Muhammad (SM) as a Role Model Women Perspective -By Lutfun Nahar


Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) are the best model of our life so we should follow the prophet (sm). Additionally, the women in Islam would be blessed if they follow the prophet Muhammad (sm) and his women companions’ life and attribute.
The best of women were the wives of the prophet (sm). Moreover, he was the best of creation, the one who has all good virtues and characteristics gathered together in him, and according about them and then, as they grow up and become women, they follow their example seeking the pleasure of Allah.
There are thirteen wives of Hazrat Mohammad (sm) who are the “Mothers of the Believer’s” according to the description of Muslims even Muslims women’s use the term prominently before or after referring to them as a sign of respect. Such as an enlighten example from the Holy Quran- “The Prophet is closer to the believes than their salves, and his wives are as their mother” (Surah Al Ahzab: 06).

Forever Stay with Prophet Mohammad (SM)
All wives of the prophet (SM) are forever stayed with him. The greatest reality can be exemplified from the life of Hazrat Khadijah bint khuwaylid (RA). While the prophet (sm) was in a cave of “Hira”, revelations suddenly open to him. The angel came to him and asked him to read. The prophet (sm) said,” I don’t know how to read? “Then the angel caught him and again asked And the prophet (sm) said, same answer. The angel consecutively caught him and the prophet (sm) said the same answer. Then the third time, prophet (sm) read to surah al alaq (1-3). Then the prophet (sm) returned home with fear and he told everything Khadijah (RA). Khadijah (RA) encourages and replied “Never! Allah will never do bad things with you. You have good relations with your relatives and help the poor.” That kind of example proved that she was a faithful wife support him and strongly believe him.
Again, while Quraysh tribe boycotted the prophet (sm) to the valley of Banu Hashim Khadijah (RA) was with him.  She was ready to sacrifice everything for the prophet (sm). Khadijah (RA) all the time and every moment stay with prophet (sm) even before her dead. She was the ideal character of a good wife who help, support her husband, loved the people and relative, patience, discretion, prevision, intelligence,  honourable, and righteous women. “Iman adh dhahabi said, Khadijah (RA) was the lady of all women of the world during her lifetime.  She was wise, venerable pious, pure and of the inhalant’s of paradise  (Al – Hadith).

Beside with Prophet Muhammad (SM) in the Time of Crisis
The wives of prophet (sm), were beside with him on the time of crisis such greatest life can be discussed from the life of Sawdah bint Zumah (RA). While Abu Talib and Khadijah (RA) was died, that time prophet (sm) married Sawdah (RA).The prophet (sm) choose a woman who could serve him and take care of his daughters and Ali (RA). Sawdah was competent women and could carry out this role perfectly.  She pleased the prophets (sm) heart, helped him go on calling for Allah, and alleviated his sufferings.  Sawdah (RA) also lives Aishah (RA) and also follows her in every deed. In this regard, Aishah (RA) reported- “Never did I find a woman more living to me than sawdah (RA). I wished I could be exactly like her.”

Strict to Follow the Prophet’s (SM) Command’s
All wives of the prophet (sm) were strict follow to the prophet‘s (sm) commands. Shawdah (RA) was the most obliged women who maintain the prophet’s (sm) guidance and commands. The last Hajj or pilgrimage prophet’s (sm) said to believing mothers, “only this time than you stay at home.” Sawdah (RA) on the instructions strictly follows and takes action that “I will never perform pilgrimage after this time.”

Devotion to Prophet’s (SM)
Hazrat Aishah bint Abu Bakar (RA) is the perfect woman who was the fully devoted to prophet Muhammad (SM). When the prophets (sm) wives said to him to increase their expenditure, the prophet (sm) became angry. This time Allah revealed verse Al- Ahzab  (28-29). Then, the prophet (sm) went first to Aishah (RA) and said, “I went to propose something to you, but I wish not quickly reply before you consult your parents. Then the prophet’s (sm) recited to that verse and said, the command came from Allah.  Aishah (RA) said, is it about you that I should consult my parents!  I choose Allah, his Messenger, and the home of the hereafter.”  This indicates, Aishah (RA) was very much devoted to the prophet Muhammad (sm).

Appropriate Decisions
Hazrat Aishah bint Abu Bakar (RA) could take the right decisions at the right time for instance the Banu Umayya tried many ways to divide in the Islam. They asked question, “when Ali (RA) defeated then who will be the khalifah between Talha (RA) and Zubair (RA)? Who will be the prayer Imam? Aishah (RA) stopped, “when she knowing this slander.” She could take the right decisions at the right time.

Knowledge of Wisdom
All wives of the prophet (sm) were the intelligent and wise.  Hazrat Aishah (RA) was one of the best intelligent students of the prophet Muhammad (sm). Her knowledge was better than other women and companions of that period. Hazrat Imam Juhre said to Aishah (RA), “Hazrat Aishah (RA) was the most influential scholar than the men. Many of the prophet (sm) companions would asked her to explain the Islamic laws, society, family and women issue.” Again Hazrat Juhre said, “If we compared Aishah (RA) knowledge to all women, Aishah (RA) surpasses them.” Aishah (RA) narrated huge number of Hadith. She narrated two thousands two hundreds ten Hadith. This was the largest number that female companions narrated in the history of Islam.  Urwah (RA) said, “Hallal-Haram, knowledge of literature, knowledge of poem, history of the arabs, medical science, I have never seen anyone more adept than Aishah (RA).”

Commanding Skill
All wives of the prophet (sm) have some commanding skills for example Hazrat Aishah (RA) was the leader of the war of “Camal”. In that time, she tried to minimize conflict and establish peace between the conflicting groups. Additionally, she tried to stop the all conflict talks and hate speeches. Moreover, she loudly speech to the people and tried to convince to the people that war is not the right way. Finally, the war of camel was happened, for this reason, she wept and repents so much even her veil became wet due to her weeping.

Worship is Servitude to Allah
Hazrat Hafsa Bint Umar (RA) used to fast the day and pray at night to the extent that she was distinguished with this character. Once, Jibriel (AS) came to the prophet Muhammad (SM) and said to him concerning Hafsa (RA), “She consistently is fasting at day and a continuous performing of prayer at night and be informed Hafsa (RA) will be from among your wives in paradise.”

Determined Personality
Hazrat Hafsa (RA) was the determined in every word and deed. Aishah (RA) said about the Hafsa (RA) that “Hafsa (RA) was the daughter of Umar (RA) and she was perfect and determined like her father in her every word and deed”. Moreover, Hafsa (RA) had determined personality.

Gracious Woman
What an excellent lesson from Hazrat Zaynab Bint Khuzaymay (RA) gives to Muslim woman. Zaynab (RA) taught Muslims woman to be humble towards the poor and the indigent and to sympathize and to meet their needs, console them and support them. Ibn Hisham said, “Zaynab (RA) was dubbed the mother of the needy because of her mercy, petty and benevolent towards the indigent.”

First Emigrate Women
Umme Salma binte Abi Umayya was the first Muslim emigrated women to Abyssinia. After receiving Islam, Banu Makhjum started repression and torture on Salma (RA). She came away with Abu Taleb, then she emigrate to Abyssinia.

First Hijabi Woman
Umme Salama Binte Abi Umyya (RA) was the first hijabi/covered women who emigrated from makka to madina.

Pious Woman
Prophet (sm) wife, Hazrat Umme Salama (RA) whole life was the symbol of takwah.  Salama (RA) never attracted enjoy the world and never seen every bring lights.

Intense Desire to Achieve knowledge
Hazarat Umme Salama (RA) intense to listening Hadith.  When Prophet (sm) told hadith, she attentively listening hadith, this indicates Umme Salama (RA) was the intense desired to achieve knowledge. Furthermore, Hazarat Umme Salama (RA) had melodious voice and she recite the Quran was in a beautiful way like Prophet (sm).

Legal Consultation
Hazrat Umme Salama (RA) had proficient knowledge in Islamic law. One day Abu Hurairah (RA) told that “Any person impure the month of Ramadan, will soon take a shower before dawn. Otherwise you can break his fast. When Umme Salama (RA) knew it, she protest it and Salama (RA) claimed that, Prophet (sm) keeping fast at this time.”

Fortunate Woman
Hazrat Zaynab Binte Jahash (RA) had important characteristics that was not available in anyone, such as
n    Adopt son who was not her own son.
n    Equality between slaves and free people.
n    The revealed of the verse of hijab.
n    Revealed the Quranic verse.
n    Her marriage pompous.

Zaynab (RA) was very charity women. Prophet (sm) used to praise her charity. Aishah (RA) said that the Prophet (sm) told about the Zaynab (RA) “whoever has the longest hand of you will be the first follow me die after me.” When Zaynab (RA) died, we came to know that the long hand was the symbol of practicing charity.

Hazrat Juwayriah Binte al Harith (RA) was a self respected woman who was trying to instability from slavery to self freedom.  Aishah (RA) said, “I have never seen a lady more blessings to her tribe than Juwayriah, after marriage the Prophet (sm) hundred of family among Banu Al Mustalaq were free.” That was her first sign of nobility.

Strong Faith
Umma Habibah Bint Abu Sufyan (RA) had strong faith to the unlimited deep love for the prophet (sm). Once upon a time Habibah’s (RA) father of Abu Sufyan came to Madinah for talk to prophet (sm). When he entered the house of his daughter Habibah (RA), she folded the prophet (sm) bed so that her father sits on it. It was such wonderful attitudes that prove the strong faith, deep love to prophet (sm) and loyalty to Allah.

Enthusiasm to Free Salves
Hazrat Muymuna Bint Haris (RA) was an influential woman to work on free salves. Once upon a time Muymuna (RA) was free a salves, prophet (sm) said that, “you have to achieve rewards.”

Lessons for Personal Life
All this characteristics we should to follow in our personal and daily life in the following ways-
n    To attentive to prayer (like Aishah (RA)),
n    To righteous (like Khadijah (RA)),
n    To intelligence,
n    To forever stay with husband,
n    To patience,
n    To faith,
n    To discretion,
n    To obey rules and regulation,
n    To watch out relatives,
n    To appropriate decision to appropriate time,
n    To merciful,
n    To increase knowledge about different things.

Lessons for Social Life
For our social life, the following characteristics also very much effective such as-
n    We will give charity, donation like Aishah (RA),
n    We will follow the prophet (sm) all rules and regulations,
n    Fair to Allah,
n    Spread out the knowledge in our whole society like salamah (RA),
n    To determined to our decision,
n    To could right decisions.

Lessons for National Life
We also follow the following characteristics for our national life for instances-
n    To loving kindness people like Zaynab (RA),
n    To truthfulness in our national life,
n    Do not deviated from the truth,
n    Very liberal with the common people,
n    We will told about the Allah and prophet (sm),
n    We will increase the leadership skill like Aishah (RA),
n    To great sacrifice,
n    To restore peace in the whole national life.

In conclusion, we are Muslim woman so we have to follow the behaviours, attitudes like wives of prophets (sm). When we follow those characteristics then we can lead a peaceful life in our individual, social, economic, cultural, educational, national and domestic or family life.
The writer is Student of BBA at Manarat International University (MIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh