Side Effect of Modernization -Asif Hossen


Change is an essential fact for the world. Today’s modern world has got the present appearance through changes. It is not at all difficult to realize the ultimate revolution of science and modernity. All of these changes are making our work easier, cheaper and less time consuming. At the same time they are creating many difficult problems. The whole world is improving with the touch of modernity. By contrast, it is becoming deleterious for us. Apparently, people’s precious time is being saved. On the other hand, some inventions are keeping us busy in worthless activities. Life-saving discoveries are turning into life killing weapons. Unprecedented discoveries are making our dreams real. Contrarily, they are also responsible for ruining many dreams. Like two different surfaces of each coin, each subject also has a different look. In behind of the huge revolution of science and modernity, the world and mankind are facing irreparable losses. Solutions for many problems along with many side effects are brought together by science. Which are getting bigger day by day.

The horse carriage has been replaced by motor vehicles. The post offices are about to be retired for using the email system. None of us need to spend the nights in the dark. The hand fan business is also on the verge of extinction during the summer season in Bangladesh. The huts are no longer seen, lofty buildings are being built there. There are arbitrary movement of the planes and helicopters at the sky. All these are antidotes for diseases. Then what are the side effects!

The world is moving at breakneck pace. Man has solved all the obstacles and problems that have arisen in the way of human civilization. However, each solution seems to give birth to something more complex. The eminent physicist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite with the aim of advancing construction by breaking mountains and unwanted structures. No matter how great the motive was behind it, now it has become one of the most widely used weapon for killing people. The history and current state of every explosive like RDX, TNT, HMX is similar to that of dynamite. They are well known for creating violence and panic in every country. Motor vehicles invented for facilitating journey but they are spreading toxic gases like carbon monoxide into the air. Smoke from power plants and factories emits particulate, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead and many other harmful substances. These are polluting the air and raising the earth’s temperature. As a result, sea level rises as polar ice caps melt and many low lying areas along the coast are sinking. The Ozone layer, considered as the shield of the earth’s atmosphere, is being damaged. Millions of hectares of agricultural land are becoming saline. At the same time, health risks are increasing at a significant rate. According to a study by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), more than 75,000 people die every year in the country due to these types of smoke.
Huge amounts of fuel are being used in power plants, industries and vehicles. A large portion of these fuels is minerals like oil, gas and coal. Many people have a misconception that the amount of minerals is infinite. In reality, there are limited volume of minerals. Which are being exhausted every day. The generation process of minerals is a very complex and time consuming matter. The mining resources, we use, took thousands of years to be produced. Through the reckless use of these essential resources, we are threatening our next generation. At the same time we are facing some irreparable damage to this beautiful planet.

Social media is widely used and is the most popular technology to present generation. These are not limited within communication. They have crossed the boundaries of communion or entertainment and are expanding the door of uncultured and propaganda. By the day, addictions are taking the form of need. Platforms like television and YouTube are also being popular for ill entertainment. Device-centric tendencies are most prevalent among young people. Their precious time is being wasted in the virtual world. Social Medias are not only making the society aware but also make us fool easily by persuading various rumors. Believes in these things often take the form of violence. In addition, excessive use of electronic devices causes various complex diseases. Controlling these uncontrolled technologies requires a concerted effort by the government and expert scientists.

Modernity is taking away from the new generation of agile childhood. It is swallowing our tradition slowly and turning people into machines. There is no playground like before. There is no player on the fields. There is no waywardness in children. Kanamachhi game is not seen at the nights of load shedding. Rural puppetry, danguli, Kutkut, kabaddi, nunta khela and many others which were in the children’s daily routine. Whose names are even unknown to our new generation? Their agility is almost defunct with the advent of modern devices and games. Technologies impair their social and emotional development. The discovery of human beings today is turning them into inhuman, into a heartless machine. By fulfilling the biological needs, we have been busy with the reputation and bank balance. The distance between relatives is gradually increasing. In the trap of busyness we are forgetting the responsibility towards our parents. Loneliness is their companions in old age. Children are valued to parents, but parents are priceless burden to their children.

The best example of distorted modernity is nuclear weapon. It is an astonishing invention but has no use to the public welfare. There is only one ability to run tremendous destruction. A small atomic bomb could shatter an entire city in an instant. Just only to keep the torch of fear and power worldwide, several countries have been creating nuclear weapons for some decades. The world is the witness of the terrible history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Along with infrastructures, the lives of millions of innocent people were lost. Although there has been no nuclear attack occurred since then, its production has not stopped. Countries like the United States and Russia have thousands of nuclear weapons. These arms are enough able to destroy many planets like Earth. They will not hesitate to use those missiles to establish their abilities in the future. Nuclear weapons are the biggest threat to human existence. World leaders must be united to ban its production and use.

One day the side effects will be turned into diseases and cause the world destroy. We don’t want scientific research and development to stop. Science should be used to free the world from the present adverse effects of science. Before acknowledging something newly discovered, it is necessary to anticipate and evaluate all possible harmful aspects of it. Harmful technology must be avoided. At the same time they must be marketed with full preparation of control. Similarly, we all need to be aware of the proper use of technology. In this way, one day the world would be free from the invisible trap of modernization.

Student of Tourism and Hospitality Management Department, Islamic University.