Ensuring food facility is a crying need


It has surely known that corona (covid-19) epidemic situation is running all over the world since December 2019 even now increasing day by day. Though starting of this year, its spreading power reduced for few months. But now-a-days, the whole world even Bangladesh can’t get rid of entirely from this hazardous situation. We have seen one after one lockdown makes the lives of mass people so difficult and falls their lives into uncertainty during this situation. We know that a huge part of our population is poor. Report says 21.8% of people live under the poverty line. They maintain their livelihood from hand to mouth. But During this lockdown days the poor people can’t do their daily activities. Although they are earning very little but it is not proper enough to maintain their family and other’s need. Therefore, they are frequently breaking the rules and conditions of government. They have become helpless in search of food as well as health care. They are saying, “we have no food at our home. How can we live if we remain home?”. At present Poor people are so needy than previous. They deserve food facilities. That’s why The government should take some steps and adapt to ensure food facilities. Firstly, making a fund for the suffering people. Then make food arrangements to reach the poor families through the officers and employees who are engaged in the service sector. In this case, the government’s surveillance is must needed. On the other hand, Rich people should cooperate to help the poor people around them as well. Besides, free health care should be provided. After all, every class of people should come forward to each other as their ability. This is the expectation that the world will quickly recover from corona epidemic situation. Let the world be busy again.

Md Shahin hossain
Student, Jagannath University