Counter Campaign to dissuade Terrorism -By Mahmudul Hasan


“…if any one slew a person – unless it is for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people….” (5:32). I use to post this verse of the Quran on my Facebook timeline just to show abhorrence to unscrupulous terror acts and have been brainstorming to innovate a brainchild that will out-root terrorism completely.
I have been just afraid knowing the way international community is pursuing confrontation to thwart global terror. How does it possible to subdue such act by having the confrontation while their stance is based in religious belief though straddling on distorted explanation. No way, can it be ideal while they think it is a religious duty to hurl bomb in a crowd or committing suicide attack to kill community who are divergence to their faith, but correcting their misconception and convincing the true teaching of religion are. Confrontation demands decisive destruction either of the beliefs and the people who are on it. That sound crazy must.
Very recently I have come to know, through the daily star, that “the police chief, Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque, urges for the counter campaign (anti-terrorism explanation of Islam against its misinterpretation to foil radicalization) to the Olamas”. Obviously, the idea is the softest weapon to kill the strongest troublemaker. Possibly, it is the ideal platform to handle the dogma based terror act. It is a prudent and efficacious proposal undoubtedly. Therefore, it plausibly demands sheer reverence. If the government stands by the blueprint unconditionally, it will be the best footstep ever for it. And if it succeeds, the results will not the merely eradication of anarchist but will replace the worst with the best. It will be a tremendous lash out to the expensive, ostentatious and insane strategy of world powers against global terror too though undoubtedly the process will take a long time to accomplish and the government has to pay out a lot.
By the way, let us unearth the relevance of the policy for what the forwarded policy is perceived convenient. Lately, one of my friends was saying, “it seems to me that the ongoing terrorist attacks are backed by some vested quarters that are using emotional and bungler Muslims having little knowledge of Islam or hiring hit-man for the concurrent terror acts. And the root cause of this, perhaps, is the suspicion of ruling party that the acts are politically motivated. Whoever and whatever they are, the initiative will bring a potential impact against terrorism. Because, it may be more acceptable and proactive counter-terrorism strategy while the traditional actions have not given fruits but made the situation worse. The reason is that they used almost all instrument putting out the ‘counter-campaign’ the ideological correction.
However, someone may challenge the stance asking “how?” The answer requires a deep soak up in western reaction to amateur terror acts on innocent people committed by radicalized Muslims. In the past decade, the world has already experienced that, the counter-terrorism strategy, for instance; Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan has turned into a never-ending war, has not brought any success.
Ruth Blakeley, a lecturer at the University of Kent, critically analyzed the terrorism in her article, headlined; “bringing the state back into terrorism studies” that reactive counter-terrorism strategy has led the effort wrong direction. Her finding renders that the prevailing strategy to subjugate terrorist is not successful because their every reaction against terrorist is acting like a counterproductive instrument. The repressive interrogation process in Guantanamo bay, rigid actions against suspected detainee, reckless invasion in assumed terrorist sanctuary cause a lot of pain and sufferings for unblemished Muslims that consequently becomes the breeding catalyst of terrorist. Therefore, naturally antagonism against invaders among Muslims is growing up.
Indeed, the theory is supported spelled. Bruce Hoffman, a professor at Georgetown University, straightly supported it by uttering the truth that “we don’t have enough bullets to kill them all”. The statement entails that their actions are not effectively working and the number of terrorists is soaring up. The vital reason is their strategy is causing a counter-productive impact. For that reason, he proposed a broader strategy including killing the sources of terrorist finance, weakening capability, foiling criminal propaganda, breaking the recruitment and replenishment process to exterminate terrorism. But the proposal has not seen the light of success yet because the consequent of the new approach has brought into a more adversary upshot than that of earlier strategy.
It is widely known that the Islamic State (IS) is killing people unjustly, enslaving non-Muslims, destroying the property of others randomly which are highly condemned and prohibited in Islam. The westerns claim that IS is doing such heinous things according to the Quran and the Sunnah. It seems they are trying to stigmatize Islam justifying some wooly fanatics. At the same time, they propagate misinterpretation of Islam highlighting Quranic verses like “kill non-Muslims wherever you get them” and so on. Unfortunately, the bungler Muslims die on that without knowing the truth. In this regard, counter campaign probably will be a promising principle to turn terrorists into modest life definitely along with implementing the policy forwarded by Bruce Hoffman.
The initiative must stipulate that the killing of innocence is strictly prohibited in terms of humanity. Most importantly highlighting that Islam condemns killing innocence tremendously. However, some fanatic Muslims are out of mind. Though they think their act of violence will bring them peace hereafter, truly it destroys their eternal future instead. This message must be disseminated tactfully and prudently. This may work two ways: firstly, it will bring the fanatics back to normal life; secondly, it will raise public awareness and instigate common people sentiment against fanaticism.
After all there may be some challenges to bring all Islamic group on a convergent viewpoint of Islam on the concept of jihad. So, the authority must consult with all Islamic group to avoid any rivalry and resentment and uphold that the counter campaign will not follow any figment but Quran and Sunnah.
Particularly, Government must be compassionate to the initiative. All kinds of advantages have to be ensured to robust the process. Wide scale propagation will certainly require. There might need to use electronic and print media frequently to bring out a message in public. The nation can hope a terrorist free adobe provided the strategy is put into practice rigidly and judiciously.
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