Islamization of Education Religion and Morality [ Part : 2] Hamidur Rashid Jamil


Today, even though people are educated, they are not developing morality. Because, at present the education system is arranged in such a way that they are being educated but not being moral. As a result of the curriculum of the education system being arranged in imitation of the West, those who are being educated are also embracing the Western culture. But the vehicle of western culture is filth, sexuality and misogyny. They have turned women into objects and products of consumption. As a result of marketing women in the name of education, they are raising the smoke of feminism everywhere. So in a word, they have taken up the project of making kamala in the name of government bureaucrats. For this reason, even though they are Muslims in blood and flesh, they are unknowingly promoting western civilization and culture. I have already spoken of the foundations of Western civilization. Therefore, our target is to educate the nation as well as to turn it into a moral person. Now the question is, is it possible to give moral education through Islamic education system? Today we will discuss about this.
In this civilized place, women, children, old women and even men are being raped every minute. Australia has the second-highest rape rate in the world at 91.92% (World Population Review), according to Statista International. 75 Also all the tools of the black economy like- drugs, smuggling, arms, illicit money trade especially the countries which are at the top in the porn industry, almost all of them are showing us the way to become adorable through this advanced economy and technology.

What is the nature of the standard education policy?

The word education originates from the Sanskrit word shas dhatu. It means to govern, to control, to give instructions, to give advice, and so on. In the etymological sense, ‘education’ refers to mastering a particular knowledge or technique.

In the words of Socrates, “Education is the destruction of falsehood and the discovery of truth.”
Plato said, “Everything necessary for the full development and progress of the body and soul is included in the purpose of education.”
According to Aristotle, “the real purpose of education is to attain happiness through the sacred activities permitted by religious discipline.”

Imam Ragheb Ispahani says, “To better understand the underlying entity of an object.”
There are two stages of understanding; firstly to feel the underlying essence of a subject, secondly, the decision about the existence or non-existence of a thing with the help of another thing.

That is to say, the standard education policy indicates the system which will bring about the desired and balanced development of human body and soul. And in order to have a balanced development of this soul and body, it is necessary to have an ideal whose full form and direction is compatible and elevated with human life. Here it is necessary to define an education for a nation where people of different ethnic groups will be united by a ‘common set of culture value’ while maintaining their own customs and traditions. Therefore, the real purpose of ideal education is to create national consciousness and national opinion by creating individual consciousness and right personality. And for this purpose to be trained through a curriculum that enables the next generation to stand on a common culture and ideological foundation and move the nation forward in a united manner. Albert Caesar’s words can be heard as an ideal education policy. In this case, he suggested that progress in education is important in three areas: advancement of knowledge and technology, advancement of human socialization and spiritual advancement. There can be no liberation or improvement of man without spiritual liberation. Proponents of secular education today see this consequence of Western society as opposed to liberal education.

So, it is time to unravel the root cause of our education system. The current education policy of Bangladesh is a continuation of the education policy of the British period. The British formulated a modern secular education policy to maintain their rule over the colonial territories.

In 1838, Gladstone, the British Prime Minister, held a Holy Quran in his hand and held it up in the House of Commons, making it clear that “this is the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an.” The British have now occupied many Muslim countries. If the British are to maintain their dominance over these countries without hindrance, they must be kept away from the teachings of the Qur’an. In its aftermath, the British wanted to create the Indian subcontinent as “Indian in race but English in mind”. The English educator Lord McLean, when formulating education policy in 1839, said: “We must present our best to form a class, who may be interpreters between us and millions whom we govern, a class of persons- Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinion, in moral and in intellect”.

That is to say, ‘at present our greatest effort will be to create a group that can act as ambassadors between us and our millions of subjects. They will be Indian in blood and color. But English will be in the mood, in the opinion, in the morals and in the intellect.

No education policy adopted by Pakistan or Bangladesh since the education policy formulated by Lord McLean could bring about any fundamental ideological change which indicates the ‘common set of culture value’ that religious discipline has allowed for different ethnic groups in Bangladesh. And so, till today no education policy formulated in Bangladesh has been able to pass the ideological meaning.

What should be the goal of education?

The goal of an ideal education policy should be to develop the spiritual and physical qualities of the people. Man is neither soulless nor bodyless. If human beings are considered to be carnal beings, there will be no provision for the development of the soul in the education system. The soul is the basis of morality. This body will behave like an animal if it does not make arrangements to improve the soul. The human body is always busy to fulfill all the material demands of the body. When his stomach is empty, he is busy eating. People have no stomach ache about whether he stole the food or earned it by hard work because he needs food. Even if he brings food unjustly, he continues to eat safely. But then the spirit began to say that the work was wrong. Pets do not hesitate to tear the rope and eat the garden arranged by their own kind master. If the bond of morality can be broken, then the human body also becomes an animal. Human freedom is also controlled only by the ropes of morality. And up to the limit of this rope he is able to move freely.

Those who think of human beings as an inanimate substance without soul focus on the material needs of human beings while creating education system. On the other hand, those who consider man to be self-sufficient, or to introduce them only for the purpose of spiritual advancement without paying attention to his biological needs, are also not capable of imparting real education useful to man.

Therefore, the education which enables the soul and body of man to reach a beautiful harmonious outcome and enables him to enjoy the beauty of this world within the limits of morality, is the real education of man. Education that inspires the application of natural forces to the betterment of humanity and the development of morality is education that is useful to man. And the education that hinders the advancement of humanity and the soul, in spite of the extreme advancement of knowledge and science, is in fact a human-destroying education; it cannot be called useful education at all.

As the poet Milton put it, “Education is the harmonious development of body, mind and soul.”

Thus, the formation of moral character; Building a happy and prosperous nation; Combining moral power with material knowledge, preventing possible actions that could lead to society becoming corrupt and unhappy; The purpose of education is to establish the predominance of ethics and values ??in all branches of science and literature.

In order to build a prosperous and ideological nation, there is no alternative but to make the students moral and humane by adapting to their skills and age. Although some excellent materials and efforts have been noticed in the proposed curriculum 2020, there has been considerable reluctance towards religious and moral education. It is important to formulate the proposed education system on the basis of ‘moral values’ instead of just giving moral and religious education in name only. In this way the nation can become competent and efficient with morality. Because morality points the way to the right use of one’s acquired qualifications and skills. If there is a lack of morality, it is very unlikely that the students will be used for nation building in the spirit of social justice and liberation war. Basically, people are more affected by bad mood. Only strong moral values can keep people from doing bad things. In this case, religious education may be the only basis of moral education.Only then can the nation get an ideal curriculum.