Value-based Culture The Only Need By -Wasequzzaman Mubashshir


It is the common psychology of most of the human beings that their mind is always curious to whatever new they see before their eyes. Even if that ‘something new’ might not be prosperous to him, he will still find it attractive and if he is not so conscious, he will not feel it necessary to justify the goodness in it and ultimately in the long run this ‘new thing’ will lead him to astray. Just like a minor he always remains confused what to do with it when he fails to apply his good conscience.
Divorcing moral values from the society and then again making claim for the establishment of a value-based system is just like watering a tree cutting its roots. But it is a matter of great regret that it is actually happening all around Bangladesh. People are blindly celebrating Valentine’s Day but have not yet realized what love actually is or they are observing International Mother Language Day creating confusion whether it is any significant day or any day fixed for fashion show maintaining the black and white dress code or they make the same show off on “Pahela Baishakh” without having a proper understanding of this very special day’s age-old historic tradition and significance.
The ongoing practice all around Bangladesh is nothing but a practice of elitism in the form of so called culture and the aim and object of this elite class is to eradicate all morals from the society in the name of progressivism but failed to define what it is actually meant by progressivism and ultimately they are serving the interest of some wrongly motivated groups. Less educated or ignorant people are failing to realize that they are none but the puppets of those whose aim is to act against the sovereignty of this country and easily they are becoming the prey of the real culprits.
On the other hand, some extremist groups among the Muslims are busy with their self-invented “Islamic culture”. And according to prominent thinker and philosopher Tariq Ramadan, those orthodox Muslims use the term “Islamic” in such a manner as if it is the name of any brand. They are labelling some practices using the term “Islamic” like “Islamic songs”, “Islamic movies”, and “Islamic institutions” and so on. But they are committing a serious mistake by doing this and ultimately they are going against the basic tenets of Islam and they are seriously responsible for creating a distorted image of Islam among the bona fide observers. It must be kept in mind that there is no need to do such branding because Islam itself is the name of a culture as the main focus of this religion of peace is on promoting love and tranquility in the society by encouraging the believers to be devoted to the path of optimism, altruism and justice and such noble practice is not confined only within a single day rather this culture is for the entire life.
When the matter of culture comes into question it must be considered whether it contains something prosperous for the entire nation. Anything which goes against the social norms and taboos can never be treated as a culture rather other people particularly those with less education or no education must be conscious about that. The classical Bengali festival “Pahela Baishakh” has now lost its original claim and the ill-motivated interest groups have introduced several innovations in it which are seriously contradictory to the basic spirit of this culture which was once absolutely value-centric and which worked as an effective means to create a bondage of love and affection among people and thus played a vital role for socialization. Therefore, the image of “Pahela Baishakh” which is seen at present is completely fallacious and an innovation of some notorious groups.
Another important thing is that religion and culture must not be blended together as the overall matter may become highly confusing and problematic rather they must be treated separately so that it becomes easier to define both from an optimistic angle. People from all kinds of backgrounds have their own cultures and thus culture makes true reflection of a pluralistic society. But when culture is defined from the viewpoint of any particular religion its meaning becomes narrower. For example, Nowruz is a three thousand years old Persian festival celebrated by people from all sorts of backgrounds in Iran and thus this is not specific for any particular class or individual group. If any group with any particular religious background starts to claim it by saying ‘it is ours’ then seriously they are very much wrong in their sense. Therefore, it is better to keep culture and religion in two different platforms in order to avoid future conflicts and misunderstandings.
The necessary thing upon which paramount importance should be given is to define culture from a holistic approach so that it can make reflection of ideals and morals and thus facilitate the establishment of an egalitarian and justice based society which is the only need. Ultra-secularists often speak of progressive culture but often fail to define what progressivism actually is and fail to focus on the point of values and of what can actually make people united and ultimately because of their frequent drastic mistakes they become secluded from the mass people and instead of unity they are creating division among different classes just like what the colonizers did in past.
Moreover, many groups with evil-objective try to create religious clashes and other barriers based on some silly issues among the Muslims and Hindus. But it must be remembered that prior to the British conquest of Bengal, we the Hindus and Muslims together were much more civilized and free than any English laws could do to us. Keeping this in mind we may try to explore the possibilities how we can become more civilized and culture based on our own sense of cultural and religious dignity, morality and legality. (Khan, Md. Maimul Ahsan, “Introduction to Legal Theories, Basic Jurisprudential Studies”)
The matter of culture is seriously connected to nationhood. The more the culture is rich with morals and values the more it can ensure the nourishment of a nation. Above all, important point is that a nation should be like a strong iron-made wall and in order to have so the condition precedent is that it should have a well-organized culture with a strong basis which will truly make reflection of universal sense of morality and human dignity and then the nation can really think of the prosperity of every single individual.
The writer is a student of Law, Eastern University.

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