Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-Imran


Torture on the opposition party has been observed as a regular incident in Bangladesh since Independence which is being conducted mostly by the Student ally of the government party because of being assured of not facing any trial for the torture caused by the activists of respective student ally. Students of the public universities in Bangladesh, living in university dormitory, have been facing several forms of torture by the so called senior brothers of the same hall due to not maintaining the prescribed manners by those seniors or being suspected as a supporter of activist of opposition party’s student ally.
Since 2009, thousands of public university students have been tortured by the activists of Awami league’s Student ally Bangladesh Chatra League (BCL) in public universities that resulted to the killing of a huge number of students. Despite being reported in several daily newspapers, covering the horrific scenes of maximum of the incidents, providing strong evidence, no victim got justice against the attack. The culture of not conducting proper judgement led to the murder of Abrar Fahad.

Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranFahad’s murder: Abrar Fahad, a second year student of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) was brutally murdered resulted from the horrific beating for seven hours by the activists of BCL in Shere-Bangla-Hall. After exposing Abrar’s murder, Public Universities’ student around Bangladesh Have come to the street seeking the Judgement of this murder. Involvement of 22 students of BUET of different batches has been proved primarily from CCTV footage, secret messenger group and statement of the captive students. Abrar was mainly murdered based on suspicion of the involvement in Bangladesh Islami Chatra Shibir (BICS) according to the statement of a captive. Though the main reason behind his killing has not been exposed yet, it is not important for the judgement of the case at all, major part of the country considers his status posted in previous day of his murder, criticizing the recent accord between Bangladesh and India as the main stimulating factor behind the horrific incident.
Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranIn 5th October’s status Abrar challenged the rationality of the three of the six points accord and three projects recently conducted between India and Bangladesh in October first week. The first point of his criticism was about allowing India to use Mongla sea port for maintaining transition of products from and to India as India didn’t allow Pakistani government after partition of Indian Subcontinent to use Kolkata sea fort just for six months. The second point was about drawing 1.82 cusecs (cubic seconds) of water from Bangladesh’s Feni river for use by India in Tripura statethough the two states of India Tamil Nadu and Karnataka had evolved a serious conflict in terms of sharing of the water of Kavery river. The third point was about exporting Gas to India as Bangladesh itself is going through the scarcity of natural Gas.
Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranAfter posting the status challenging this three agreement, he was called upon by his senior brothers in 6th October the day he was returned from home after Puja vacation at 8pm to 2011 no room of Sher-e-Bangla hall. Abrar was severely beaten, in suspicion of being involved in BICS’ politics for six hours by 22 BCL activists in two steps that was concluded by his death at 2:30pm. Despite Abrar’s argue not to kill him and to bring him to hospitals, the murderers beat him by cricket stump and iron’s rod till the confirmation of his death as maximum of the attacker was drugged at the time. However, despite being assured about main culprits, the Director of Student Welfare (DSW) of BUET and the provost of Sher-a-Bangla hall didn’t take actual measure against them due to the weakening power.

Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranHorrific scenario of Public University’s campus in BD:
Abrar murder is not the first incident occurred in Bangladesh’s public university campuses but is the aftermath of not facing any judgement over the torture of innocent students. According to law,no student doesn’t have any right to check the Facebook account, beat even ask about the ideology of another student. Despite this, University students around Bangladesh are being tortured by government party’s student ally for years. The student is suspected as a supporter or activist of the party opposition party to BCL mainly BICS and Bangladesh Chatra Dal is primary asked and severely beaten and tortured by Iron stick, cricket stump, slapping, belt, burning by cigarettes to tell about the other members of the organization he has been suspected of and then handed over to the police that throw the suspected life to a great unsteadiness. This has become a regular scenario in Public University campus of Bangladesh resulting from not bringing any attacker under judgement.
During the decades of Bangladesh Awami League’s power from 2009-2014, more than 125 people have been killed by BCL, more than three thousands were severely in injured, hundreds of Institutions were closed down resulting from the ongoing conflict of BCL activist where most of the conflicts were happened between two rival groups of the same organization. Killing of Bishwajit and Abu Bakar were the discussed incidents of murder in BD where no culprits we persecuted despite having the clear strong evidence against the culprits. The continuation of this unjust culture is lead to the Murder of Abrar Fahad.

Recent Agreement between Bangladesh and IndiaBangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and Indian PM Norendra Modi signed into the following agreements projects.
〉 Providing a Coastal Surveillance System.
〉 The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on the use of Chattogram and Mongla ports for movement of goods to and from India.
〉 Withdrawal of 1.82 cusec water from the Feni River by India for drinking a water supply scheme in Sabroom town, Tripura.
〉 Agreement on implementation of the lines of credit (LOC) committed by India to Bangladesh.
〉 MoU between the University of Hyderabad and the University of Dhaka.
〉 Cooperation in youth affairs and renewal of a cultural exchange program.

The three projects signed by two PMs are
〉 Import of bulk LPG from Bangladesh.
〉 Vivekananda Bhaban (student hostel) at Ramakrishna Mission in Dhaka and Bangladesh-India.
〉 Professional Skill Development Institute in Bangladesh.

Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranRationality of these agreement:Bridging trade gap and win-win factors or equal distribution are the prerequisites of any agreement between two countries. Based on these conditions, let’s examine the rationality of the agreements and projects.
India export 6 billion US dollar products in Bangladesh where Bangladesh has crossed just 1 billion$ in 2018 that is one sixth of Indian products. Despite having adequate products Bangladesh can’t import due to excessive taxes, strict procedures and banning on particular products where India is getting all benefits regarding exporting of their products.
India has got the permission of setting rudder on Bay of Bengal for purpose surveillance of Chinese ships that harshly impact of Bangladesh economy as china is greatest investor in Bangladesh’s development. Before getting the permission of withdrawing water from Feni River, India has been drawing lot amount of water from the river through setting the pipe lines having capacity of withdrawing 2 cusec water in more 36 points of the river. That deteriorated the flow of water from 120 cusec water to 50 that is more than half of the total flow pf the river. Without any confirmation of withdrawing pipeline from the river, Sheikh Hasina further allowed India to draw water from the river. Bangladesh Government also permitted India through the agreement to use Chittagong and Mongla port despite India’s strict restrictions in exporting goods that also added security concern. Fifth and sixth points of agreement have not been clarified yet. The price of LPG gas per bottle has not been exposed yet that will be exported to Tripura, India that made a confusion over the benefit Bangladesh will get from.
Abrar Murder the consequence of unjust culture By Abdullah-Al-ImranNotwithstanding, Bangladesh has a bitter experience in terms of keeping relation with India. In most of the visits of the PM of both countries, Bangladesh could not gait any notable benefit through all the agreements signed by both countries. Whereas, India has gained all of its required interest from Bangladesh exchanging a little amount of thing. No government of Bangladesh could resolve Tista water distribution problem and could take back the right of Bangladesh on Tista River from Indian government. Despite failing in Tista agreement and facing all forms trade restrictions and inequalities from Indian side, Bangladesh has been fulfilling all the claims proposed by India. Such relentless and uneven agreements has abated the chance of resolving the problems, Bangladesh facing from Indian counterpart, and has collapsed our sovereignty.
A strong foreign policy and valiant are required to suppress such junctional disaster that has been weakening the livings of the peripheral citizens and harshly effect the whole country. So this is the duty of all citizens to make the governmentoblige pick off all unilateral agreements till assuring all of our rights those have been gone through a great flutter.