Decades-long Carnage in Myanmar A Reflection on ARSA’s Armed Revolt -By Md. Kamruzzaman (Bablu)

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Brutal genocide, ethnic cleansing, inhuman torturing, arson attacks, mass-raping and such other malignity against the minority Rohingya Muslim in Rakhine state of Myanmar have added another black chapter in the history of human civilization. But prior to discuss this issue it seems to be vital to draw the attention of world’s community to another direction.  It is one of the toughest jobs to get the real scenario of the current world as the lion part of world’s mechanism is orchestrated behind the curtain. It is vital to analyze this long-prevailed scenario to formulate an easy way-out for the feeble Rohingya Muslims, the exodus of whom has already been exceeded to 400,000 as per the estimation of a report published by the United Nations in the 3rd week of September (2017). Meanwhile the influx still continues and the figure crosses 500,000.

I like to start analyzing the issue with a recent historical fact. Former American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ex- British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the then leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin sat in a secret meeting at the Yalta port of Russia in 1945 and plotted to form a “New World Order” or “Secret World Government”. It is necessary to know about this “Secret World Government” for a better understanding about the hidden driving forces, the real ruler of the world and Zionists (Jews), the mastermind of this mechanism.

In fact, the Jews consider themselves as superior to any other nation in the world and believe that they only deserve the right to govern the whole world. The basic holy books of the Jews entitled “Talmud”, “Torah” and “Kabbalah” have many lessons about the supremacy of Judaism. The Zionists spread those lessons to convince themselves and desperately try to make solidarity among them about their supremacy in the world. The three important cautions of Zionists’ holy book Kabbalah are – secrecy, obedience and complete surrender to the law and orders imposed by the Jews spiritual guru.

Zionist Rabbinates, members of the supreme Jewish religious governing body in the state of Israel, select the members of the secret Jewish House of Representatives from those who have thoroughly accepted the lessons of the Kabbalah.  The total member of this secret body is seventy. They normally gather in Israel in the name of General Oversight Council. Actually, they govern the Zionists’-led Secret World Government. Those seventy members are mainly chosen from the elite societies like the Rockfel Family of America, Rotschild Family in Britain and Agnilli Family of Italy.

This group has branches in Japan and Europe. Moreover, the annexed group has many big and small organizations across the world. Thousands of different institutions secretly work as per the guidelines of the group. In fact, this group is the founder of today’s biggest international bodies like the United Nations (UN), a hand-doll of the Jews. They do whatever they like in the international arena using the permanent members of the UN Security Council who exercise the “power of veto”.

Conspiracy of Secret World Government

Moreover, the Jews have many giant organizations like “Bnai Brith” and “Bilderberg” to establish their supremacy across the globe. Bilderberg has already arranged many revolutions to establish the Secret World Government. Organizations like those have been playing a pivotal role in developing and destroying many states. Bilderberg has link with almost all big occurrences throughout the world. One of the significant functions of Bilderberg is to develop the Trilateral Commission. This commission works in controlling everything of the world-economy.

Since its inception, all programs of Bilderberg have been kept hidden from media. Comparatively more information about this organization can be found in the book of former chief of Spain’s Intelligence Agency Luis Gonzales Mata. He wrote in his book “The Real Matters of the World” that a top-ranking representative of the United States-led military alliance NATO attends every annual program of the Builderberg with a view to implementing the decisions of the organization.

The United States (US) Department of State is actually a mere showing ministry. The real foreign minister of the US is the head of the Secret World Government. To make the issue clear it can be mentioned here that the decision of throwing nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan during the Second World War was taken by the American Jews Rabbinates, the leaders of the Secret World Government. Those devastating bombs took the lives of millions people and the chemical reaction prolonged generations after generations affecting millions of more people.

Master Plan

As per the first step of forming Secret World State, the Zionists have already finished gathering the strewn Jews, exiled in different parts of the world, in the land of Palestine. The second step of the Jews is to establish a great Israel State in the “Promised Land”, comprising with the huge territory between The Euphrates River and the Nile of Egypt. It is also planned to make the rulers of 28 countries from Morocco to Indonesia completely submissive and keep them scattered for the stability and safety of the illegal Israel state.

Not only that, to ensure concrete safety of Israel it is planned to destroy all successor states of the Selchuk Khilafat and the Ottoman Khilafat, having the glory of defeating 19 Crusades. The Temple of Suleyman will be established again in place of the Baitul Mukaddas and then Messiah will come to the earth and ascend the throne of Dawood as a Jews king. This king will review his rule throughout the world and he bestows the authority of governing the world to the hand of the children of Israel for ever. This is the religious belief of Jews.

The planning of establishing the Jews’ Secret World Government focused briefly in the above description is based on the famous and stirring book entitled “Dawam (My Struggle)” written by noted Islamic Scholar and reputed Scientist of Turkey Prof. Dr. Nazmuddin Erbakan. The information I have used here has been taken from pages between 85 and 107 of Bangla version the book. The second edition of the Bangla version was printed by Medha Bikash Publications in April 2017.

In reviewing the whole book and other relevant documents from concerned sources it is proved that Islam and Muslims are considered to be the key hindrance in the way to establish this Secret World Government as only the Muslim possesses a complete and alternative guideline with all necessary rules and regulations that is capable to foil this secret mission of the Zionists.  For the last fourteen hundred years the religious book of Islam the holy “Quran” has been guiding the Muslims as a divine book of the omnipotent Allah without any tiny change. The Zionists are afraid of it considering it as a main bar to their goal.

This is the long-established reality of the world. Any initiative to destroy Muslims and Islam is always welcomed by the Zionists and their playful doll, the western world. The emergence of Israel’s intelligence agency the “Mosad” as new supervisor of Indian intelligence agency “RAW” is also a part of the plot of this Secret World Government to destroy Muslims in this sub-continent through divisions and internal conflicts. May be its too late the unconscious Muslims of this region will be able to understand this reality.

Equal scenario in Myanmar

Now, let’s pay a look to the Myanmar. In case of Myanmar the scenario is equal and it is believed that there is no possibility of changing the reality. Just think, thousands of people have been killed in Iraq and still now aggression is going on in full swing based on completely false information that the then president of the country Saddam Hussain possessed the weapons of mass destruction. Similar killing mission has been orchestrated in Afghanistan in the guise of demolishing Al-Qaeda and the occupation continues till now. On the other hand, before the very nose of the same western world, the same United Nations and the same NATO ethnic cleansing, genocide, raping, killing by arson attacks and all types of hateful barbarism are being operated in the Rakhine state of Myanmar.

But it is a matter of great sorrow that the western world, the so-called protector of humanity across the world, have hardly taken any effective measure against the Myanmar authorities. They are just issuing condemnation, concerns and the like and urging all to restore peace and tranquility. All know very well that the western world will do nothing without issuing such eye-washing statements.

Meanwhile, the audacity of the Myanmar government has been reached to the peak as they know very well that excluding some real Muslims rest of the world is in favor of them. Just think, if a quarter of such atrocities were perpetrated against any other community like Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, undoubtedly the NATO operated military attacks on that country in the name of protecting human rights and destroying the oppressors. But the scenario is thoroughly different in case of Rohingya Muslims as they are Muslims.

It is very clear to all having little knowledge about the diplomacy of the western world that whenever the Jews-Christians alliance wants to make any country doing something they just say ‘do it’ or ‘must do it’; otherwise face military attacks or hard sanctions. We have already seen how devastating that military attacks are and in case of sanctions the present Iran and North Korea are the great example.

On the other hand, whenever the western world wants to favor any quarter but wants to keep the world under darkness they just say the words like ‘it should be stopped’, ‘it cannot be gone those way’, ‘we are very concern’, ‘we urge all to work in favor of peace’ and the like. Look carefully, we see the same diplomacy of the western world in case of genocide, barbaric ethnic cleansing, raping, arson attacks and other atrocities orchestrated by the Myanmar army and extremist Buddhists against the minority Rohingya Muslims in Arakan state.

Facts behind ARSA’s armed battle

Meanwhile, it is a matter of great regret that the western world as well as most other countries are condemning the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army- ARSA, an armed group working to protect the rights of the Rohingya Muslims for the last couple of years, almost the same way or even harder way they are now condemning the Myanmar army and extremist Buddhists for their crimes against humanity. The Hindu-extremist Narendra Damodardas Modi-run India and communists-ruled China’s role is also very partial in case of Rohingya crisis. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started talking in favor of Rohingya since the last couple of days in wake of worldwide criticism against the barbarism of Myanmar army and extremist Buddhists. But Sheikh Hasina is also condemning ARSA’s movement.

Now, let’s see whether the armed movement of the ARSA is logical or not. Firstly, the information of genocide, ethnic cleansing and human rights violation in Rakhine sate was focusing frequently in social media. Then it gradually started publishing in the mainstream media. In such a situation we see that the killer government of Myanmar and its extremists Buddhists earn condemnation from all over the world. But at the same time ARSA’s movement is also criticized very tactfully as if this movement is not less notorious like the genocide, ethnic cleansing and other atrocities. The movement of ARSA is being depicted in such a way that this type of movement is very new and barbaric and deserves no pardon.

But what is the reality? The minority Rohingya Muslim is not recognized as the citizens of Rakhine state and they have no right to vote. They have no national identity and have been treated as ‘Bengalis’. Even, at the time of huge criticism throughout the whole world against Myanmar government for human rights violation in Rakhine state, the army chief of the country Min Aung Hlaing very shamelessly claims in his government page of Facebook that Rohingya Muslims were never any ethnic group of Myanmar. He even claims Rohingya as intruder.

Not only the citizenship of the Rohingya Muslims has been snatched away but they are being pushed back to Bangladesh as well as outside Myanmar. The military junta of the country passed controversial citizenship act in 1982 and under that controversial and one-sided act they started snatching the citizenship of Rohingya randomly though this Muslim community has a golden history of thousands years. But unfortunately they have become the refugee of their own homeland they have been living generations after generations. Thus the biggest stateless human kind has been grown in this world.

Who are the Rohingya?

According to historical fact, once upon a time Arakan was an Independent country. The Rohingya Muslims had been living in Rakhine state, a part of Arakan, for hundreds years as citizens of the state. They had a golden history as an independent nation. For example, one of the greatest and reputed poets in Bengali literature Kabi Alaol was a poet of the kingdom of Arakan state.
Arakan state lost its independence due to the occupation by Burmese king Vodaer in 1784. However, the Rohingya Muslims had been passing well for many years despite losing independence as they were considered to be the citizens of Myanmar. Even Rohingya Muslims had representatives in the parliament of Myanmar and they were contributing important role for the welfare of the country.

But at one stage the intruders, the Burmese Buddhists, plotted to oust the Rohingya Muslims from their motherland and as a part of this conspiracy they passed the controversial citizenship act. The so-called Nobel Peace Laureate and broker of the western world Aung San Suu Kyi has involved recently in this heinous plotting. In a bid to perpetrating this ill intention the military of the Myanmar government and extremist Buddhists have started genocide and ethnic cleansing. Since the independence of Myanmar from British Colony on 4th January 1948 Rohingya Muslims have been facing such brutal torturing and human rights violation.

If questioned those, having minimum perception about politics and history of human civilization, that what can an oppressed community do in such a situation? Obviously, the lone answer will be they should call for independence. So the armed battle of a section of Rohingya Muslims, ARSA, is obviously a part of that noble act of struggling for independence and upholding human rights. If the original citizens of a state are forced to become refugees by some intruders for more than half-century and face genocide, raping, arson attacks and ethnic cleansing and ultimately they start fighting for protecting their basic rights achieving independence, is it terrorism?  Then all revolutionary leaders like Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung were obviously terrorists.

ARSA, may be the victim of master plotting

To speak the truth the armed movement of ARSA can be compared with the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh. Even there are similar grounds behind ARSA’s movement as it was in 1971 in case of Bangladesh. Moreover, the mass raping, ethnic-cleansing, burnt alive, arson attacks in many villages and other brutalities perpetrated by the Miyanmar army and Buddhists are more devastating than that of in 1971 during the Liberation war in Bangladesh.

So, those claiming to uphold the spirit of 1971 Liberation War should not undermine the armed movement of ARSA; rather their moral obligatory should be to provide the armed movement of Rohingya with utmost cooperation. If for the sake of debate we consider ARSA movement as terrorist act, how can it be justified to operate genocide and all sorts of brutalities on innocent people?

It is also doubted that ARSA movement is also a part of notorious conspiracy of Myanmar government for ousting minority Rohingya Muslims. May be the Myanmar government has appointed some plotters to operate armed revolt in the name of ARSA so that they can make the Rakhine state completely free from its original citizens, Rohingya Muslims. Otherwise, why still now no international media and human aids organizations have been allowed in Rakhine state and Myanmar authorities frequently claiming that there is no genocide in Rakhine? Why did the ARSA operate an attack just after the submission of the much-talked report of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine state, chaired by Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the UN, and foul army of Myanmar and extremist Buddhists started gross atrocities including genocide, mass raping and ethnic cleansing in response to that minor attack?

Muslims deserve to kick the final goal

However, the most pivotal role should be played by the Muslim World. There is no alternative of being united of the Muslims to coerce the killer government of Myanmar for allowing minority Rohingya Muslims to their homeland Arakan state as independent citizen. It is historically true that whenever Muslims compromise with the trickeries and manage by the sweet colloquial statements of conspirators and go through the path contradictory to the Islamic faith and spirit they fall in deep trouble and even it takes centuries after centuries to recover.

So no more wastage of time and let all Muslims raise voices together to establish the rights of Rohingya Muslims for the greater interest and existence of them. Otherwise, it is a must that all other Muslim countries will face the same destiny and all Muslims suffer the equal miseries like Rohingya. It is the harsh reality that Muslims must protect themselves by their own strength as the long historical fact is that all endeavors for destroying Muslims are always welcomed by the Secret World Government. So it is nothing but living in the fools’ paradise that minority Rohingya Muslims will be protected by the world’s community.

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