Is Bangladesh in big mire- By Md. Abdur Rahman (Khoka)



Bangladesh is passing a crucial moment because of its substantial economic and social changes in every sphere of the society, and surely it can be assumed that this will strengthen in the coming era. But it appears all of that good will be wiped away by a senseless act of violence committed by perpetrators in the name of religion or by using the name of it. So an important inference might be drawn from the interview of Mr.Rasheed Ganoshi, one of the most prominent Islamist leaders of the contemporary Muslim world, with Aljazeera where he has recently expressed his pivotal opinion regarding the militant activities or fanatics that it is vital these are addressed if poverty reduction is to be maintained, and a host of future problems associated with social exclusion are to be avoided. However, the amplifying complexity of crime and corruption i.e. indiscriminate child killing raises new phenomenon about how Executives and Judiciary can protect individual’s security without risking essential human liberties. Now it is a question of fact though it depends on the swiftness and sharpness of doing best endeavors of Law and Enforcement agencies and courts in Bangladesh although it is very unfortunate for us that we are in big mire because of failure of controlling such kind of heinous act rather those honestly life- leading people have indiscriminately been arrested in the name of prevention of crime. Does it really make sense at all?


Everyone has right to get free movement which has not been taken away just for a lame excuse I.e. national security. To ensure it, Law and Enforcement Agencies are creating severely outrageous atmosphere among innocent people. Because such type of unconstitutional or illegitimate power, according to Supreme Court of Bangladesh, especially for police to arrest anyone just for based on mere suspicion gave raise a huge area of controversy. If it does so then my query is that who is out of it. Doesn’t it breach human rights? Everybody would agree that S.54 of CRPC is being still used as flawless sward against political rival of existing government. So the time has come to raise our voices against any unlawful arrest irrespective of arrestee’s identity and hope that no more blanket power would be issued for cops. Just by mentioning national interest, curtail of human rights must be strongly blameworthy although it may be arguable that sometimes situation is demanding for Law and Enforcement Agencies to do so because of unavoidable grave circumstances but it should not be considered as precedent for doing further unlawful act in the name law and order.

Furthermore, a wide range of challenges for example organized crime and illegal drug trade to protecting digital privacy are being faced by our legal system across the country. So it deems to be taken into account how national security can be enhanced through sound judicial processes. One thing must be kept in mind that democratic country without rule of law is like an independent country without sovereignty. In the most developed countries, citizen enjoys a right to bring an action against any public body if they breach any right of an individual.


Conversely, if we give a careful look at Bangladesh, what is going on! Is there any such a thing like that? Law and Enforcement Agencies can do everything according to their capriciousness because they know that to do such an unlawful acts they will never and ever be produced before the court although very exceptional situation has recently been seen because of victims’ identity that they are supporters the ruling party.

Furthermore, one of the fundamental principles for rule of law is that no one would be punished without the breach of law. But recently, extremely grave situations are being observed by Bangladeshi people because no one knows whether he would be able to come back his residence having gone out of it, even though for security reason if anyone stays at his safety shelter then they would have been arrested based on mere suspicion. This is the very common phenomena and truly perfect condition of the administrative sector in Bangladesh.

Paradoxically but unfortunately legislature has completely failed to play its proper roles because of lack of free, fair, credible and all-party participatory election. So considering such material causes, it can be easily be inferred that the three main organs of Bangladesh are not properly going through the way of righteousness. On the top of them poverty is one of the most serious problems in our motherland. Most of the people of Bangladesh live below the poverty line. But, unfortunately, no pragmatic steps have remarkably been taken by the state. If any step had taken then the implementation of the project would not have been seen at all because of corruption which may be defined one’s interest illegally.

Furthermore, natural disaster is another acute hindrance to our development .In most of the time, the people of costal area has seriously been affected by such an unavoidable circumstances although it is true that if the help was offered for the victim at the right time then such a humanitarian crisis could have been avoided. So considering these negotiations, it has to be said that Bangladesh is really in big mire.