The Dangers that threaten the Muslim World


By Temel Karamollaoglu

I begin by praying to Allah that my words will be beneficial.
The dangers that face the Muslim world today are far greater and far more important than those of the past. Racist-Imperialists who see Islam and the Muslim Ummah as the greatest obstacle for their world dominance have had to change strategy in order to reach their goals.
After the disintegration of the Soviet Union when communism was no longer a threat, the imperialist powers devised new scenarios and continued to do so to strengthen their dominance in a world that had become unipolar.
In this context;
The United States who supported the Taliban in the past now portray it as a threat for world peace.
Those who provoked Saddam and helped him in his attack against Iran after the Iranian Revolution, realized that they could not attain their objectives through this approach and gave Saddam the green light for his offensive against Kuwait. Then using this as an excuse, displayed him as a threat for peace in the Middle East and the World, paving the way for the invasion of Iraq.
Exploiting the attack against the Twin Towers in New York, the demolition of three buildings and the death of over two thousand people, they launched a consummate war against Islam and the entire Muslim world. The President of the United States has named this war a “crusade”. Whereas the conscientious scientists who investigated and analysed the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon have made it clear that the claims and the facts were not compatible. Scientists have proved that although no plane had hit the third building (which was destroyed shortly after the Twin Towers collapsed), the demolition of it without damaging the surrounding buildings would only be possible with explosives that were placed there beforehand.
The media and the governments under the influence of racist imperialism or rather Zionism, have ignored and baffled those who spoke the truth (regarding the attack on the Twin Towers). These issues (which demonstrate that this attack was premeditated with the assistance of US government) were not brought to light, and they were subsequently introduced as legal grounds for the offensive against the Muslim world.
Making out a case for these attacks, the US led coalition first occupied Afghanistan and then Iraq. And those countries who did not agree to their imperialist aspirations, especially Iran and Sudan were named as enemies, rogue states and a threat to World peace. Even though most of their brutalities were whitewashed, the murders committed in Afghanistan, one million Muslims killed in Iraq, the assassination of scientists and children and the savagery in Abu Gurayb and Fallujah, clearly show that these offenders are deprived of all humane feelings, justice and respect for human rights.
The Coalition’s justification of its offensive was supposedly based on the lack of democracy, human rights violations and the lack of rule of law in the region. However their brutality has revealed their actual intention.
These Powers who forced thousands of Afghans into containers and had them killed by strafing the vehicles with gunfire have also subjected hundreds of innocent people to torture and inhumane treatment in Guantanamo.
The brutality committed in Abu Gurayb with the consent of highest government officials has not only horrified the Muslims but has shocked the entire world.
The lack of humane feelings and the bloodthirstiness of American soldiers were displayed by the shooting of unarmed people taking refuge in a mosque in Falluja. It is not surprising then that people who display this brutality are the ones supporting Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians for more than sixty years
The United Nations established Israel with a resolution adopted in 1947and after the year 1967 the UN approved more than eighty resolutions requesting Israel to withdraw from “the occupied lands”. Despite this fact, the racist-imperialist media and the politicians under their influence insist on calling the Palestinian people terrorists and persistently try to show Israel as innocent and the one being violated.
The financial barons, the media and the politicians under the influence and control of Israel and Zionism have realized that the brutality they have exhibited in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine will not suffice to accomplish their final desires and expectations.
The economic sanctions, the slandering and the threats of military incursions did not have an effect on Iran, Sudan or Syria. Moreover, despite all the pressure from the USA and the UN, these countries have won the approval of many others with their firm stance and have become an example to many.
The Intifada movement, which they have not been able to deter in over sixty years, the resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq against the US incursions, the lack of significant progress in Pakistan despite all kinds of pressure and the victory of Hezbullah in Lebanon whom they surmised would be wiped out in twenty-four hours; all these facts have compelled the Racist-Imperialists into trying new methods against Muslim resistance.
The main project being put into practice to fractionalise Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Sudan is to use the differences of sects, temperaments, clans and race against one another. When they realized that this strategy was not sufficient on its own, they started to develop further insidious projects.
All that we have put forth up to now show a certain trend that until the Muslim world and all the countries that are exploited and imposed upon understand the strategies and tactics of these Racist Imperialists, and plan and carry out counter actions, there will be no peace. With the experience gained through centuries, these imperial powers have become skilful in adapting their strategies and tactics to changing conditions, and unfortunately have always used these skills for corruption and venality.
With political tyranny and military intervention at hand, they are now changing tactics and implementing new strategies to sustain their gains already achieved by invasions.
The most effective method currently used for this end, is to identify the politicians who are in harmony with the people of their country, yet are willing to collaborate with the Racist-Imperialists, and then bring these politicians to power. So, these conservative governments whom the imperialists have brought into power and who are supported by the public carry resolutions and operations that none other could attempt.
The military operations they carry out in other countries are no different than this. They carry out heinous plans in order to convince their own public and when the truth is uncovered they choose to dismiss all of it with depictions of conspiracy theories.
We should never forget the fact that those who feel hatred toward Muslims will not give their support until Muslims abandon their own religion of Islam and embrace the belief of their antagonists.
Because their rule is based on might and not on Haq (absolute justice) they do not withhold from tyranny when their interests are at stake and exercise double standards rather than fair treatment. Their understanding of human rights is giving justification to immoral practices which deeply affect societies. The meaning of democracy for them is for the general public to elect administrations which will only protect their imperialist interests. The reaction is swift if expectations are not met. Just as happened in Palestine when Hamas was fairly elected. By utilizing their vast financial resources and media network, the Imperialists command public opinion and direct the politicians, whom they bring to power, to serve their own goals.
Now I will try briefly to summarise the strategies used by the Racist-Imperialists to control and exploit the Muslim world:

Racist-Imperialists do not want Muslim countries to develop and become powerful.
The economical progress of the Muslim countries is hindered through projects developed by IMF, World Bank, World Food Organization, etc. Supposedly these organisations were established to help developing countries.
The wealth owned by Muslims is held either in American banks or channelled into investments that will not help in strengthening the Muslim World. These resources are deliberately sabotaged by channelling them into completely unproductive investments such as lavish construction projects.
Unfortunately, many governments and rulers in the Muslim World adopt these methods indoctrinated by the West.
If we pay attention we can see that the vast resources we have that would enable us to develop and become powerful are not being allocated for industrial investments and technological developments; due to deliberate underhanded efforts of certain powers.
We can give Indonesia’s experience as an example. During the South Asian crisis IMF credit to Indonesia was given in return for halting work in aerospace industry, even though Indonesia had already manufactured two prototype planes.
Accordingly the “Heavy Industry Projects” in Turkey, initiated by Prof. Erbakan during the 1970’s coalition governments, was halted on a variety of pretexts. Before these projects were stopped, in a period of three short years, with three different governments, foundations were laid for approximately two hundred and sixty factories and seventy of these were completed within one year.
These projects were vital for Turkey. They included the aerospace, electronic, weapons, cement and steel industries, energy sector, machine- tools and construction equipment, fertiliser factories, agriculture and various other industries. These investments spread all over Turkey, were to be realised by using our own resources.
However, the following governments not only halted these industrial development projects but, almost with a vengeance, caused the already established factories to become dysfunctional.
Today the foreign capital coming into Turkey is not being used for new investments in the country. The foreign capital flows into Turkey due to the high interest rates which is over twenty percent p.a. and this interest is then transferred abroad every year. Of the approximately one hundred and fifty billion dollars transferred; fifty billion dollars are from the budget, fifteen billion dollars from Central Bank and billions more from the private sector.
Due to persistent requests of IMF and UN, Turkey has sold its entire communication sector (four GSM operators) to foreigners. Petrochemical industry and also many airports and harbours have also been sold to foreigners.
The foreign banks already own fifty percent of the banking sector in Turkey.
Ninety three percent of the insurance sector is owned by foreigners.
Right now, the sale of land has accelerated.
Today we are still not taking lessons from what is happening in Palestine; occupation, unlawful confiscation of land, terrorisation and massacre of people and agony.
If we continue like this, in a couple of years, our economy will entirely be consigned to foreigners.
One cannot take the matter lightly by saying, “Money does not have a religion, the money of a Jew or an Armenian is more than welcome” (Recep Tayyip Erdogan, PM of Turkey).
Because of this mentality within the last six years foreign trade deficit has gone up from fifteen billion dollars to seventy billion dollars, the current account deficit has gone up from one and a half billion dollars to thirty eight billion dollars per annum. Because no precautions are taken, this deficit is growing every year.
These deficits have increased the need for new loans and the Turkish economy has become the slave of IMF and foreign capital. As a result it has become almost impossible for Turkey to become a powerful country.
The Imperialist Global Capital has already riveted its dominance in the finance and the arms sectors. Now it seems to be trying to secure its dominance in the following areas:
Food Sector: The agricultural sector is the base of food supply; and this sector in our country and the developing world is in deep regression.
Water resources: UN is supporting the privatisation of water resources. These sectors are crucial for human life. It is a great danger and a threat for the whole of humanity if these sectors are to be left in the hands of international ventures that have only one goal and that is profit.
Energy Sector: USA is fighting to control the oil reserves in the World. As Russia, China and India have come onto the scene as adversaries, the conflict will escalate.
Media Sector: The most essential instrument to influence and guide the public.

Drug Industry.
In addition to these, hotel and retail store chains have become a part of the foreign ventures, which results in bankrupting the small merchant.
The farming sector has come to the point of collapse with the policies of IMF and the UN.

Media Sector
Media is the most important instrument that affects society and politics. Unfortunately the TV broadcasting and the written media is fast becoming a monopoly throughout the world. The ventures that own the media in the West are now also dominating the media of the Muslim countries.
Already some of the TV channels and the media in Turkey are either under the direct control of Global Capitalists or they are working in collaboration with them.

The Spiritual and the Moral Values of the Society
Racist-Imperialists want to separate us from the moral and spiritual values that make us who we are that provide harmony in the society and play the biggest role in the establishment of peace. In this regard it would not be wrong to say that we are almost face to face with an assault.
Our family structures, our perception of morality and decency (adab), our perception of respecting elders and loving our children are all degenerating.
Using the pretence of human rights and women’s rights our moral norms are changing, and the sexuality of women is being exploited.
There are no precautions being taken to stop this degeneration; up until the age of twelve religious courses are banned in Turkey. Those who break this law face a two-year prison sentence, Imam Hatip middle schools are still closed and the headscarf ban has still not been resolved.
There are only excuses!

The barons who own the financial sector, the retail market, the information network, strategic facilities like petrochemical industry and media, influence the politicians and policies of countries and actually have total control over it.
The threat is there, if and when, anyone wants to take a different political path. The stock market plummets, and there are hidden and apparent embargoes. Those who build strong relationships with the Racist-Imperialists in order to retain power, in time become their slaves. Although they can see the damage inflicted on their own country and on the Muslim world, because of personal interests, they do not abandon these policies.
The efforts displayed in order to justify these erroneous actions cause moral erosion, and events that would have once caused uproar in the public are accepted as common incidents.
The worldwide renowned projects and ideas of Prof. Erbakan, which he brought into the public sphere and carried out during his time in government, have unfortunately been abandoned entirely.
Nowadays, people who talk about the Muslim United Nations, Islamic Common Market, Cultural Cooperation of Muslim Countries, Muslim Defence Pact and Muslim Dinar are almost extinct.
Imam Hatip Schools and the Qur’an courses which Prof. Erbakan had worked very hard to open are now closed and the government is silent and inactive on this subject.
Unfortunately, full support has been given to the incursion of USA into Afghanistan and Iraq by Turkish Governments. And in spite of the tragedies and atrocities committed in Fallujah and Abu Gurayb, the logistical support continues.
The rejection of the “March 1st” permit by the Turkish Parliament, which would have enabled US soldiers to be deployed in Turkey and attack Iraq from the north, was made to be seen as a “brilliant manoeuvre,” but then the government proceeded in a reversal of policy to open Turkish airspace to the US and UK bombers, and following this consigned seven airports and six seaports for the logistic support of the USA army in Iraq.
Contrary to the rhetoric, there was no hesitation about handing Cyprus over to the Greeks and accepting Greek arguments about the Aegean Sea.
In spite of official written and oral reports from the EU stating that Turkey would never be accepted into full membership, still we have signed unacceptable conditions.
If we list some of the concessions:
Homosexuality is now legal in Turkey.

Adultery is not considered a crime.

Pork is accepted as domestic livestock

The volume of the Call to Prayer (Adhan) from the minarets is lowered.

For the sake of interfaith dialogue, churches and synagogues are built in places where no Christian or Jew reside.
Many concessions were made and continue to be made in order to become a member of a Christian Union while the ideal of a “Muslim Union” is abandoned.
The unacceptable condition in the EU reports, which requires the management of the Euphrates and Tigris river basins by an international organ, has been kept away from the public eye. These river basins are within the boundaries of the Jewish ‘Promised Lands’ (Ard al-maw’ud).
Now the time for the implementation of more dangerous projects has come.
In the reports of RAND Corporation, which is one of the most important strategic research corporations of USA, we see the dangers which the Muslim World is facing. These are:
“Civil Democratic Islam”, 2004
“Muslim World after 9/11”, 2006
“Establishing a Moderate Muslim Network” 2007

In these reports the situation of the Muslim world has been evaluated for each country and a strategy has been put forward. The main target is the redefinition of the religion of Islam to their own advantage. To confuse minds by delving into matters which seem to be controversial and to destroy the understanding of unity (Ummah) and the understanding of Jihad amongst Muslims.
In this context they describe the compilations of hadith, which are prepared meticulously, scrutinizing the narrator and the text, as “hadith wars”. From this we understand that they have decided to cause mischief and trouble among Muslims.
Also, in school text books they are replacing the respectable and honoured historical figures in Muslim history with footballers, pop stars and movie stars, promoting a desire to imitate. Unfortunately we can see numerous examples of this in the curriculum of many Muslim countries.
Apart from this, they are trying to resurrect all the controversial issues of the past and cause trouble in order to destroy the ideals and the unity of the Muslim Youth.
Their goal is to change Islam. To estrange Muslims from their religion, to break down their resistance by destroying the spirit of Jihad and by causing Muslims to fight among themselves, alienating them from the determination to prevent unjust and oppressive practices.
In these RAND reports, they categorize Muslims according to how and whom can be exploited:




Secularists; (Those who want to remove religion from daily life and imprison it within the hearts of Muslims.)

They have identified the modernists and decided to support them as the best group that would serve their goals. Today, as we should be seeking ways to rescue ourselves from the spiritual void that is destroying the society, by holding onto Islam; through modernists they are planning to adapt Islam to this age to protect their domain of influence. They are describing this new distorted faith as the “Moderate Islam”.
It has been reported that the US has allocated ten billion dollars for this project.
The “Open Society Institute” established by the famous speculator Soros is making serious and widespread efforts in this direction, and whenever there is an opportunity for political intervention they take it. The former President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze was ousted from office through these interventions by spending only ten million dollars.
The Open Society Institute has opened many branches for this purpose in many countries. They have also opened branches in Turkey and some of our former friends who believed in Milli Görüs until recently did not hesitate in taking posts at these institutions.
These developments resonate in the whole world and especially in the Muslim community and unfortunately some politicians and governments support them.
Trying to become the mediator between Israel and Muslims only means serving the Zionist cause. Mediation takes place to bring about justice where there is dispute. The whole world knows that, because it is against their philosophy and belief, it is impossible for Israel to withdraw from the lands it confiscated years ago thereby accepting just solution. Israel has since rejected all UN resolutions.
For this reason, those who were struggling on behalf of Palestine yesterday, today want Palestinians to give up their cause and the lands that were confiscated from them by force, to recognize Israel as a law abiding and legitimate country, and to bear all the injustices committed against them.
Today, in Turkey and in many Muslim countries, it is not possible to take a stand, take precautions, protect our moral values and free ourselves from bondage until and unless we see the hidden intrigue behind these developments. That is until we see the puppet and the puppeteer and understand their role.
Racist-imperialists are not interested with the prayers, fasting or headscarf of those who serve them, and become their pawns, and who do not think of rising against oppression. They even prefer to work with some Muslim societies because they are more easily persuaded and mislead.
For this reason, the love we cherish for these people should not impel us to accept the damage they have given to Islam or to find excuses for them.
If we start making concessions with basic values (aqida), we do not know where it will lead us. This means extinction, it means suicide. It even means that the coming generations will accept slavery and give up the struggle (da’wah) entirely.
It is only possible to continue this struggle in the belief that Allah alone is Powerful and All Mighty and there is no other to compare with Him. To surrender to Zionism and its tools, the US and EU, under the pretext of being realistic, will estrange us from our goal and the coming generations will abandon the da’wah.
As Milli Görüs, our political struggle in Turkey started forty years ago. We embraced the principles of Prof. Erbakan which are a must for our country and for the Muslim world. We knew this path would be long and arduous, but we were determined. We should acknowledge that he worked harder than any one of us and went through more hardship, but he was patient and steadfast in his Da’wa and never wavered.
I hope and believe that all of you who have come to this meeting today are determined to follow his example.
Dear Brothers, as I conclude my words I want to draw your attention to the words of Prof. Erbakan. After the decline of the Ottomans and the establishment of the International Institutions (UN, IMF, DB, FAO, International Court of Justice, ECHR, etc.) right after the signing of Yalta Conference, the world we currently live in has been turned into a prison of Racist-Imperialists. “Our struggle is to start uprising in this prison and to escape from it. Unfortunately, well before our own people, Racist-Imperialists realized the meaning of our struggle, and are working to prevent it. Regrettably, they have achieved some ground in this respect.
To conclude I would like to remind you again what Prof. Erbakan has been pointing out as our targets:
1.    We started on this path by giving precedence to Morality and Spirituality. We cannot compromise our belief in Islam, which is the foundation of this principle and this is the same for the entire Muslim World.
2.    We believe that in all Muslim countries the “Government and Society should blend harmoniously” State and Governments should be for the service of the People.
3.    We believe that the Muslim world has to “industrialize” and become Powerful by obtaining high technology and in order to free itself from exploitation, dependency to foreign sources.
We believe that from defence industry to drug industry, mining, farming, finance and transport sectors, there has to be collaboration amongst Muslim countries. We believe that the Islamic Common Market has to be established as soon as possible.
4.    We also believe that instead of the American dollar, which enslaves us to the Racist Imperialism, we have to have our own currency.
5.    The “Muslim Countries Cultural Collaboration” has to be developed and institutionalised in order to strengthen the friendship and brotherhood amongst our countries and our people.
We do not want the values of “Capitalist Western Civilization” which is becoming more savage and has no humane and moral values. We need to return to our own values and civilization, which made us superior in the past, and to advance our society in this direction.
6.    We do not believe in aggression but in order to resist any offensive against us we definitely need a “Muslim Countries Defence Pact”, which is like a Muslim NATO.

These ideals are our legacies from our history, culture and belief and the responsibility to shoulder them remains with us.
They are not simple ideas or expressions that can be easily dismissed. These are not issues to be forgotten just because Zionism, US and EU will not accept them.
Abandoning our ideals and imitating the civilization of those who are trying to eradicate us or at least take away our identity because they see us as a threat is not befitting to Muslims.
I pray that the Lord Almighty will bring forth blessings from this meeting

Temel Karamollaoglu
Vice President of SAADET party, Turkey