Change We talk about, Novelty We believe in


The law of the world perhaps is that the most examined persons are to give most tests in life. The persons who maintain the habit of truthfulness can never be taken easy if he speaks a single lie. The persons who maintains integrity in most of the cases are rarely given priority to bend to the side of immorality. In all religions, the religious figures are not allowed to do a single mistake but we, ourselves do a lot of unethical works, and harshly criticize those persons, thinking they are supposed to be like angels. We are more harsh and critic to the persons who are in the upfront.The persons who perform their religious or social duties are expected to be more ethical, good behaved and so on. On the other hand, why are the persons who do not do their religious or social activities are less expected to bring a change in themselves?
However, media, every day, finds a good number of flaws with our leaders, but does it, in most cases, provide constructive suggestion of how the flaws can be resolved? In the same way, leaders find fault with journalists as well, but do they provide feedback where the journalists need to rectify themselves?
By creating an ambience of despair, hopelessness and negativity, can it give us a peaceful sleep, a healthy life?
Do Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani represent Bangladesh?
Is it — money, money, money– power, power, power— development, development, development— democracy, democracy, democracy— everything to us, dears?
Let’s one day have a buzz about something good we have.
Let’s have some stories of hopefulness.
1. Is not 1971 a story to us when we had almost nothing but presently we have so many things to feel proud of?
2. Is not that story a story of inspiration for all time?
3. Are not Bangladesh cricketers doing excellent?
4. Is it so easy to get GPA-5 without couple of years hard work, sacrifice?
5. Is it very easy to get chance at a university for a student?
6. Have we felt how many years studies it needs and how much investment and time it takes to manage a good job?
7. Did we have a notice that Bangladesh people are so hard working, adaptive and sacrificing?
8. Don’t we have so many green fields to captivate our minds?
9. Don’t we have a culture of strong family bonding?
10. Are not people outside Dhaka very easy-going?
11. Are not Bangladeshis are very creative and adaptive?
12. Does not the unsophisticated laughter and open-minded gossiping of people at tea stalls charm your hearts?
13. Don’t the simplicity of the persons with down to the heart create vibration in our minds?
14. Does the hospitality of Bangladesh people touch your feelings?
15. Can not the struggle of survival of many persons be a story to listen?
16. Does not the lifestyle of rickshaw-pullers grocery shoppers, random flower sellers and vendors at streets fascinate your heart?
Finally, we need to sing the song of newness. we need to try to see the light of hopefulness, we need to feel the feeling of an achievement to be hard-earned, although we have so many drawbacks. A support, a guidance, an inspiration, an example is very necessary for laughing out the last laughter.
Just that’s why, singing the song of change is very much expected.

Sazzad Hussain
Dhaka University