead of removing the so called stones. Thereafter being informed about the fact, victims pressurized the authority to take the legal action against the doctors. After a thorough investigation of the concerned authorities, the authority confirmed that the doctor was the ultimate result of the ‘Leakage of Question Paper’. This story discloses the actual scenario what is going on nowadays. Recent Leakage of Question Paper in Dhaka University or previous leakage in Medical enrolment exam shook the conscience of the mass people. Besides the culprits leaked the question paper, the some part of influential portion and lower authority are also involved in this mechanism no doubt. Along with the immediate and effective legal actions, the moral development of all concerning bodies should be ensured. Only the person/persons having morality should come forward the challenge these immoral persons since the conflict between good and wrongdoings are forever. The negligence of one side will ease the path of opposite side.

Omar Faruk
University of Dhaka


I talk to successful people from Bangladesh all the time. These are men and women who went to the best schools, best colleges, scored top scores, earned highest degrees, earned the highest titles, salaries, and made a name for themselves and their families. One sad thing that I find very common among this crowd is that there are VERY few with some raw courage. It is depressing to see the brightest and the smartest of a nation are just outright cowards, opportunists, compromisers, and corner-cutters. I know the moment you read this, you will say, “Oh, I am in Bangladesh, so I have to worry about my security, worry about Police, RAB, DGFI, Army, Navy, DB, SB — perhaps Ansar and VDP too”. You know what, I sincerely understand those concerns, and those guys seriously scare me as well! But I am not talking about just the bright people living in Dhaka. How about we talk about the brightest minds living in Europe, UK, US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore? Well, the moment I bring them into the picture, you will say, “Oh, but I have family in Dhaka, I have land, apartments, I need a national ID card to keep my family properties, or just need to meet my ex-girlfriend in her Gulshan flat next vacation”. OK, let me drop you too then. Shouldn’t there be at least some other lonely ass mother fuckers, who are bright and smart, and successful; have money, have safety, connections, livelihood in the west, enjoying freedom, liberty and all that comes with it? There should be at least some such successful people, who have nothing to fear about the tyrant some thousand miles away? Where are they? If they are there, how come almost no one says a thing to stop the dictator’s oppression and tyranny back home? The most depressing lot among the successful Bangladeshis are the ones that live in the “free world”, yet support, promote and condone tyranny at home. These are my friends, you know who you are, some of whom actually got “liberal” arts education from the top notch “liberal arts” universities of the planet, yet, they are struggling to master the most basic sense of “liberalism”, “tolerance”, “pluralism”, and “democracy” at home. Kid you not, there are actually many Noam Chomsky worshiping Bernie Sanders loving Bakshalis, Shahabagis and Chetonized morons out there whom I have the pleasure of knowing! They promote a dictator back home, while talking about freedom and liberty in their adopted countries. Some even teach at universities in western settings, teaching white kids about a blacker, darker world — perhaps because these hypocrites hold dear to their souls the art of darkness.

Shafquat Rabee Anik, Dhaka