Decay of Family Norms An unsafe World welcomes unborn Child and denies the Old – Omar Faruk


Hosain Mia looks like sorrowful while sitting on the old chair an. He has not taken breakfast yet although the time is 11.00 am. The reason is his son is quarrelling with his mother to be separated from them. Other sons of Hossain Mia have already been separated last year to be happy in their single family. After that they started living with their youngest son who has recently married. Hossain Mia`s daughter in law is constantly pressurizing on her husband to be separated from his parents. They seems to be extra burden to her to get prosperity in family life. There is no dignity for, respect to, and responsibility for elder. Wider world of Hossain Mia has been congested because ones upon a time he separated from his parents to be happy and spent all energy ,wealth to make happy his wife and children but could not be able to teach them morality, responsibility but family is the base to learn values , morality, responsibility. His children do not show any respect to him and younger does not do that to elder also. when his daughter come to her father`s house she has to face negligence by her brothers but they had blood relation. Like Hossain Mia, millions of people are being burned in mind in today`s world. Who will take care of them? No one! No one will do that especially who are responsible like social scientist, education system, social system; surroundings of them do nothing to them. Thousands of people like Hossain Mia are victim and they have nothing to change their condition but they expect that everyone may be happy as if they would not suffer from such problem. We always see these incidents but do not thing what is the reason behind these unexpected sufferings of people. No doubt the reason behind this is the absence of social and family values. Value is a combination of some positive sense what we should do or not to do. If we want to make our family peaceful, we have to learn the lesson of values to respect elders, perform duties, being tolerable, help family members, give attention to younger and teach them the values, moralities, other qualities which they should have. Value is decreasing day by day due to some reasons such as lack of well educated mother. The very beginning institution of learning is the mother. Napoleon Bonaparte said “Give me a good mother and I will give you good nation’’. Our social and educational system is not capable of making well educated mother.

Decay of Family Norms An unsafe World welcomes unborn Child and denies the Old - Omar Faruk

Another reason is we don’t see the teaching and exercising of values at all but we see the opposite scenario. If any allegation has been raised against someone of the family the guardian of that family always tries to shelter him without investigation or even knowing that the allegation raised against the family member is true.
Reaction is one of the reasons which is decaying family values. People are most reactive in lame issue. These reactions are used as fuel to decay values. Many people cannot tolerate the other`s false if one of the family members does any false that family goes to be ruined.
Epicureanism ?and Materialism is another cause of absence of family values. Approximately in every family one of the members tries to convince his parents to allocate the wealth in extra proportion in his favor, it makes other anger against the parents. Wives of them play role to perform this wrong doing. Brother denies brother and sister denies sister due to wealth of succession.
Bad effects of degenerate culture are the mentionable cause of decaying family values. We do not think what is right or wrong but imitate bad culture by which we represent ourselves condemnable to others. For instance, we are conscious how to talk with the elder and younger. In every aspect to lead the family we follow what is being done in our surroundings but we do not realize whether that is acceptable or not.
Our film industry teaches us how to ignore our family values by presenting loving story which is harmful to our morality. To have lover as life partner at any cost these stories teach people to avoid elder’s advice, how to go out with lover by stealing ornament, money and other valuable things. Due to this obscene task, guardians have to face troublesome situation and they do not accept them and clash in family starts from such occurrence. The scenario of film make our society unrest and conflict between who want to accept foreign values and who want to revive native values in terms of morality, honesty, modesty and so on increase in all parts of the society.
Calculated publicity of sexuality is most dangerous disease in our society. In the west all movies represent sexuality. By imitating them approximately every film industry in the world produces movies based on sexuality. Hollywood is the legend of them. Huge allegations have been filed against the Hollywood king named Hervey Weinstein by his movie actress and he was mentioned as the publisher of sexuality in the west even throughout the world. Our neighboring country where several film industries are playing role to expand sexuality such as Bollywood, tallywood etc. they are making many blue film. Actress who acted in these dirty films sexual harassment did not give up them. It is internal bad effect but external bad effect is brother in law rape sister in law, daughter is being sexually harassed by his father, mother is being raped by his son in India even pregnant Goat for eight month. According to national crime report bureau of India, one case of rape file within every 22nd minute. According to national violence against women report one of every six women is victim as raped in America. In 2017 eight hundred women and children raped in Bangladesh. Nowadays fifty five Children have been raped in our society. So the belief between each other is decreasing day by day, even family members do not believe each other.

Decay of Family Norms An unsafe World welcomes unborn Child and denies the Old - Omar Faruk
Divorce is other mentionable reason to dismiss our family values. Divorce is common in today`s society. By this condemnable job children of family are affected mentally. They cannot learn some good things from the family. Divorce is occurred due to various reason such as clash of personality between husband and wife, In our society, independence of women is defined as power of movement freely, to take decision by herself etc. It seems that they forget they are wife of someone, mother of someone so that they cannot be separate at all. They have responsibility to adorn this society. Illegal and immoral relation of husband or wife with others is another reason of divorce. When a person makes physical relation forcibly with someone is called rape but willing physical relation is very much harmful for civilization even when children somehow see or understand such illegal physical relation of their parents they have been killed by their own father or mother.Only for this reason divorce is increasing day by day. In per hour one application of divorce is being submitted in Dhaka city. Torture by husband is another reason of divorce.
Avoiding religious law and regulation is vital reason of decaying family values. Every religion has moral lesson to be better in family or society especially Islam has given the solution of all problems. Islam directs people how to be a good mother, father, wife, husband and good child to parents eventually a good one to all mankind. Every responsible authority should play his role to keep our family, society in right way.

The author is a freelance writer.