Question Paper Leak out An Epidemic Disease -Salman Riaz


Question papers have been leaked before in limited form but it is now emerged as an epidemic disease. Every public examination, even from children’s class one to PSC exam question leaked continuously. It is a grave concern for education system. It has been prevailing as an acute problem in our education sector for last two years. Rigorous punishments, remand, reward declaration of five lakh taka if miscreant involved in question caught, but nothing has act to reduce it. Even the government proclaimed to slow internet services, restricting the use of social media near exam hall area. Special police force has deployed, many students have caught to restrain question leak, but every step has fall.
Instead of the miscreants challenged the government by leaking all the question papers of the ten subjects examined such as Bangla, English, Mathematics, Information Technology and Physics matches in the current secondary examination. Even they are giving confirmation in advance on Facebook that other questions will leak in time. Separately, some question papers were leaked, but such a horrible form of examination leaks would not be seen before. So the whole nation is deeply concerned about the future of children.
Many people are involved with question leaks. In the list of doubts, the question holder, BG Press and officials of the Education Board, Government Treasury, Bank or Police, who are involved in examinations related to examinations, coaching centers and officials taking exams. Among them the mystery of the leaks is hidden. But they are being kept out of touch. The question is easy to establish a relationship between the fraudsters and the question holders only if the matter is kept secret, like both the supplier and the acceptor can keep themselves concealed. So there is a need for the demand and supply formula quite a lot.

But the question leaked such epidemic is why?

First of all, whether or not the student is getting Golden A+ (Plus) in more than a scrutiny than what the student is learning. The education system of Bangladesh has become a certificates-oriented. Nowadays exams and results are paid excessive importance. Whose result is best, these are best in everything at all – this formula is being believed by Guardian. Results of the examinations are celebrated enthusiastically. But it is wrong to portray the results as indicators of progress in education or as success of the government. In a good fruit competition, a powerful syndicate has been developed by student-teacher-guardian, coaching center, note-guide, writer-publisher, administrator to question one queue.
Secondly, in the classrooms, more emphasis is placed on exams than learning. Students go to the coaching centers and study guide books. This is one of the sources in the vicious circle of question paper leaks.
Thirdly, the self-respect that appears in the publication of the results of the exam each year may have enticed some miscreants into this wrongdoing. Populism is dominant than education. As a result, not only education but the good result is the only goal. The question is, as the leakage of questions, the corruption of writing the answers spread across the country. In the name of the examination, softness children are being taught corruption in their hands.
Actually, corruption has infiltrated every sphere of society. Question paper leaks are not isolated incidents. Hardly any importance is attached to this. This is not an impossible task. Questions papers are not leaked in the English medium exams. I guess our authorities do not pay much attention where Bangla medium is concerned. Our whole education system is being destroyed. This issue must be given top priority.
There is no agreement on the question paper leak. Education ministers take responsibility for the neck But the Anti-Corruption Commission, the police and intelligence agencies searched the people of different levels of government in search of the people. If the Education Minister blames only teachers for questioning leaks, then other miscreants get ashes to make them safer and more desperate. Why are not the culprits caught and punished? Crimes will increase if they are unpunished. Our intelligence agencies are efficient. They catch serious militants. Even anyone commenting on Facebook is instantly identified and dealt with by them. It is not the solution to punish a student, who are collected leak question than subdued these miscreants who are leaking the question declaring challenge against the government.

Causes behind this

This situation was not created in one day. The institutions have been demolished by posting the party members but they are unqualified, inefficient, corrupt people holds in various important posts under the Ministry of Education. As a result, they are becoming the Mighty Being in the place where they are. They know that no one will have the courage to stand against their crime.
The root cause of the problem is the understanding of the importance of education and the wrong view of the regime about the role of education in building real people. There are two or three divisions in the public examination question paper. The first two parts are creative questions and multiple choice questions. The answer to multi-answer questions is hundred percent memorized based. The second part is the creative question. The inventor of this method is Benjamin Samuel Bloom. He first emphasizes the role of teacher’s assistant to develop the student as an infinitely creative child and develop the creativity that is hidden within the child. Students are encouraged to find more knowledge through questions in terms of age, taste and ability of the student.
The government has been failing to investigate the question paper leaks thoroughly, so we should seriously consider an open-book examination system instead of the existing system. This is very refreshing and wise idea. It seems to be the only solution for us at this juncture. This way, we can create a level playing field for all students — a level playing field that does not require them to be dishonest to themselves.
Secondly, withdrawing MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) tests is being considered. This is a good step. Many do not understand the creative question system and so this is doing no good ultimately. Qualified teachers are to be recruited and paid adequate salaries. The answers must be more important than the questionnaire in the tests. Questions must be simple and the answers will indicate the level of the students’ learning.
And if we want to retain sustaining educational system like creative question paper method, it is necessary to create creative textbooks firstly. Then it is necessary to make a teacher skilled for creative reading. None of this has been done in our country. Regardless of the first two urgent works, the regime is staging a bizarre drama of third phase, that is, to take examinations on creative questions. That means the education system of the country is being defeated by adding cars before the horse.
Our society and state system are not ready to start and practice creative methods. The creative method promises to give maximum freedom to teachers and students, which is never possible in the undemocratic state system. Only creative methods can be successful in a liberal, democratic, accountable, well-governed society. Thousands of teachers of Cox’s Bazar have been sent to jail for making creative questions. Many have been imprisoned, some have been discharged and many have been victims of various religious, social, political harassment.
In spite of being a good arrangement of democracy in our country as well as its proper practice and implementation, the creative question method has also become ineffective in this country. These are the causes of the leak of question in our country. It is a great obstacle to achieve the education and to be skilled of millions of children to play an important role in human society in the potential period of 21st Century. The failure of the government to ensure the safety of the question paper will be a far-reaching loss.

Writer: Journalist and Geopolitical Analyst

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