Staying at a hall of Dhaka University is not easy for many students as most of them are from out of Dhaka, inactive in politics, and obviously because of diversified ways of life of various people from different regions of the country. It is so tough at the beginning for the learners to cope up with new situations. Yet, experiences say, if someone gets scope to stay at a residence of DU, he or she will perceive how to adjust with different people, how to overlook other people’s weaknesses, shortcomings and how to show respect to all. Keeping balance with unwelcoming settings is one of the un-easiest tasks also.

It seemed, studying humanities, especially literature, helps understand people’ psychology, life style, ways of thinking etc. well as studying literature or humanities means studying many sorts of people and their mind. Additionally, having privilege of staying at a resident hall at DU, persons get good chances to mingle with the people from various districts of the country. By the way, using social media like Facebook, each and every day, can also be a help in that context to understand people’s interactions.

Anyway, having a close look at politics by the residents of DU, they can feel the pulse of politics and can grow interest towards politics, with leading learning from DU is also a matter. And because of that most of the leading persons of media houses are from DU. Although journalists have to work a lot of time comparatively to other professions, they enjoy less remuneration with much insecurity of life and so. They work relentlessly all the time but they get less feedback. Profit is all for the media house-owners. And last but not the least is, because of divisions among journalists between Awami League (AL) and BNP media gets less acceptance from commoners, since there is a chance to spread false ideologies through it. Sorry to say, to secure your job or for promotions you need to take sides, either in the sides of AL or by the side of BNP or you have to act that you are in one of the groups what most of them do.

Hence, it is better for common people to know who works for whom, which media house is owned by whom. Because many of us cannot do a single day without knowing what is happening in and around the country, and more importantly, Bangladesh people are politically conscious and they are curious about what is being cooked in our political leaders or celebrities’ house.

Sazzad Hossaion
Dhaka University

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