What Makes an Entity God? -Khaled Hossain Arman


Humanity’s audacity has reached such an extent that now he begins to claim himself a ‘god’, with a small letter of course. In his best-selling book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari even dedicated an afterword for human titling as ‘The Animal That Became a god.’ But is it really possible for us to become a god of our own and of the universe and nature? Or is it just the fact that the depravity comes from the misconception of God and His definition? And, what would be the consequences of Homo Deus (Latin for Human god) operating in the world?
There is an interesting joke I have been reminded of about the meeting of some biologists and God and their conversation.
God: What are you up to?
Biologists: We have gotten rid of you.
God: How did you get rid of me?
Biologists: Well, we can explain how we got here without you.
God: Okay, how are you gonna do that?
Biologists: First, we take some cosmic dust…..(he wanted to go on to say, but interrupted)
God: No, no, wait a second. Take your own dust (hahahahah: laughed uproariously).
So, this imaginative conversation between God and the evolutionary biologists provide us with the most fundamental material of creation: cosmic dust, which is doubtlessly created by God. This takes to the prime condition of creation; that is, being able to cause the origin of something. Among all the beautiful names of God, the name Al-Baari’ and Al-Khaliq may seem tantamount to us, but they are actually not similarly meaningful. The word Al-Khaliq means the creator, while the word Al-Baari’ denotes the originator; and there is obviously linguistics differences between these two terms.
To create something is what a khaliq does. But creating something out of nothing, which, in fact, means to originate, is only possible for someone who is baari’. That’s why anyone including human can be a khaliq, a creator of anything. But it’s only God who can truly cause something to pop out of nothing. And this is the criterion for an entity to be a true God; to create something out of nothing.

We humans have really performed miracles after miracles since the advent of some technologies like genetic engineering, cloning, stem-cell research andbiotechnology. We have increased life expectancy up to at least 30 years on an average; we have multiplied food production at least hundredfold; we have given the blind eyes, the deaf ears, and provided the limbless person with the limb he was missing, and the disabled with the ability he was not blessed with. Basically, these are the accomplishment that motivates the scientists and the technicians to think that they have superseded the moderate human-level intelligence and reached the god-level. However, this is nothing but the ignorance and depravity of those so-called intelligent being who, as we shall see, either exploit or manipulate what God has already created with His own power and will.

Genetic engineering made the geneticists and the engineers capable of only identifying the genes that are responsible for some certain traits of a living being. Organisms have their own genetic code alluding information about the organisms and its predecessors, and the scientists have just deciphered the code. They, then, modify the genes to play its role somewhere else. For example, in case of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), the scientists use different DNA for a particular organism. Genetic Modification (GM) is technology that involves implanting DNA into the genome of an organism. New DNA is transferred into plant cells to produce a GM plant. Thus when the scientists insert DNA that helps a plant to be resistant to insects and weeds, it yields far more crops than as usual. That’s the secret of the miracle of enhancing food production and the geneticists deserve less credit than they think they do.

Similar is the case of stem-cell technology through which the scientists in laboratory grow new organs and implant them into human body instead of the pre-existing but unworkable ones. Most recently, scientists have been successful in creating brand new rat skin using rat cells, and using the same technology, they are hopeful to create human skin too. It will, as they expect, help the doctors and the clinicians to replace the burnt skin in lieu of letting distorted skin grow on the human body. Furthermore, stem-cell research has enabled the scientists to insert organs like kidney and lungs from animals; for say, pigs and cows, into human to operate more effectively. Here, too, scientists are manipulating the already existing organ to work on somebody else’s body, and that’s why they shouldn’t be credited as much as they believe to be.
The case of cloning is of no true difference. Using cells that are collected from different animals, the scientists are only fostering the embryo that was, in turn, created using the sperms of the given animals. Lab-grown meat and vegetables are produced using the same technology where certain nutrients and anti-bacterial features either through injection or by manipulating the DNA. Remarkably, such foods are less than friendly to our health and may cause several chronic diseases. It’s for sure that the scientists didn’t really create the cells; God did.

Most importantly, biotechnology has enabled us to perform the most wondrous miracle of human history. We have multiplied the average life expectancy by almost twofold. And, this success has verily persuaded the scientists to dream of immortality. Some of them even claim that we are on the verge of immortality; the inventor Ray Kurzweil notoriously hopefully remarked that, “Anyone living up to 2050 may live forever.” Scientists have very recently identified nine different parts of our body that causes the diseases of ageing.

So, it’s evident that the scientists are not originating anything unseen or unknown before; rather they are just manipulating the pre-existing cells, genes and organs either to make them operate differently at a different abode, and it’s only because of the fact that the laws of nature allow them to play the role of cells, genes, and organs in a different body, but a similar environment. Hence, the scientists and the technologists did nothing but proved them ignorant and audacious by claiming to reach god-level of intelligence. It’s possible for a human neither to originate the fundamentals of life nor to avert death.
Now, what could be the consequences of numerous Homo Deuss (plural for Deus) operating on earth at the same time? Catastrophic, of course;Not only for the humans but for the universe and nature as well! If there were more than one God driving our universe, it would come to be seized and fall without any doubt and within the shortest time we could even imagine. The same could be doubtlessly analogized in respect of the world operated by a number of Homo Deuss. With too many Homo Deuss, there would be too many ideas and thoughts to implement and too many ways and paths to adopt.

There are a number of countries right now practicing the aforementioned sciences and the technology, and researching on how to achieve the aims within the soonest time possible. This include the US, China, Japan, the UK, Germany, Israel and some other countries, and almost all of which are potentially nuclear power. These countries have their own scientists and fundraisers to research on the sphere and sometimes, they are seen to co-operate in a certain research. But what they don’t have is a universally recognized blueprint; to create which every country will run the race. For example, if, in future, genetic engineering enables us create designer babies, which country will lead the convention of designing the blueprint? There must be an outline since people won’t be allowed to design the embryo in any way they want. So, will it be the US that would reign the convention or is it China who has a similar interest of dominating in the world politics? Will the blueprint be made according to the will of Japan or is it the US who will design it according to how it wishes? Unless and until we can politically solve the dilemma, we would be at stake of an unnecessary warlike-tension.
In effect, any attempt to try to play God may eventually turn out to be catastrophic for humans.