Civilians are the Main Victim of War -Raihan Ahmed


War is also a fact in the ongoing reality of life. But in a war, not only does a country or a state gain independence, it loses a thousand dreams, dear people and endless resources. Although we do not want a third world war, we have to keep peace with the current world order. Many of us may go to war to defend our country and justice but the general public and the country’s economic situation will suffer the most.

For the past two years, the Corona epidemic has killed people all over the world. Even this catastrophic situation is still more or less prevailing. In this catastrophic situation of Covid-19, the war between Russia and Ukraine is on the verge of a ‘blow to the head’. For more than two years now, the world and its economy have been in the throes of a global catastrophe. The Corona epidemic has affected 225 countries around the world. So far, 4.5 billion people have been infected with the virus and about 6 million people have died. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In this situation, the world has just begun to rise after overcoming this catastrophe. The instability in the world market is increasing and it is a matter of wondering how all the countries of the world are ready for war in this situation.

War- especially where ordinary people are involved in conflict – killing, which never allows them to return to the old way of life, has to take sides. War means numbers. War means the number of ugly forms of people including bombings, killings, injuries, rapes. This number cannot be ignored. Even if you don’t want to be against this number, you have to be. The next thing we count on is how horrible the war was, judging by the number of casualties. In contrast to the damage caused by the war, the post-war trade and transactions combined compare which side we are on. So those who are neutral, strongly opposed to killing bloodshed – they too, at some point, go for or against. Blaming one party in mind.

Many of us may take part in the war for the protection of the country or for justice but the general public and the economic condition of the country will suffer the most. Even a young man of Bangladeshi descent whose name is Md. Took part in the war against Russia on behalf of Ukraine. Tayyib. Habib Mohammad Tayeb is a young man of Bangladeshi descent graduating from a university in Ukraine. Before leaving for battle, he tells his father, “If I win the war, I will return home like a hero, or my body will come.” From this it is clear that the Bengali is going to war whether he is one or more.

The world is currently divided into two spheres. On the one hand, the United States, the 27 countries of the European Union, Britain; On the other hand, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba etc. Although India has maintained a neutral position, for historical reasons it will ultimately be on Russia’s side, and so will Pakistan. Other countries in Arabia and Africa, Central Asia and the Baltic states can understand the situation and clarify their position in any direction at any time. Brazil has already called Ukraine an “ass”.

With a direct war looming, Crimea and Belarus are under Russian control, so it is unlikely that NATO ground forces will be able to invade Russia.

Bangladesh’s foreign minister has said that they want a solution in the light of the UN Charter. If the issue is not resolved in the light of the UN Charter, the Bangladesh government may very slowly choose one side over time or remain silent. Whichever side the government chooses, the opposition will of course sing the praises of the opposite side.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that if World War III breaks out, it will use nuclear weapons and wreak havoc. We all know the horrors of nuclear weapons. A nuclear weapon is a type of device that uses the tremendous energy gained from a nuclear reaction to wreak havoc. This bomb was designed with the aim of maximum destruction. The extent of its destruction depends on its size, how far above the ground it is exploding, and the local environment. And even the smallest bomb can wreak havoc and damage, with far-reaching effects.
As the saying goes, kings fight king, Ulukhagra dies. Bangladesh’s position in the third world war and so on. Bangladesh is also playing the role of Ulukhagra in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

At the end of the war, the situation in each country will be terrible. There will be famines all over the world. The food crisis, the financial crisis, the whole world will see a terrible result of the war. The war will end after a while, some will win, some will lose, the corpses of the dead will be lost and the living may be able to return to their loved ones. Any mother, wife or sister will spend the day waiting. Over time, this too will become a history on paper and in pictures. But it will take ages for the world to compensate for the devastation caused by this war. Ordinary people, the elderly, women, children will be at a greater risk and their safety is not guaranteed. People will not be able to sleep in peace in their own house. Even if the war is over, its remnants will remain for a long time.

So the whole world should forget the war and find a way to compromise. Because even if we win or lose the war, many lives and resources are lost in the middle for which we are not ready. Forget the war and let peace be the motto of Saba.

The author of this article is the Founder & CEO of Iqra Digital Academy, Dhaka.