Is Rohingya repatriation process ever possible?


To preserve your culture, show that people are fascinated to fake things firstly. Show every nation has some its own culture. Show how your culture is rich. Curb spreading ill things. Show your originality. Show harmony. Create ideal movies with wit, humor and give a message through it. Write creative books with own culture. Show how what to take and what not take from other cultures. Showing tools are tv channels, newspapers and local administration. Ill business competition has to be curbed. Make people disciplined. Politicization has to have a limit. Counsel people more and more through multiple ways. Only materialistic thinking can backfire. If media is too negative, then it can be guided, suggested obviously, since the country is ours. If politicians are doing good, they should be appreciated systematically. If they are doing wrong, constructive criticism can help. Breaking news of an ill happening has to be messaged in a soft way. Instruct administration to arrange some competitions of your culture. Stop thinking centering center. Center is completely different from periphery. Melodious singers can work out. University students can tour to outside center. Ideals have to be awarded.

Local touring has to be sponsored. Identify to whom you want to give the message. And use their culture to instill it. Suppose you want to give a message to English medium, use English language but information is of your culture.

Upoma Islam
Dhaka University


The Lesson of Self-Retrieval

Once you were overthinker, because you were in depression for many reasons. And your societies, people, political leaders, journalists, intellectuals could not show their generosity properly. You were misjudged. Some created backgrounds of negativities, and as you are part of negative societies, you could not remain what you were in your school and college life. You were less understood, more judged for their gains. You were misled sometimes for their mistreatments. You understood their misjudgments but was not misbehaving. You showed how patient you are, how tolerant you are, how to treat others.

You ignored, forgave and slipped peacefully. You learnt highest education sometimes cannot show highest manners. You tried to make them understand what mistakes they were doing. You are thought ill-politically. You were naive, harmless. Your main problem is you wanted to stand by their sorrowful days, not happy days. Your another problem is you loved the country a bit more. Creator understood that and you are on track, strongly.

You are now a king who learnt to live a simple life with transparent thinking but advance ideas. Thank you all for your thankless job. You cried but did not bow down. You corrected yourself and made others corrected. You forgave because you know people are not like angels. You did not come to preach your ideals. At some moments people understood you. You compromised. Go fight back. Create, invent, learn, but remain humble even at your highest peak. You remain yourself please.

Habibur Rahman