China-India Standoff A Premonition of Evil inside South Asia -By Salman Sohel


The China-India brawl started just mid June this year 2017. Chinese military attempted constructing road on remote plateau dokhlam border at tri –junction of China, Bhutan and India, which is disputed between China and Bhutan when Indian 270 troops moved into the flash point zone to halt the work and still Indian soldiers deployed in this disputable border row. India claimed that strategically, their security will face danger if China successfully builds the road and it will shorten China’s route to sensitive ‘”chicken neck” shiliguri corridor that connects Indian seven northeastern states with rest of the country. Delhi said that they (India) have come here on the basis of Bhutan’s request. China also deployed their army. In ensui, Chinese and Indian soldiers were deployed with a tense to face off and in 15th August, both soldiers entangled with a coarse brief war in northenladakh border line. China warned that Indian trespass to brunt Chinese own sovereignty and they vowed to defend sovereign by any cost. China also expected  the  withdrawal of Indian troops  immediately to end the military standoff through its official agency Xinhua  and unequivocally declared dokhlam as Chinese territory and there is no doubt and dispute about it. China is adamant regarding its stance about dokhlam. Chinese defense minister warned India not to”push its luck’’ and ‘’ harbor any illusion’’ Beijing claims that its restraint has a bottom line. Under 1890 China –Britain convention, the Chinese foreign ministry has recently defined China-India boundary in doklam stands on Sikkim part of border in Chinese territory. In the contrary, India has mentioned a non public agreement, under which tri junction boundary points would be finalized in consultation with the concern countries including Bhutan. Actually, these two countries treat each other as a dangerous enemy and occasionally confront in this Himalayan mount. They have already been engaged in several brief wars. One is 1962 war where New Delhi became severely frustrated. The Buddhist preacher and philosopher dalai lama is another big cumbersome issue between these two giants .China treats Dalai lama as a terrorist and separatist; on the other hand, India treats as a Buddhist philosopher and reformist. The eighty two-year-old Buddhist leader has lived in exile in India since he fled a failed Tibetan uprising nearly 60 years ago. Actually, his presence in the country has long been an irritant issue for Delhi’s prickly ties with Beijing. Tenth august, Dalai Lama urged both states to take part in dialogue to bring peace published in press trust of India news agency. The sikkim, arunachal province, one belt one road, suspicion are the main causes for conflict between them. Indian Defense minister Arun Jaitley said that this India is not of 1962s and is capable of protecting its territorial integrity. Actually, China wants to extend his supremacy over all other Asian neighbors. China has already engaged in confrontation with various countries like Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan, manila so on relating to the South China Sea as Beijing is making an artificial lake in this sea which is not well accepted by Chinese neighbor northern states. In the same way, India has also dishonest relation with her neighbors like Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka and Myanmar that has created an unhealthy environment in sub-continent. But inquisitively, both countries want to extend their influence in this region.  However, a most probable, warfare can be conflagrate in this region over the doklam issue. India is accusing that China is aggressive in border row. Both countries stand on unyielding position though Indian braggart tone has become ebbing. But Chinese’ persistence in favor of battle is really a matter of worry to us. Former consul Pinak chaqraborty orient remarks that war is not ineluctable. China won`t be benefited by the war. He also noted that, Now China will behave in insensitive way because their 19thcongress    convention of communist party is going to be held in autumn of this year. Seven members based polite bureau and a standing committee will also formulate in this congress. So shrewd xipin wants to show their people that he is a undefeatable soldier for Chinese nation. Notwithstanding international bigwig exhort, Beijing embellished their soldiers in this row. As a consequence, Modi government intensively awakens over this dearth. Indian government already arranged an ‘all-party summit which is first such a large summit after 1962 China–India war. In this summit, they blamed to Pakistan to instigate China. But Nawaj Sharif’s [former] government denied and looked on scorn to India. Generally Islamabad did not give official statement. But regarding this issue, any leader or army did not comment. Pakistani silent support will always stay with China because Pakistan has big self-interest over the Kashmir issue against Delhi. In a nutshell, if the battle begins, India will mostly be affected as Chinese robust economy not only dominate Indian subcontinent and Asia but also all over the world including Europe. One belt one road, China-Pakistan economic corridor has attracted much being influenced to Asia and Europe. China has spread a net to establish influence on Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh by giving assistances. Now India is worry about regarding this issue. In this intricate situation, many political pundits imagined that it will be better for India to eschew any exacerbation with Beijing and China should excoriate of war paint for boosting and sustainable economic development. Beijing should hark back; they have extra-large sizable trade and commercial market in India. According to 2015 export- import data, above $6000 crore trade has accomplished between them and China has exported 5000 crore Out of 6000 crore. So a war may root up Chinese from this big business market. In the  meantime, an article has been published in bulletin of atomic scientist magazine in united states under the headline titled ‘’Indian nuclear forces 2017 ’’ where is noted that India has been making ballistic missile  to attack China and also marked that India assimilated 600 kg  plutonium to build 200 atomic arms. Now Xijin Ping’s communist government exorbitantly showed espionage about Indian military activities as well as taking preparation to foil New Delhi. Beijing is always threatening to withdraw Indian troops from dokhlam border. But Indian external affairs minister sushama shwaraj hinted that India is capable of defending itself against an onslaught of China. She said that both sides must pull back their army before mutual discussion. The curator of sanghai international studies institute`s surmise that China may take military step against India. Now the reality is if the standoff stained   in war, a humanitarian disaster will  occur that will go beyond control as both countries have atomic power and two giants have 260 crore populace. So there is no doubt that the war will engulf the whole south Asia including Bangladesh. As a consequence, 300 crore people may in this region be affected. Recently Indian official said that if India is assaulted, United States may join in this war in favor of India. Though U.S.A did not give any node about this issue, Rex tillersion, who is a secretary of state, evoked to solve this standoff   by dialogue. Now it is anxious matter if USA takes part in this war in favor of India, Russia must be engaged in this war to support Beijing. Then what will happen, regional clash colored in a formidable world war. However , a former Chinese consul warned in influential  global times  that “if needed second  good-lesson  will be given to evanescent India also echoing, their troops will be immediately expunge, otherwise they may die or captivate’’. in this situation ,China has put its foot down and deployed people liberation  army (PLA) in  border row. Analysts surmise that it is not right decision for both giants to involve in any battlefield because a war may break down their economic    flamboyance. Especially Indian take off economy will be much debilitated. In 28 July, Ajitdeval who is a national security adviser and Chinese state councilor Yang jiechi met an exigency meeting but they cannot come to a consensus solution. Now, analysts think that early September bricks conference will be held where an effective solution may be delineated. 1 August, Chinese people liberation army (PLA) observed 90thanniversary where Chinese most influential leader xi xiping commanded his soldiers ‘’to go for war if party (state) fiat and show highest fidelity’’. In meanwhile, New Delhi circulated an official document where they accused Chinese soldiers to have crossed and infringed Indian border minimum 27 times from 2007 to 2011. It is regrettable but true, if the war begins arms business market will be blessed for a group of states, which is very common in world cruel politics. So everybody needs to renounce such demoniac activities. In animadversion, to end this stalemate between Beijing and Delhi both states should be tolerant and patient and international authority and united nation should play evenhanded role to deplete exasperation as well as ensure state of euphoria in this region.

The writer is undergraduate student of Public Administration at Jagannath University, Dhaka.

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