ideological conflict between East and West -Sohrab Hussain


Most of the people consider the sports as the part of entertainment. But this is not actual scenario. In most cases, sports are used as tools of culture, politics, ideology, believe. In this modern era of industrial capitalism where capitalism uses everything like human psyche, honesty even rituality and so on to maximize its profits. Liberalists used all media i.e. film, TV, songs, theater etc to normalize sexuality in the society and then gayism or homosexuality. The published hundreds of thousands of research articles to make the people believe that homosexuality is a natural human instinct. And thus, they eventually established their agenda in the society. Now they are striving to legalize the same in the world. As a part of their agenda, they are promoting such heinous homosexuality in the world especially in the Muslim countries through Media. They use public figures to promote their purpose.

As homosexuality is a crime in Qatar, such European LGBTQ movement tried to use seven European football teams like Wales, England and Germany etc to promote LGBTQ movement. They decided to protest against such Qatari laws by wearing ‘OneLove’ armband. But FIFA and Qatar strongly denounced against such attempt and threatened to sanction those who would wear such armband. As they could not wear the armband they protested by their gesture putting their hands in front of their mouths.
The European countries criticized FIFA for giving the Qatar to host the Football World Cup tournament as they always like to think the Muslim countries as backdated and inferior to those of European countries and therefore, no Muslim country is capable of hosting any such big tournament.

For such superior complex and being unable to compel Qatar to allow ‘OneLove’ armband, they harshly and dishonestly criticized Qatar. They spread rumors that approximately 15000 slaves (actually workers) died in Qatar to prepare an infrastructure on international standard where actual figure was nearly 400-500 workers. LGBTQ always try to use public figures that can influence the people’s perception easily. We have seen such incident in Bangladesh when a very popular figure tried to speak in favor of normalization of sexuality in the society. As Muslim societies are conservative in nature in this regard and teachings of Islam always denounces such homosexuality even any kind of attempt to normalize the rigidity of sexuality, they always react against such attempt. And using such reaction, liberalist propagate that Muslims are extremist in terms of belief.

However, European countries have seen it as their failure to a Muslim country like Qatar and they reacted up to that level.
On the other hand, we have seen many Muslim scholars especially Salafis to criticize such host and claimed that it would far better if Qatar spent those amount of money for poor people who are suffering from hunger. At the same time, they also declared fotwa that such host is haram in the eye of Islam and it is not good to expose or exhibit Islam in such haram ceremonies.
Basically did not exhibit Islam from pure Islamic Akayedi Perspective considering such host as halal, rather they exhibited Islam as their part of culture. They tried to show that as a nation they have also culture and such culture is based on their faith and religion i.e. Islam and such culture is far differ from western culture but their culture is not less sophisticated than that of Europe. Many Muslim countries praised such inflexibility or uncompromising attitude of Qatar. They utilized such opportunity to exhibit Islam toward the non-Muslims who visited Qatar and many became overwhelmed by such exhibition and learned a lot about Islam.

Actually nothing in this world is free from any kind of ideology or belief. Even idea of supreme freedom of individual or non-interference of state in very private sphere is not beyond any ideology rather it has a very ideological basis. Basically all deeds done in this world is derived from whether nafs or hear what Islam says. When people is deceived by Saitan then he driven by his own nafs and when he submit himself towards the will of Allah then he is driven by the Allah. So, all the things which are negative or harmful for the society or people from its very nature- it is harmful as it is harmful by its nature; there is no perspective of the goodness or badness. The thing is good as it is good or the thing is bad as it is bad. The goodness or badness does not depend on perspective. So, the LGBTQ is haram because it is harmful by its nature and only the entity can know the fact (actuality of goodness or badness) that created such concept of goodness or badness. There is no alternative to such understanding as if there is not creator then there would be no concept of goodness or badness; alternatively as there is the concept of goodness and badness so creator exists which we call Allah. As Allah exits and he created the concept of goodness or badness so there is no possibility of different perspective of goodness or badness in case of single behavioral element. They way west talks about is the path of saitan and the way a Muslim talks about is the path of Islam.
They way Qatar handled the pressure given by the European countries is really overwhelming. They way Qatar upheld the Islamic norms and principles & the way they exhibited Islam towards the non-Muslims are praiseworthy.

The author of this article is an analyst in national, international issues.