Evangelism, Forcing God’s hand to Armageddon and Mankind to a Catastrophe By Prof. Dr. Kudret Bulbul


Lately we have been intensely discussing the religion-state relation because of the fatal heritage left behind in Turkey’s politics by the FETÖ. Most of the time we think and deplore that the facts of the countries we live in, belong to us only. The US decision of sanctioning Turkey because of the US pastor Brunson has once again shown that the situation is not quite like that.
The Turkish public opinion didn’t even have a clue about the presence of Brunson before he was charged after July the 15th who had been running missionary activities in Turkey for decades. The US decision to impose sanctions on Turkey because of the detention of Pastor Brunson charged of supporting the PKK and FETÖ caused us to think about the religion-state relation in the United States of America. When the United States of America is assessed in the perspective of religious freedom, this incident makes imperitive for us to rethink about the religion-state relation in the United States of America. Because its practices and statements ignoring sovereignty of the other countries are absolutely incomprehensible.
Evangelism, Forcing God's hand to Armageddon and Mankind to a Catastrophe By Prof. Dr. Kudret BulbulFundamentally, a state of harmonious religion-state relation in a country does not have anything to be criticized. Conversely, this situation can be extremely positive from the standpoint of religious freedoms. As a matter of fact, the United States of America founded by the people who escaped guillotines and religious fanaticism in Europe used to be rightfully a country where religious freedoms could be comfortably enjoyed until the near past.
For a balanced religion-state relation it may not be a bad thing for a country to be a religious state alone. A religious state that has a tolerant attitude towards its diversity and a country pluralistically defined as a religious state may not constitute a problem as regards to freedoms and human rights. Even a situation like this may impede imperialist quests of the countries. The practices of the Ottoman State where religion used to be effective, is a concrete example of this situation.
Evangelism, Forcing God's hand to Armageddon and Mankind to a Catastrophe By Prof. Dr. Kudret BulbulThe relation of religion with states and their harmonious relation in the perspective of fundamental rights and freedoms should not be opposed but instrumentalization of religion by a state in line with its imperialist interests. Conversely, instrumentalization of a state by a religion in line with its own imperialist interests without having any principle, value and limitation must also be opposed. The example of the most inaccurately positioned form of religion-state relation and Zionism can be given which is a state religion of the religious state of Israel. The Muslims, Christians and Jews who have been living together for centuries have reached a situation where they cannot live together under Israeli rule.
When we look at the United States of America, an Evangelist Brunson and US Vice President Mike Pence who has been expending his utmost efforts to impose sanctions on Turkey is said to be a member of the same religious group. There are 90 million Evangelists in the United States of America who are extremely effective in the American society, politics and bureaucracy while the Ex-Presidents of the United States of America Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are the well known Evangelists. Therefore it has been proven once again that the Brunson incident has to do something with the United States of America and Evangelism rather than Turkey.
So what is Evangelism?
Evangelism, Forcing God's hand to Armageddon and Mankind to a Catastrophe By Prof. Dr. Kudret BulbulThe first thing that can be said in this regard is that Evangelism is not an Orthodox or a Catholic but a religious interpretation, sect or a cult within the Protestants. It is said that it had emerged with the fractionation that began in the 19th century. The Notion of Evangelism means “turning towards the holy book”. The intention from the holy book is not the holy book of Bible only but the Old Testament which is also considered as a holy book for the Jews at the same time. According to this reformed Protestant interpretation, Christianity would prevail over the whole World at the end of the World which would lead to the Doomsday. However this situation may continue for a long time on its normal course. According to the Evangelists this process must be accelerated for this very reason. The most apparent reason for their differences with the other Christians is their conviction that the Jews are a chosen nation, promised lands are their right and the Christians must help them to grab these lands.
According to Associate Prof. Dr. Özcan Güngör who participated in the Voice of Turkey’s program Çesmi Cihan, Evangelism has to accelerate this process in seven phases to establish its hegemony over the whole World.
In the first phase, the Jews will return to the Palestinian territories. This phase has been substantially completed.
The second phase is the establishment of a Greater Israel that will also include a part of Turkey. According to some circles, unconditional American support for Israel in the Middle East, recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital despite the opposition of the whole World and being left alone in the United Nations indicates influence of Evagelism on the US politics. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to set these steps on a rational foundation.
The third phase is the delivery of Biblical message to the whole World. Pastor Brunson should have been living in Turkey for more than10 years for this purpose. However not only in Turkey but also in Africa and the Muslim countries the Evangelist missionaries have converted millions of people to Christianity.
The 4th phase is the priod of the catastrophe that will resume for 7 years.
In the 5th phase, Jesus Christ will descend on the Earth.
Evangelism, Forcing God's hand to Armageddon and Mankind to a Catastrophe By Prof. Dr. Kudret BulbulIn the 6th phase, the battle of Armageddon will be fought under the leadership of the Evangelists. The good and the bad of the World would battle in a deadly World war and the “good” would prevail. Since Evangelism would prevail at the end of this war, Israel must be expanded to trigger this war as soon as possible.
In the 7th phase, Christianity would prevail over the whole World that would end up with the occurrence of the Doomsday.
As it has been seen, the targets of Evangelism completely overlap with the targets of Zionism until the 6th phase. Therefore, the Evangelists are also known as the “Zionist Christians”.
Basically, Judaism used to be known as one of the traditional divine religions like Islam and Christianity until the 19th century. First of all the Zionist Jews under the leadership of Teodor Herlz transformed Judaism. There is a substantial number of Jews who severely oppose Zionist Judaism today.
The efforts to harmonize Zionism with Islam in Turkey and some Muslim countries in the recent years are well known. The concepts like the “Interfaith Dialogue”, the deviant interpretations in the name of Islam that did not base on any tradition and other practices point to these efforts. Just like the Evangelists these segments believe that there are promised lands for the Israeli Jews.
Because of the religious differences and historical conflicts it seems almost impossible to suppose that a faith harmonious with Zionism automatically emerged within Christianity. Undoubtedly, a Zionist effort in this transformation is powerfully obvious. There are many Christians who are against the Zionist Christianity (Evangelism). Catholic Pope’s stance against the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is known. Similarly the Orthodox Christians are not thinking like the Evangelists and occasionally they are even taking a position in favour of the Muslims against Israeli oppression.
Forcing God’s hand to Armageddon is off the limits of mankind. However, it is obvious that mankind has been dragged into a catastrophe. All kind of efforts should be exerted to oppose Zionism that will drag mankind into a catastrophe by mutating genetics of religions. This will only be possible with the cooperation of all of the Muslims, Jews, Christians and the peace loving people on the face of the Earth whose genetics has not been tampered.

We presented an assessment of Prof. Dr. Kudret Bulbul, Dean Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University regarding the matter.