Socialization in True Sense- By Wasequzzaman Mubashshir

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“In order to practise the application of joyful effort successfully, one must have the ability to concentrate, to focus on events, actions or goals. That in turn depends on whether or not you have the ability to exercise your power of judgment, to judge between what is desirable and what is undesirable, what is negative and what is positive.”                       The Dalai Lama

One day at the moment of a boy’s crossing the road suddenly a girl came before him and asked for the address of a particular residence as she was totally new in that locality and every nook and corner was unknown to her. The boy looking at the address answered in the affirmative and assisted her to reach her destination. Becoming very pleased the girl agreed to keep a regular communication with the boy considering his honesty and modesty, at one moment they fell in love and ultimately entering into the marital bondage they survived with each other for life.


The passage mentioned above is only an example to give a clear cut idea that once it was possible to maintain an outstanding relation without multiple sources of communication and advanced technology as we see today and it must also be added that there was presence of honesty and sincerity in those relationships created either between a boy and a girl intended to get married or family members and relatives as well. But is the present world still in the same condition? Nowadays it will be seen that a boy instead of looking around fixes his whole concentration only into the screen of his smart-phone and will not care about who is passing in front of him let alone remain unaware of what is happening around him. The situation is similar both in case of a male and a female. It’s truly a bad signal that people are nowadays becoming less cooperative as they were once.

It’s true to say that social media are good means to preach message and arrange an event as people can be easily invited and it is highly beneficial to create a connection among people residing in different corners of the world. Moreover, people can easily get in touch with their dear and near ones staying abroad beyond the country through making a good use of the social media with higher technology as it is seen today. It must also be acknowledged that many online businesses are nowadays conducted through the social media and certainly those social media are creating numerous opportunities for the unemployed class and rescuing them from the depression which they usually have to face when they have to spend their days remaining confined into their home with laziness and without any work.


It must also be kept in mind that these social media may turn into the causes of destruction if going beyond the real spirit continuous usurpation is made through them. They must be used only for the purpose of actual socialization as the word “media” also contains the term “social” before it and not for other purposes if doing such things contradicts with the social fabric, values and morality. Moreover, a person must not be addicted to the virtual life in such a way that he loses his bondage with the society. He may have several virtual friends even he may have regular communication with them through online chatting but if he ever faces any perilous situation will those virtual friends be able to do any good to him? Some online advice may be received but they are not sufficient always as every human being is a social being and he can never stay in a society holding an alien position.

There was a day when it was possible to be attached to each other with a sound mutual understanding without any social media and the only way of communication was telephone and before this it was either letter or fax. But still there were sweetness and honesty in the relation and mutual respect was strongly present among them. On previous days friends used to send letter to each other, they couldn’t feel relaxed until they met together and spent time through sharing their various beautiful experiences of their life and visiting wonderful places. Such kinds of lovely relations are rarely seen nowadays. Through online chatting it’s easier to keep regular communication with kith and kin but the spirit of a true bondage is hardly found in the relations created through online chatting. Online chatting itself isn’t something bad but the thing which needs to be done beside online chatting is to have a face to face communication as it is seriously essential to feel another one’s heartbeat in true sense.

Undoubtedly the social media are highly beneficial to be aware of the current world but it can never be the sole means for sharing emotions and feelings. There is no other better means other than practical communication in order to feel another person’s heartbeat properly. An electric device can never catch a person’s emotion and what his eyes are saying, what his mind is expressing and what his silence actually means. What is going on in a person’s mind can be easily felt through softly grabbing his or her hand from the feelings of love which can never be understood through an electronic device irrespective of how much expensive it is.


What did the wise men like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle do? Each of them had a number of disciples with whom they established a firm bondage and interaction through regular contact, preaching and above all flaming their inquisitiveness. Where it was possible for them to do so without any advanced technology, in the present world despite the existence of superfast communicating media, firm mutual understanding among people is hardly seen in the expected level. Instead of developing an altruistic attitude among them most of them have become worshippers of egoism and self-centeredness.

Certainly Facebook is a unique creation of Mark Zuckerberg and behind such creation there is a noble aim and object. But are the users in case of utilizing this medium walking on the right track? Does only uploading ‘selfies’ go properly with the goal for which such fantastic medium has been created? Mark Zuckerberg’s all long cherished dreams will obviously become true if the users act in such a manner as he deserves and make good use of it upholding the spirit of socialization.

The writer is studying Law at Eastern University.