Disbelief is Another Name for E-Commerce Fariya Yesmin

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As fast as the proliferation of e-commerce has been, this issue has been criticized by all. Given the current context, many people are now entering the world of e-commerce to keep pace with the changing economy. As reliance on e-commerce has increased, so has distrust. Everything has the opposite side. Basically, e-commerce system has various complications which result in fraud. The whole e-commerce management failure if the buyer is once cheated by a site. Consumers’ distrust of e-commerce has become so strong that they are reluctant to trust the company. The success story of e-commerce is as much a history of failure as it is a failure. Keeping pace with the times does not mean cheating people. The consequences of deceiving someone is never positive. Observing some recent events will help you understand the reality of e-commerce.

An online company called Evaly soon became known to everyone. However, the business has been widely discussed and criticized recently due to fraud and money laundering irregularities. One of the reasons why Evaly has gained so much popularity in such a short period of time is that many people have been deceived by its lucrative offers.

There are many problems in the e-commerce sector due to which people fall prey to such scams. The type of product that is shown online is often not offered to buyers. Many low quality products are offered. But there are many good product shows to sell, which makes buyers feel a kind of skepticism. And this suspicion has solidified the foundation of disbelief. When a pre-order is taken, those pages cannot be found out again after payment. Such online pages are primarily designed to deceive.

Not only this, the e-commerce sector has also come under a lot of criticism. It is not uncommon for consumers to be deceived into buying a product. It is also a matter of the seller providing substandard goods, giving goods at a rate that does not amount to money, not delivering goods for a very low price, not accepting or returning the product. E-commerce companies have also been accused of behaving like many banks. There have also been allegations that many buyers have been deceived into buying the product. At a time when it has become difficult to believe something with one’s own eyes, it is natural for people to have doubts about online shopping. There are some misconceptions about e-commerce that are causing suspicion. By not giving the correct details about the product, the buyers order without knowing the correct information about the product and they are deceived only when they see that the product is of low quality or its demand is not cheap.

The potential for e-commerce in Bangladesh is diminishing due to this fraud. It is not credible to say that e-commerce will not be deceived. Where it is thought that e-commerce will play an important role in the country’s economy, such deception is destroying that notion.

One of the reasons we all depend on e-commerce is that we can get any product at home in a short period of time, but there is a possibility of being deceived if we buy the product carelessly. Because not all e-commerce sites in the country are trustworthy. There are many product trading sites that are designed to be fraudulent, with no signs of honest business, including some unscrupulous merchants who have spent a lot of money building websites and advertising on Facebook with exorbitant discounts on a variety of products. So much discount is given when the product dies that most buyers order the product in this tempting offer and after depositing the money they no longer get the product because they literally have no product of their own or in stock even if they have no office or permanent address. The main purpose of such unscrupulous traders is to take money from you in the name of selling goods, it is not their responsibility to deliver the goods.

Since e-commerce is a technology dependent business, it is important to have good quality knowledge about technology and educational qualifications. Many of those who are involved in this business just for income may not have a deep knowledge about e-commerce business. As a result, they can’t make the business credible.

With e-commerce business, both buyers and sellers have the opportunity to be deceived. Not only buyers but also new entrepreneurs have to pay the price. Seeing the success of e-commerce business in Bangladesh, many people are expressing interest in doing this business. As the Corona situation continues, many have expressed interest in becoming entrepreneurs and are joining the e-commerce business without hesitation. E-commerce websites or organizations are growing day by day. Those who join these organizations to become entrepreneurs are basically not getting any profit at the end of the day as there are many sites in it for cheating and by joining those sites they are not able to sell products but are facing criticism.

If e-commerce is to be considered as one of the most promising sectors in Bangladesh, then the government needs to formulate policies very soon to stop fraudulent businesses. n

Writer is a student of Institute of Education and Research, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Email: farihayesmin72@gmail.com