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A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign (“#”). It is a form of metadata tag. Words in messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram may be tagged by putting “#” before them, either as they appear in a sentence, (e.g., “New artists announced for #SXSW2014MusicFestival”) or appended to it.

Visual inspection
Visual inspection is a common method of quality control, data acquisition, and data analysis. Visual Inspection, used in maintenance of facilities, mean inspection of equipment and structures using either or all of raw human senses such as vision, hearing, touch and smell and/or any non-specialized inspection equipment. Inspections requiring Ultrasonic, X-Ray equipment, Infra-red, etc. are not typically regarded as Visual Inspection as these Inspection methodologies require specialized equipment, training and certification.

Munged password
In computing, the term munge means to attempt to create a strong, secure password through character substitution.[citation needed] “Munge” is sometimes backronymmed as Modify Until Not Guessed Easily. The usage differs significantly from Mung (Mash Until No Good), because munging implies destruction of data, while mungeing implies creation of strong protection for data.

A misbug in computer programming is an unintended property of a program which should have been classified as a bug, but which turns out to be a useful feature. This term is not very widely used.

White box (computer hardware)
In computer hardware, a white box is a personal computer or server without a well-known brand name. For instance, the term is applied to systems assembled by small system integrators and to homebuilt computer systems assembled by end users from parts purchased separately at retail. In this latter sense, building a white box system is part of the DIY movement. The term is also applied to high volume production of unbranded PCs that began in the mid-1980s with 8MHz “Turbo XT” systems selling for just under $1000.

Data degradation
Data degradation, also known as data decay or data rot, is a colloquial computing phrase for the gradual decay of storage media.[citation needed] It should not be confused with “bit rot”, defined in the Jargon File as a jocular explanation for the degradation of a software program over time even if “nothing has changed”. n

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