Need to Protect Our Environment from Toxicity -Zannatul Mouwa Naz


Animals, birds, insects and people are all animals. The existence of the animal kingdom on earth depends on the environment and must survive on the environment. Today this dependence depends on human humanity, how healthy today’s environment will be tomorrow and how livable it will be for the present. The human race can pollute the environment! Knowingly or unknowingly, we are poisoning our environment.
Today, it is very important for human beings to be flexible in their relationship with the environment because the environment is the bearer and carrier of plants and animals. With the advancement of technology and the evolution of human civilization, human humanity has reached a stage where the existence of animals is being destroyed by disturbing the balance of the environment. Many animals have become extinct due to the dangerously polluted environment. Therefore, if the environment is disrupted, all animals, including humans, will be severely damaged. Preserving a healthy environment is essential for a healthy future of the world. And we have to do that.

Environmental pollution has started since the beginning of human aggression against nature. Pollution is any substance in the environment that harms natural resources, the ecosystem and human health. Multiple causes of constant environmental pollution are standing in front of us. Ecologically, most of the pollution is man-made, many times more than it is naturally affected. Currently, industrial units are a major source of environmental pollution; This is because rapid industrial expansion is creating significant pressure on the environment. People are cutting down forests and producing crops, building houses. This is upsetting the balance of the natural environment. As a result of the industrial revolution, innumerable factories are being created. All this waste is polluting the environment. Land is being damaged by using chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. for crop production. Toxic gas is being made from the black smoke of vehicles. In this way we are poisoning our environment.

Unplanned industrialization is being created freely in the name of industrial revolution. It is necessary to stop these industrializations and establish environment-friendly industrialization. If we are not aware, the future of the earth will be uninhabitable as a result of terrible air pollution and will be a threat to all living things, including humans.
The number of people is increasing day by day. Water, soil and air are under pressure as population growth has taken a terrible turn. Toxic chemicals are being produced from the process of producing energy for human consumption. The radioactivity of atomic and nuclear bombs has caused great damage to the environment. Not only that, the world’s most powerful nations are carrying out nuclear tests to make themselves more powerful. As a result, the environment has been polluted and the existence of the human race has been threatened.

As a result of environmental pollution, the lives of people and other animals are falling into extreme crisis today. The sun’s harmful radioactive rays are directly attacking the earth, damaging the ozone layer in the atmosphere as the balance of the atmosphere is disturbed. As a result, human life is being affected by a deadly disease. Droughts, droughts, floods, cyclones, tidal surges, snowstorms and landslides are making human life in crisis all over the world. The class of pollution can be determined from these three aspects of air, water and noise. Air pollution is when there are too many substances in the air that are harmful to the existence of organisms. The main sources of air pollution are smoke, dust, sand, pesticides, radioactive substances, etc. When oil is burned, sulfur-di-oxide from the smoke, benzopyrene from vehicle smoke, etc. cause asthma and lung diseases. Insecticides upset the balance of hormones. Molecular and atomic radioactive substances can cause cancer. The effects of radiation can also cause organ deformities.

Forest resources have been used to meet the various needs of the people. Forest after forest is being destroyed freely for arable land, furniture making and fuel. As a result of the decline of trees, all the animals, including the human race, are being directly affected. Due to the lack of forest, various species of forest animals, birds and insects are becoming extinct. As a result, the fauna and the environment are becoming unbalanced. Environmental catastrophes are occurring as the important elements that are essential for maintaining the balance of the environment are gradually declining day by day.
Trees are the most important material to keep the environment healthy or pollution free. Only with human-animal awareness and over-planting and conservation of forest resources can the level of excess air pollution be kept at a tolerable level. It is very important to take necessary steps to sustain the animals that play an important role in maintaining the balance of the environment. Many animals have become extinct as a result of environmental pollution for various reasons. Every year, the average death rate due to diseases caused by environmental pollution is 16 percent in the world and in Bangladesh alone the death rate is 26 percent. So, we all need to think seriously about the need for a healthy environment.
A happy and beautiful life requires food, clothing, shelter as well as a pollution-free environment. Considering the dire consequences of environmental pollution, environmental scientists are continuing their efforts to keep the environment free from pollution. The world has begun to think about the initiatives needed to maintain the natural balance. Environmental pollution must be prevented through the application of various methods. In case of air pollution, measures should be taken to control the pests by adopting biological control methods, purification of chemicals, filtration of smoke, maintaining distance between settlements and industrial areas. Chemicals and dirt treatment are needed to prevent water pollution. Noise control should be done to prevent noise pollution. Extensive afforestation is helpful in preventing environmental pollution, so afforestation must be increased by preventing deforestation. Awareness has been created around the world to protect against environmental pollution and initiatives have been taken to implement various methods. Anti-pollution laws have been introduced in different countries. Awareness is being created internationally by celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June every year. We need to raise awareness about the environment in our country and, if necessary, introduce laws in practice.

The programs of the Department of Environment of the country must be greatly expanded. If the people of the country try to keep the environment beautiful for their own benefit keeping in mind the harmful effects of pollution, then the country as well as the world will get proper welfare.
If we ourselves are not aware of the prevention of air or environmental pollution, then the level of environmental pollution will reach such a level that it will be difficult for human beings to survive in a healthy way. Therefore, in the current context, protecting the environment and conserving animals is the moral responsibility of everyone. I-you or many of us are polluting the environment by throwing rubbish or waste in the streets, destroying forests unnecessarily, never mind how much we are harming ourselves; I am seriously damaging the environment due to lack of awareness and consideration. The human race means that we live as part of the environment by directly enjoying the benefits of the environment, so we have to take responsibility for protecting the environment in our own interest.

Zannatul Mouwa Naz, Associate Editor, the Environment Review.