Terrorism is a Great threat

Last October, an article published in Perspective on socioeconomic factors behind terrorism in contemporary world. The article was an awesome insight of factors behind contemporary terrorism that the western media intentionally overlooks. I would like to add something within the lines discussed in that article. Terrorism is one of the greatest discussed topics in this contemporary world. We see a lot of terrorist group in the world like ISIS in Syria, Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Somalia etc. Terrorist groups want to create a climate of extreme fear and try to control over power of the authority of the state. Now terrorism is the most important matter of concern all over the world. There are no single causes of terrorism. Different scholars explain its causes in different way. At least they describe three causes that responsible for terrorism. Firstly, Psychological perspective is most important causes of terrorism. This kind of terrorist attack basically based on people’s own psychological state of mind. Ideological perspective has great impact on terrorism. Secondly Ideology defined as the beliefs, values or principles by which a group identifies its particular aims and goals. Thirdly, Ideology encompass religion or political philosophies and programs. Terrorist mainly emerged from the strategic perspective. When the result of peaceful attention of politics failed then the terrorism is better option. Terrorism spread rapidly all over the world. Between 1968 and 1989 the incidents of terrorism were rare, approximately 1.67%,but after the end of the cold war it increases 200% that 4.38 per year. Western states basically indicate Islamism as terrorism. Because Islamism protect Western culture strongly. So it is threat for the Western states. Now the most recent and powerful terrorist group is ISIS (Islamic state in Iraq and Syria). They explain Islamic Jihad in different way. They believe that they should fight with non-believer. If they die they get rewards in their afterlife. Terrorism is great threat for all people of the world. Terrorist activities in Syria killed thousands of people and make a great number of refugees that impact all over the world. In recent Bangladeshi holy artisan hotel attack killed 29 both foreign and country’s people. Nice city of France a track attack killed at least 79 people. Everyday we see suicide bombing in some part of the world and killed a lot of people.

So what should we do? Obviously, we have to learn about its causes. And we should increase awareness among the people of the world. If we all aware, we can get a peaceful world.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
University of Rajshahi

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