Israel’s Fiercest Hostilities Shocks the Entire World -Ahmad Bhuiyan


Imagine a city smoked in fire, turbulent of wild attacks, destructed by onslaught, devastated by relentless aerial bombardment and bereaved by the sad demise of its residents. During the past few days, we all have witnessed the footages of Israeli forces evicting Palestinians, mercilessly shooting women & children. We have also seen them storm Islam’s third holiest site, Al Aqsa, The first Qibla of Muslims, the place from where Prophet Muhammad (SM) went to ‘Miraj’ and the place where prophet Abraham & Moses (pbut) are lying down in near about.
Each Ramadan, Israel’s persecution on Palestinians intensifies. This year is not different. They barricaded the Damascus Gate and began to evict Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah through a controversial verdict. Tensions escalated when they stormed holiest Al- Alqsa mosque. Though East Jerusalem was the centre of recent violence, it was later fueled up vehemently in Gaza strip.

The increasing brutality perpetrated by Israel has turned Gaza completely into a mortuary. Disregarding human rights, it’s launching heaviest offensive one after another & committing serious war crimes. Food & water supplies are running out there. Another worst humanitarian crisis looms large over Palestine’s enclave since the violence entered its second week.
Death toll has climbed to 215 including 61 Children more than 1500 wounded till the May 17 report. As it continues to pound Gaza, many clinics, hospitals, commercial & residential buildings were destroyed to the ground. The list includes Red Crescent office & Al Jazeera office too. A mother named Imaan in Gaza said ;”Tonight, I put the kids to sleep together in our bedroom so that when we die, we die together and no one would live to mourn the loss of another ”

The aggression has drawn mounting protests across the world. To call out against Israel’s ethnic cleansing, tens of thousands of people from nearly 100 cities across the world took to the streets along with Palestine’s flag & traditional Keffiyehs. London, Cape Town, Newyork, Washington DC, Istanbul, Beirut, Amman, Islamabad & Dhaka are among others. Prominent athletes & elite football clubs have also stood in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

Israel’s domestic politics are also working behind the violence. Although the recent incident began with the eviction of several Palestinian families, the reason is political. Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing corruption charges, for which He should be imprisoned. His party did worse than expected in opinion polls, which edged them gaining just one third of the support. Palestinians are targeted whenever an Israeli leader becomes politically unstable. This is the way to stay politically relevant. At the same time, intense religious fundamentalism has spread among Israeli citizens. Even under their pressure, the Zionist leaders have to show aggressive behavior. Netanyahu has therefore taken the old strategy of killing Palestinians to make up for the loss of popularity and to present himself as the savior of the Jews.
All major Muslim countries made just some sort of a statement condemning Israel’s attacks whereas Turkey’s President & Pakistan’s Imran khan are exception who pledged to do everything possible to combat Israeli terrorism.

UAE continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollar in Israel under the ‘Normalisation deal’ held in white house last year. This deal authorized UAE to ease the occupation & violations occurring Against Palestine? Egypt is home to Arab league’s headquarters & its army fought all of four Arab-Israel wars to defend & liberate Palestine.
But today, Israel is now more convenient than ever before because of Egypt. The dictatorship of General Sisi is not only suppressing the Egyptians, but also implementing the Israeli blockade on Palestine by closing the Gaza border. An Israeli blockade on three sides would not have succeeded if Egypt had kept the Gaza border open. Egypt’s behavior against the Palestinians is certainly hostile. As well known as the Arab friendship and hospitality, so is the actual character of many of them. One Arab country after another has betrayed the Arab people by developing diplomatic and military relations with Israel, stabbing the Palestinians in the back and increasing disunity.

Same goes for Saudi Arabia & their neighbors. Statement & tweets, they took no real action. It’s not only Arabs’ inaction. It stretches to majority of Muslim Nations around the Globe. Not only 1.8 billion Muslim people are responsible but also their governments who have not reflected the support & affinity of their populations towards Palestinians. Yet it is only Palestinian men, women & children who are oppressed & left alone.
The list of traitors also includes Mahmoud Abbas, the incumbent president of the Palestinian government. He is very controversial among Palestinians as he works on behalf of the Israelis to disrupt the Palestinian protests. Mahmud Abbas lost to Hamas in the 2006 election but did not relinquish his power because his governance means ‘All in All’ for Israel. If Hamas had been in power for so long, many things would have favored Palestinians. It’s been so many years of his reign, but he failed to reunite Fatah with Hamas because, he’s just compromising with Israel.
Although he rules the West Bank, it has no separate border. Entire West Bank is under Israel’s control. It requires permission of the Israeli police to move from one place to another in the West Bank. They have no freedom of life; Any kind of reunion, wedding, even to host the guests they need Israel’s permission.

Hamas-controlled Gaza, on the other hand, is completely besieged, but they are relatively independent and more vocal. According to 2012 UN report, the densely populated Gaza will lose its habitation in 2020. In fact, that’s the situation now. 84 percent of Palestinians need humanitarian assistance, 98 percent of groundwater is unhygienic to drink. According to a World Bank estimate, the combined effect of Israeli occupation in 2014 stood at 9.48 billion which is 74 percent of that year’s GDP. It is important to mention that international aid that comes to Gaza has to come through Israel.
If we’re talking about western media, majority of them have arguably whitewashed Israel’s atrocities by describing the words ‘clashes, bouts, tensions, nights of chaoses. Posts and groups related to Palestine & Al-aqsa were deleted by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Many had problems with their ID.
It’s not only media, its western government as well. Top of the list is US which provides Israel billions of arms & aid and immunity from any international pressure. Recently, Biden administration has signed a armed agreement of $ 735 dollars with Israel at the moment when Israel is illegally killing thousands of innocent Palestinians. The Biden administration is no different than Trump’s preserving Washington-Israel special tie.

While we strongly condemn Israeli heinous attack innocent Palestinians, Joe Biden says “Israel has a right to defend itself”. Same goes for countries like Canada, the UK & Australia are always outspoken to advocate human rights & democracy across the world. But when it comes to Palestine & Muslim countries, their silence is deafening. What a double standard!!
Ninety percent of the Jews living in Israel are not ethnically descendants of original Israelites or of Ishac, the son of Abraham. Rather, their blood is the blood of the medieval Eastern European Khazari. Former Tel Aviv University professor Slomo Sand’s best-selling books ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ and ‘The Invention of the Land of Israel’ have washed out the Zionists’ demands.
“Slomo Sand claims that the blood of the descendants of the original Israel is flowing among today’s Palestinians, and that the Palestinians are the original Jews who converted to Islam. And Jesus was a young Palestinian man. The irony of history is that the descendants of the original Jews continue to kill today’s Palestinians in the name of Israel Judaism.”

The Jews had wanted to establish a separate state for themselves since 1897. After the British occupied Jerusalem in November 1917, they decided to establish a separate state for the Jews on Palestinian soil. In a letter to the Jewish leader Baron Rothschild, the then British Foreign Secretary James Belfort informed the decision, what is known as ‘Belfort Declaration’.
A new reality was created after the massacre of millions of Jews by Hitler during World War II. In favor of the Jews who survived, then-US President Harry Truman spoke out strongly.
In November 1948, the United Nations decided to create two states separately for Jews and Arabs in the Palestinian territories. Although the Jews owned only 10 percent of the land, they were given 50 percent, depriving Arabs of their own lands. Naturally, the Arabs did not accept this decision. The UN resolution called Jerusalem to remain under international control. But since the Jews didn’t accept it, war between the two sides became inevitable.

Britain left Palestine on May 14, 1948. On the same day, the then Jewish leaders declared a Jewish state. Within an hour of the birth of Israel state, five Arab countries simultaneously invaded Israel. At one point of the battle, Israeli forces began to retreat as they run out of weapons. On the other hand, the Arab forces could have conquered Tel Aviv only if they had advanced some distance. But suddenly the UN declared a ceasefire, may be to halt Arab’s victory.
By this time, a huge shipment of modern weapons came to Israel from Czechoslovakia. Despite the end of the ceasefire, Israeli forces attacked the Arabs anew. The Jews occupied one important place after another. Their full control was established over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The greatest advantage of the Jews was their prudent leadership. In contrast, the Arabs had no coordination. Lack of mutual trust between them led to their defeat in the 1948 war and the birth of the state of Israel. Since then, Israel has rapidly made progress in military, technology, economy & international lobbing. Thus they emerged as a superpower.
It’s high time to send a UN peacekeeping force to Palestine to end the violence . As part of the long-term plan, the OIC and the Arab League need to be active, as well as neighboring Egypt and Jordan should come forward, obviously taking lessons from their past defeats. The UAE, KSA & Bahrain have a responsibility to cut off all diplomatic, trade and military ties with Israel. Alongside, Palestine and its allies need to surpass Israel in unity, technology and military strength. Truth can never be suppressed. This land would be the infallible truth of Palestine and civilization.
The writer is an independent analyst in national & international affairs.