The Ultimate Imprudence Grasping Beyond Devilish Slaying the Innocent -Uthan Marma


After a while you have to stop. Everything seems to be settled. What an overwhelming feeling is created! A sense of oneness with the existence dives into tranquil. How long has this been going on? Intimacy between man and nature is primitive and inevitable. In the momentary intoxication man forgets nature. Derecognized its existence, Obsessed with the fulfillment of one’s desires, one is constantly running towards the dungeon. People’s thoughts are monotonous, constantly running on that old instinct, running after money, power, enjoyment, luxury, lust, fame, desire and blood only to preserve one’s existence. People paint their hands in blood to create new desires. The greed for new rights is constantly on the rise. Man is a helpless creature. In general, people feel comfortable to present themselves as powerful, inevitable, controller. That’s when the expansion of his thoughts got stuck there. What a conservative traditional attitude. As soon as the feeling of complacency is fulfilled, his vision and search become weak. Most human beings find no meaning in life. His straightforward life biography is zero, vain, theory-less, empty and unquestionable. There is no question and inquiry in it. An unconscious gross approach carries a sense of ease. The whole body, mind and soul are covered with boundary cover. No climbing; no unrestricted expansion of the mind. This is the inability to see with the eyes, its destination is endless. As the years go by, the body becomes thinner. When energy is lost, termination of all marrow is present. Stillness is created. Nature and man continue to come together between zero and addition and subtraction. This is an endless activity, but the stagnant stagnation does not lead to anything.

We have to open the door of the mind and focus on getting infinity. The door of the mind that is closed must be opened. The lowliness of the heart lowers man to the lowest level; we don’t think about that condition, we don’t think about it, we never look deeply. Our thinking-consciousness is very temporary. Enthusiasm, interest, devotion of human society towards the presence of light (subjects) is everlasting. Meeting worldly needs is the main goal of human beings. Thought-philosophy is to think of the stomach before thinking. The question of how it is possible to meet all the worldly needs, how to provide ample food, how to make one’s future, such as money, wealth, honor, dignity, self-esteem possible, first of all appears in our eyes. That is why we have to think, search, unravel or explore. Because before that fulfilling the basic needs becomes a duty. So where basic needs become impossible to meet, these endeavors have no value. That is when the misery of the heart or the lack of thought becomes apparent. Boundary thinking makes us backward. Being the bottom in knowledge, science, philosophy, thought, consciousness, and so whatever for technology-knowledge-science, one has to pray to other countries and societies. This lack of competence is evident. Psychologically our conscious-subconscious mind falls into conventional meditation. We do not accept that we are backward in mind-thought-consciousness. We do not have that mentality. It is our reality that we are clinging to the structure of old traditional ideas. The ‘Backwardness’ among us such as poverty, individualism, blind reform, flattery, selfishness, inferiority, corrupt attitude, envy, cowardice, ignorance, gender inequality etc. can be strongly mentioned. Yet conventional traditional inequalities exist. We lack mutual respect and humbleness. The influence of our mental arrogance, ego or ego in the system of government or state management is widespread. I lose my sense of normal humanity under the weight of rank, I promote my omnipotence, I think of myself as powerful, irresistible. The person on the other side of my chair, the service seeker or the general public, we look down on, despise. This is where the misery of our psyche is observed. His own inferiority is reflected in the mirror of society. A humble society teaches mutual respect. If you do not know how to respect others, you are disrespecting yourself. But the country is run with the hard-earned money of the hardworking people. The government is dependent on the NBR’s taxes, starting from the lowest level of government to the highest office of the bureaucracy (not the republic?!) and the expenditure of the ministries as well as the overall funding budget. Without people’s taxes, it is impossible for the government to run the country and the state only with foreign loans or foreign aid grants. The government has invested income and different sources of income. The government has to rely heavily on bank loans to meet the budget deficit. This increases the pressure on the banking system. If there is a liquidity crisis in the banking system, its impact on the entire economy is undeniable. In order to increase liquidity or cash supply, the central bank has to maintain liquidity supply from reserves. If the reserve is not enough, new currency has to be printed. As a result, the money supply is good, but there is still a risk of rising inflation which ultimately has a serious impact on the macro-economy. Inflation is the decrease in the purchase price of money. If the price of a thing ten years ago is tk.100, then after ten years one has to pay more than tk.100. In other words, inflation is the decrease in the value of money over time.

As the saying goes, ants eat the molasses of profit. When the people and the government system are engrossed in corruption, the money given by the people is wasted, misused and destroyed. Extensive deprivation spread. Corruption of one class of people brings a curse on the whole level of society. Like cancer, it spreads throughout the society. Corruption is a curse for a nation’s society. This contagious disease brings extreme disaster. Due to corruption, honest, efficient, talented graduate loses the mentality to work. The system is turned upside down by the footsteps of corrupt people. Meritorious people migrate abroad. And those who enter the system have nothing to say about their hands and feet. There is nothing more to say. This country is a state of potential. Conscious youth is the main hope of this country. The dark youth sends a message of the future of that nation to the sky covered with thick black clouds. It is imperative to continue the efforts to keep the young society away from drug addiction, extremism, smoking, bigotry, backwardness and all evil forces. Communalism is destructive to a conducive democratic environment. Only the non-communal consciousness of the liberation war can build resistance against the evil force called Syed Waliullah’sLalsalu. The extinction of all these cockroaches is impossible as long as human civilization exists on earth. How can the deniers of the war of liberation accept the existence of a state called Bangladesh? Throughout the ages, all these greedy people have destroyed the environments of affection, friendship and harmony by creating violence, hatred, division and riots among humanity.

If you do not look for change, you will be left behind. If the reform of the mind does not improve, over time this backwardness will continue to run backwards at the same rate. Change is essential. Without the expansion of the mind, this worn-out stagnation will not subside. The more a person opens his eyes of knowledge, the more he will find the formula to move forward. This change is inseparable.

In general, this writing can lead to the emergence of a difficult, mysterious feeling. A little deeper immersion can bring a taste of perception.

Bio: An AIS student of Dhaka University, session 2015-16 is focusing to enrich Bengali and English literature to address the world by his presence. Inhabitant of Rangamati, Uthan’s eye is watching all around to not be exempted. His poem ‘Kothakabya’ came to light via Siren, a megazine of Satyen Bose Pathagar, DU.