Give me solutions, I will give you a good nation


Somehow or anyhow our country has progressed a lot, but keeping pace with the ahead world a lot more advancement is yet to be done. But whether it is familial life or national one, obviously a lot of problems are there, so most of us are always unhappy with our present condition with what we have or where we are, thinking we could be in better position. Problems, troubles, sorrows, miseries, sufferings and what not are the common elements in our day-to-day life. Familial problem, economic crisis, educational complication, job-related despair, mental instability, price hike of daily commodities, suffering from chronic diseases, ups and downs in business, keeping power or obtaining power are some of the features in our lives.
So, many of us keep asking ourselves what will we do with that development where life is at a risk with such problems? From outside many people come up with many plans, but how many could come up with real-life solutions of the above problems?
There is a saying that a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor, similarly, a life without problem is not a life worth-living. On the other hand, a trouble-facing man can come up with practical solutions. I guess Bangladesh people are to face problems always, so many of us, specially the common ones, are the real-life problem-solvers.
Since there is no news is good news, we needed to come up with pragmatic solutions, and that is what our teenage boys and girls tried to do. Having faced almost all of the problems above mentioned, they taught us, guided us, showed us the way, and now our duty is to follow their suit. Just like them let come up with actual analysis, explanation which will bring absolute solution, no problem-problem-playing anymore.
By the way, around 40 satellite channels, hundreds of print media and smart-phones in every hand in the country, but if our news is like that that there has been a lot of production of lemons in Dinajpur, problems do remain in the depth. Exception stands out anyway, and bravo to them.
Anyway, almost all people love their country but a little bit of ideological conflict can not make a difference. So, solution we want, change we believe in, positivity we expect. Life gets changed with the passage of time, so does everything, everyone, everywhere. With the changeability of everything all around, will the helmsmen of our country listen to our long deep cry where a liveable land will be for all?

Sazzad Hossaion
University of Dhaka

A patient came to doctor’s chamber to be cured of disease but it seems to the doctor that patient has Kidney problem. In reality, the doctor was not Kidney specialist even he had not minimum qualification to diagnose or to do any treatment. After giving some costly tests and thereafter observing the report, he informed that the patient had some stones in the Kidney and the patient need immediate operation though there was no stone in the Kidney at all. Being provoked by the doctor, patient took the decision accordingly. But at time of operation, the inexpert doctor cut off the Kidney instead of removing the so called stones. Thereafter being informed about the fact, victims pressurized the authority to take the legal action against the doctors. After a thorough investigation of the concerned authorities, the authority confirmed that the doctor was the ultimate result of the ‘Leakage of Question Paper’. This story discloses the actual scenario what is going on nowadays. Recent Leakage of Question Paper in Dhaka University or previous leakage in Medical enrolment exam shook the conscience of the mass people. Besides the culprits leaked the question paper, the some part of influential portion and lower authority are also involved in this mechanism no doubt. Along with the immediate and effective legal actions, the moral development of all concerning bodies should be ensured. Only the person/persons having morality should come forward the challenge these immoral persons since the conflict between good and wrongdoings are forever. The negligence of one side will ease the path of opposite side.

Omar Faruk
University of Dhaka