BREXIT The Future of UK and EU By -Md.Abdur Rahman (Khoka)


Europe became a part of hell because of catastrophic result of 2nd world war. There was no rule of law amongst EU countries after its adverse effect for which it was a very common phenomenon to take some pragmatic steps for ensuring justice, to end extreme poverty and promote durable democratic societies while advancing security and prosperity by which people’s right will be ensured which is the part of good governance. Considering such things especially for the business development European Union has been formed. Then long time later after its establishment, UK has become a member of EU through European Communities Act 1972 although it is true that it was too complicated whether UK would become a member of it or not because of UK’s underlying constitutional doctrine of “Parliament Sovereignty”.
UK parliament is the highest authority as there is no written constitution. However, it has rigorously affected its supremacy as a consequence of domination of community law although the criticism has been decreased by an interesting statement that UK Parliament has just voluntarily sacrificed its power whenever it feels it will take back because no parliament is not bound by its successor or by its predecessor in case of absence of written constitution but there was highly  possibility  to rise  political disparagement if Parliament would have any step to reform or repeal the Act for which UK government made a referendum to avoid political criticism. Dramatically, greater portion of voters supports not to remain in EU although most of the citizen of 3 main cities in UK voted to remain as member state of EU. David Cameron himself was the supporter of remain part for which he had to resign although there is no legal binding for him to do so nevertheless this is the “Art of Democracy”.
Now the blueprint for Brexit is that how Britain will negotiate out of the EU and spend for the sake of the economy. It would not be very easy task to design the way of exit because UK is still getting benefit especially in case of infrastructure development through cheap labor, free market economy and borderless market. So it can be inferred that the Government must give “the utmost consideration” to any future trade deal with EU Countries which is seen in a sign of plans that David Davis, the new Secretary of State for exiting the EU, suggested that Britain will demand full control of its borders but will want to retain access to the European Union’s single market.
Now the question is how Britain could start to feel the “economic benefit” of Brexit before the end of December 2018. It’s about getting the balance right and making sure that Britain borrow and invest wisely where it can be possible to make big impacts on its productivity for which it might be assumed that a significant change in the Government’s economic policy in the coming months would have seen to be taken place. However, many economists foresee that Brexit’s impact is going to be absolutely horrible and that the Square Mile is still “slightly stunned” by the result but it is likely that Brexit is not as immediately dangerous as the financial crisis in 2008. In a recent survey it was revealed that UK Will Cease to exist by 2026.Since 1972, the mutual-understanding, co-operation, self-restraint, exchanging share or views have gradually been grown amongst the individual of EU Countries which is going to be wrecked if the restriction on the border has been imposed although these are mainly based on economic and business related rather than personal affection. However, it is factual that personal relationship or tie is for a while formed through business dealings. One thing might be taken into account that the threat of redemptions – investors withdrawing their money from funds – is serious in the city.
Furthermore, several property funds blocked investors from taking out their money amid panic that the uncertainty caused by the referendum result could cause property prices to fall. A fascinating obsession is to facilitate the EU referendum has revealed an ancient, jagged fault line across the UK which is a scar that has slice through conventional politics and traditional social structures, and it is far from clear whether the kingdom can still call itself united although the referendum was ostensibly about membership of the European Union conversely voters took it to be asking a different question which is the extremely treated as chauvinism. Considering such a pivotal negotiation and after giving a careful look at the impact of Brexit, It can be said that it would bring much confusion, difficulty or disorder in case of business and economic sector and if result would not be changed in the near future then the doctrine of “globalization or free-market economy” would have become a matter of redefined or re-discussion.
Finally, if  the terrible outcome of it brings much disorder in economic growth, then is it possible for a sensible person to draw pleasure from disorder in view of the fact that  it will make many dams not to build tie rather it will shrink the tie of sharing sorrow or happiness irrespective of peoples’ identity amongst EU Countries although besides these demerits there is always possibility to have some positive approaches for which it can be said that it remains to be seen the certainty with the uncertainty of the effect of Brexit.

Md.Abdur Rahman (Khoka) is student of Final Year LL.B. at the University of London, UK.