Uighur Detention Camp Mass Muslim Minority Persecution – Abdullah Al Imran

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Chinese detention to Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang Province has been remained as a matter of discussion for over a decade, as Chinese Government’s outrageous activities for the purpose of extinguishing Uighur Muslim’s identity and to make the inhabitants of that province totally communist in belief and practice. Tens of thousands of Uighur Muslims have been detained into the internment camp, shown in satellite picture, that is called by Chinese Government as “re-education camp” or “vocational training camp” and tells this camp was equipped to eradicate religious extremism, separatism, and terrorism from china, those are considered as threats to humanity.
Uighur Detention Camp Mass Muslim Minority PersecutionUighurs are being outraged in different ways by the Chinese authority. One of that way is through detaining them into the internment camp, where they are “Forced to denounce Islam, adopt atheism, and pledge allegiance to the Chinese state. They would spend hours on end, chanting in their crowded cells. There is no such thing as religion or ‘all hail the Chinese state’ or ‘all hail Chinese president XI Jinping’ and if the detainees disobey, or if there is any type of resistance, there are torture being used.” (Aydin Anwar, Uyghur American Activist). According to a US department’s report, there are at least 800,000 and possibly up to a couple of million folks in these detention facilities. In this Camp, detainees’ nails and teeth are being pulled out and snakes are used to interrogate them, even they are beaten until death. They are sterilized, (a method used in genocide), are forced to sit on what’s called a ‘tiger chair.’ People are sent to the camp for random reasons. Practicing any religion, having any relative or family member in abroad, praying and mentioning god in speech, fastingor any type of attempt that indicates religious activities are considered as enough to be sent into that internment camp. Thousands of people are transferred from the camp into prison who are considered as extreme religious despite being treated into the camp. There is not a single Uighur who doesn’t have at least one family member or some form of detention of prison. When someone dies, their bodies are not sent to their family rather these bodies are cremated and that process is used to hide the evidences. There is not a clear idea of how many people are dying into that camp as Chinese government is strictly controlling its media. Children of these detainees are sent to the orphanage and boarding where they are taught to hate their religion, identity, forced to speak in Chinese and are subject to abuse and torture. Their parents don’t know where there kids are. Most of the east Turkistan is almost empty, around 70-80% of the civilians are all gone. All of the civilians are in any form of detention, because government monitors their action even in their home. So, there are millions of Han officials who live in Uighur’s home to observe whether the inhabitants practice religion or to assess their religious practice. Schools and factories have been transferred into the internment camp. Having an Islamic name like Fatima or Mohammad is prohibited there, even Chinese women are forced to marry Han man.
There are lots of other types of tortures which are applied to curtail Uighur’s Muslim identity into the camp those can’t be revealed outside as the government is strictly controlling its media. Even the media of outside of the world are not permitted to cover up the news of the matter that are being happened to the Uighurs inside internment camp.
Uighurs of Xinjiang province has been seeking independence from the Chinese state, but china is trying to change it for decades. An influential Chinese ethnicity “Han” is migrating into Xinjiang province with the help of Chinese government where there number has been increasing in a rate of 1000%. They are transforming Uighur’s culture. There are more than 2000 companies have built in Xinjiang province in the sectors of energy, agriculture, security, finance and media where these Uighur Inhabitants are deprived from being employed into those factories from where China had exported more than $7.6bn worth of good in 2017 including fifth of the world catch up and tones of cottons to luxury clothing brands. 40% of China’s fossil fuel, estimated 140bn barrels and 25.3bn cubic meters of gas is in Xinjiang province .All of these raw materials are transformed to china’s manufacturing hub. It’s a multibillion dollar project from where all of the Chinese are being benefited except the Uighurs. Even in some places, Uighurs make only $12 in a month. Uighurs are not recruited into the jobs where Hans are being employed. Uighur mans are not permitted to wear hijab, man can’t bear beard, Childs under 18 are not permitted to enter into mosques, even parents are not permitted to provide their own children Uighur education, the text of the Holy Quran must be approved by the state and its meaning is altered. Hajj pilgrimage is not permitted as the movement is restricted. China is using advanced technology to fit communist ideology. Many passport were seized in 2106 when Chen Quanguo was given authority over Xinjiang, whose last job was leading the crackdown on dissent in Tibet.
This province, today is a well-funded police state in which the Chinese government using advanced technology, propaganda and fear of imprisonment to control actions and thoughts of Uighur. Before going to mosques Uighurs are obliged to look up XI Jinping’s picture to pray despite using somebody’s image in the mosque is prohibited. China spent $8.5bn in 2017 to monitor all the aspects of Uighur life. Thousands of cameras have sated in Xinjiang province, many of which are with facial recognition, and vehicles are registered to track any suspicious movement between areas. WI fi sniffers and mandatory mobile app regularly scan Uighur devices for content deemed politically incorrect. They are forced to provide DNA samples, biometric data, and personal information on their religious lifestyle and relationships. The persons who are considered as safe, there information is tied with an ID card that must be presented in checkpoints, fuel station and even in supermarkets. The Uighur who are found to be not safe are sent to prison ‘re-education’ named also as “vocational training center” that is done On account of marrying in religious ceremony, not watching state TV, are considered as extremist behavior. Such atrocities are being denied by Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson saying, “At present, Xinjiang enjoys social stability, good economic growth. People of all ethnic groups there live in harmony and enjoy full freedom of religion and beliefs.”
Uighur Detention Camp Mass Muslim Minority PersecutionChina is now in preliminary step of multi-trillion dollar “belt-road” initiative that will be connected with 60 countries; ten of these countries’ border is connected with Xinjiang. So, China considers it as an important aspect for them to strictly control this province to prevent the natives of these provinces from being unquiet in the fear of being hampered of this ambitious project. Successful completion of belt-in-road initiative is the main factor behind such surveillance as many of Uighur activists are seeking freedom for Chinese regime after Communist revolution in China in 1949, under Mao Ze dong, religion seemed to be incompatible with Communism that resulted in controlling over religious practice and activities. Such treatment to Uighur is one of the parts of this.
No strict protest was not seen from any Influential Muslim country despite such atrocious behavior with Uighur despite such activities’ being passed more than a decade that started after Urumqi riot in 2009, which claimed 197 lives (137 Hans and 46 Uighurs). And thousands were injured, was mainly started by the Uighurs targeting Han Chinese for being deprived from fair treatment, lack of jobs and opportunities, growing migration of Han Chinese and Restrictions and crackdown on their freedoms, religions and way of life. According to WikiLeaks, China successfully lobbied with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries to prevent them from releasing statement over the riot. China also bought the silence of the 60 countries with which it want build the Silk Road. Many nations are involved in receiving loans from China to develop their Structure, road, railways and pipelines. That could be enough to make the countries blind to the atrocity over Uighur.
At a debate in Geneva forum, some western countries including Germany, France, and United States called on China to close down the crackdown with Uighurs.
However, some Muslim Countries, after years of silence started to protest against this detention. In a statement, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said the reintroduction of internment camps and the systematic assimilation of Uighur Turks represent “a great shame for humanity.” Indonesian citizens gathered outside of Chinese embassy calling upon Chinese government to stop the detention against the Uighur.
“It is no longer a secret that more than 1 million Uighur Turks incurring arbitrary arrests are subjected to torture and political brainwashing,” Aksoy said. Indonesian citizens gathered outside of the Chinese embassy calling upon Chinese government to stop the detention against Uighur.
China is greatly striving to get rid of Uighur Muslim and religious ethnicity through any type of atrocity whatever it wants to get control over the whole Xinjiang province. Ensuring strong surveillance on all the activities of Uighur Muslims, completely transforming their belief and behavior into the shape of communism as no aspects of Uighur Muslims is not accorded with mainstream Chinese population. China is making the Uighur inhabitants oblige to learn Mandarin Language, praising president Xi Jinping and communist, condemning and forgoing Islam and other diabolic activities. “I am always worried, I don’t feeling safe here. The second time I was detained, I was taken to a special room placed in a high chair. Each time I was electrocuted, my whole body was shaken wildly and I could feel pain on my veins. I thought, I was rather died than go through this torture. We had to sing song hailing communist party. We had to repeat in Chinese in quote “Long live Xi Jinping” and in quote “linear for those who repent and punishment for those who resist.” Anyone who could not memorize a book of slogans and rules within 14 days would be denied for food and would be beaten.” (MihrigulTarsun, a former detainee)
It has now become indispensable for Muslim world to be united over the matters of Xinjiang province those are occurred to Uighur Muslims. Rather within a few years, Islam will may totally be demolished in Xinjiang.

The Author is a student of University of Dhaka.