Misery of Young Girls Rejecting Love Offers ends with Hacked to Death -By Salman Riaz


May Khadija Akter Nargis recover soon. Whether she may live to know the power of Chattraleague and the power of knives are same. Khadija survive to know, before drying of blood stains beside pond Chattraleague averted liability that Badrul is none of us. Khadija live to see, how scary serial killer introduced as ‘machete Badrul’. People are afraid of the frost knives, no one dared to save the casualty. Victims like Khadija know it.
On 3 October 2016, Khadija, the Sylhet Government Women’s College student, who was waylaid and hacked brutally with machete under broad daylight by a Chhatra League leader Badrul Alam. He hacked and critically injured Khadija after she had spurned his proposal for having an affair with him. Khadija is undergoing treatment at neurosurgical intensive care unit of Square Hospital in Dhaka. Several injury marks were found in the Khadija’s head, skull and brain. She also sustained severe stab injuries in her hands. After 72 hours of intensive care after physicians carried out surgery, ‘she will live’, doctor declared.
Khadija was waylaid and hacked on her way to home from college by Badrul, who is assistant secretary of the ruling party’s student front unit Chattraleague at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST). The injured was initially admitted in Sylhet Osmani Medical College where she had undergone the first surgery. Later she was transferred to Square Hospital last night. Hearing screams of the victim, locals rescued Khadija and caught Badrul from the spot and handed him over to police after giving him a good thrashing. Badrul confessed that he had stabbed Khadija. He was caught by the police when he tried to flee, said Badrul in the confession.
Just after a day, Chattraleague denied that Badrul is no one of their team. There have been several instances in the past when the organization distanced itself from the misdeeds of its leaders and activists in an attempt to save its reputation. It would have been far better if it had taken a stand against the assailant and joined in the demand for justice. The organization could set an example by rejecting any persons with such propensities towards violence and murder. However, rather than do so, it merely issues statements to avoid taking the blame.
Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam had said that Chhatraleague doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. However, it is very clear that all over the country, Chhatra Leaguers are becoming more and more prone to criminal activities.
But, Khadija also more likely to survive, let warned more khadija’s! May Khadija recover soon. This is the prayer of this moment. Let Badrul lose, let’s lose denied responsibility and let lose blood desire in the name of love. Konika, Risa, Nitu doesn’t save them, but Khadija’s alive. Badrul must be tried and punished due to create fear in the mind of Tanu and Afsana’s killer. Afsana khadija’s fellow sisters are spread throughout the country. After each killing what they do not fall in upset for fear and hate? Is fear creates with women and children in those families? Khadija has covered herself in hijab avoiding the attention of evil eyes and murderer, but what she protects? What was protected Tanu? If the oppressed people shade under the power, doesn’t live to cover face. Whenever they will be on trial then victim like Khadija’s feel comfort.
Badrul is assistant secretary of the ruling party’s student front unit Chattraleague at SUST, so he was able to harassed Khadija for a long time. The incidents occurred in the past. Badrul has recovered due to remain under the powerful regime and he also dared to teas more women. 17 January 2012, locals caught Badrul and thrashed during teasing a girl. Badrul filed an attempted murder charges on Jalalabad police station next day claiming on Jamaat-Shibir leaders as trying to kill him. One of the accusers in this case anonymous said that he had been beaten due to annoyed everybody knew that even the police. However, on 31 May 2012, case was filed against 14 people.
Machete Badrul was not born, if he may not be in powerful position in SUST University BCL committee. Badrul could be Badrul machete under the contribution of police administration and BCL. Afsana, an architecture student from Mirpur’s Saik Institute of Management and Technology student’s murder and allegedly  killer Tejgaon College unit ChhatraLeague leader Habibur Rahman Robin and his friends have not under trial yet. The event has happened on 13 August. Two unidentified youths dumped Afsana at a local hospital in an unconscious state on the night after this day.  Miscreants threatened to call Afsana’s family to settle the matter. What is the solution this matter? What was resolved Tanu’s killers, where any credible evidence doesn’t collect investigation commission? Such life was eligible to lose?
After rejecting the proposal of love, such same brutally events happed recently. These events without Khadija majority victims are died after got treatment or in spot, which have raised security question. It has reminded us once again of the lack of public security that prevails.
On 24 August, 2016 ninth grader of capital’s Willes Little Flower School Suraya Akhter Risha, 14, was stabbed by miscreants due to reject suitor in Kakrail. She died of her wounds at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) on 28 August. She was stabbed in broad daylight, in public on a foot-over bridge in Kakrail of the capital city. Her assailant was a tailor’s assistant who got her phone number when she went with her mother to order her school uniform some six months ago. He would bother her over the phone until she blocked the number. Perhaps it was in revenge that he took her life.
On 18 September, 2016 a ninth grade school girl Nitu Mandal was hacked to death on her way to school in Madaripur. The detainee Milon Mandal hacked Nitu due to rejecting his proposal of love. Milon was detained in connection with the killing which took place in Thakurbari area of Nabagram village under Kalkini upazila in the district.
On 16 November, 2011 Sharmin a 20-year-old student in Dinanjpur, (400km northwest of Dhaka), was returning home from college when a stalker forcibly held her hand and tried to hug her. Since then, her parents say, she has stopped going to college.  On 23 December, 2001, Narayanganj Institute of Fine Arts students Simi Banu committed suicide due to annoy by a stalker. Fifteen years have gone but the case has not been settled yet.
As sexual violence is happening on the way to school, it will panic parents and the parents will discourage their daughters from going to school. Woman’s life has been inexpensive in the country. How do the poor and middle class families live on trust? We want justice! We want justice! How much is to be screaming. The student organization, the human rights organization, Mothers of like Tanu meeting in streets and scalding tears. What will not change anything’s?
Some events are judged true. But, when the perpetrator is a man of power at the bottom of the stairs, then the trial waits to smoldering burn- ‘Judgment may be happened’. We talk about impunity too. What payment, there will be lots of murdered like Tanu, Afsana, Nitu and lots of trials will continue to be? But before happened massacre, torture, rape, we do not do anything? If the perpetrators take shelter under the umbrella of political and administrative power, then it would not possible reduce such crime. Rather the umbrella of political leader and administration take position over the people’s head and then it would possible to reduce such crime. But when the ruling party becomes the criminal’s warehouse, the crime rate will increase.
However, Badrul had planned to kill Khadija. He thought Khadija was killed, so he tried to flee. Here has an opportunity to explain the mental state of Badrul:
n    Badrul was a BCL leader. So he’s powerful. He did not care Khadija. Its raise more arrogance of power. He has become desperate the haughtiness of power.
n    He could attack Khadija with pistol or revolver. It was not very difficult to collect it for prominent student leader like Badrul. But he took a machete. It is not that all of a sudden, a machete was in his hand behind. Before that, he was standing in the way of Khadija with machete.
n    He wanted to express the use of violence and power through machete. He wanted to express cruelty.
n    The threat of terrorism is not raised only the basis of religion. A group or person may become militant behavior. Badrul’s mindset is mentioned to the full results of militant. Militancy mentalities are going into the mentality of one kind of youth like ruthless revenge, vengeance, inhumanity.
Crimes of passion are nothing new. But it was shocking that Badrul had the audacity and arrogance to attack Khadija openly in public, without the slightest of hesitation.
It is high time that the zero-tolerance policy be implemented within Chhatra League. Political reality is that Chhatra League has no contenders on any campus. The organisation claims that its name is being falsely used by miscreants, but that too is alarming. Badrul must be tried and punished.
The writer is journalist and geopolitical analyst.