Inclusive Development through Education By -Mohammad Kawsar Ahammed


Today education is not an opportunity rather it is a right for all. It is a right for a boy as well as a right for a girl, it is a right for thousands of refugee children floating on the sea and it is also a right for a blind or for a physically handicap man. Besides this, there is a positive relation exists between Education and Development. As both are the two sides of the same coin, for our dream of an inclusive development we cannot ignore the importance of comprehensive education around the world.
As the world is overwhelmed with problems, for Example: Economic and political instability, social and financial hardships both in family and in community, Natural catastrophe that damages crops, Wars and conflict results in millions of refugees. Without these, many communicable and non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases all are now spreading in many low and middle-income countries. Hundreds of millions of young people around the world searching for employment in the very uncertain labor market.
However, the list of problems not meant to discourage, but to challenge.Solving these challenges,in single word is synonymous to Development.Though development itself is an elusive term,but in bold words development includes all of the positive changes. Development refers not merely a rise or fall in income and wealth but to the ultimate human well-being. But, ultimate development will be possible only when each and every person of a country is educated. Now the question is why education is so important for development.
As we all know that education makes a person being able to fight against all challenges.It makes a person learn to act like a human being,it make him think not only for himself but also for the humanity,it also make him confront against the existing injustice or wrong doings. From one side it is one of the basic human rights and on the other side it also creates opportunities. Opportunities of a fair chance to have a secure livelihood, to escape poverty, to support family, and to develop his or her community with the light of enlightenment.
Besides this, propereducation is not just a good in itself; it is also a catalyst for many other development gains. As proverb goes, “if you educate a girl, you educate an entire nation”. If we can ensure education for children, especially for girls, in the long run it will lead to fewer child marriages, low child mortality rates,less child labor and exploitation. Education has a long term societal benefits. They will contribute to both in intellectual capital and inother entrepreneurial opportunities. And at the end of the day, these will lead boosting up the economic growth.
Now it is time for the whole world to take the decision of comprehensive education system that we can titled “Education for all”. No one will out of the light of education.WhetherAs it is one of the basic rights, we have to ensure that no one left behind – not the poor or disadvantaged, not the physically handicap children and not girls, who have all too often struggle for trying to get an education.
Here we can set up the example of “Education for all” slogan made by the government of Lebanon for the Syria’s refugee children. Lebanon’s Ministry of Education took necessary steps of educating about half a million refugee children, so that after the crisis ended, when they will finally return to Syria, they will be able to use the skills and knowledge with which to rebuild their country. The government along with the international Organizations has already able to provide 1,06,795 Syrian refugee children through 1000 public schools in double shifts. The government is trying to enhance this program. Such prudent steps are really admirable and all credit goes to Lebanon government and the international Organizations.

But, now the question is how we can ensure comprehensive education around the world? The efforts of governments and international community through infrastructural development by building schools, institutions, and non-infrastructural development like books, reading materials etc. are commendable. But, it is high time for us made education modernize and easily accessible for everyone by using technological advancement.The more we would be able to build up comprehensive education system the greater there development in education will be possible. Through the use of internet and digital technology where everybody will be able to get the free and easily accessible education.
One of the major goals of SDG is quality education. Only the quantity is not enough for development. So,the importance of quality education knows no bound. That is why SDG refers to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong opportunities for all. As access to primary education does not always mean to have quality education. We should focus on whether the children’s are learning the basic literacy skills or not.Quality education represents the first target of SDG including, “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and Goal-4 effective learning outcomes”.
Quality education also includes practical and ethical issues. If ethical and practical issues are absent from education system in long term this so called education will bring no ultimate result. That is why, the more the education is ethical and religious the more there will be a positive outcome in the long run. By increasing religious practice among the children,it will bring more ethical sentiments among the future generation.
As we know, there is a core relation lies between education and inclusive development.According to a recent OECD report, ‘’providing every child with access to education and the skills needed to participate fully in society would boost GDP by an average 28% per year in lower-income countries and 16% per year in high-income countries for the next 80 years.’’Investment in education will bring both visible and invisible development. By ensuring primary and secondary education, we will be able to accelerate not only the economic growth, poverty eradication and improved income equality, but also the upgrading of human capital,social enrichment and inclusion,increased opportunities and , and enhanced freedom and welfare.Educated manpower’s will lead the country for the ultimate development through multi-dimensional approach.
We would like to have the attention of Superpowers of the world, if they invest not in producing nuclear weapons rather invest in education will bring ultimate development. And at the end of the day, we will be able to build a peaceful world without any conflict.
Increasing investment in education by governments of both low and middle-income countries and much emphasis on education is praiseworthy. Non-government organizations (NGO) are also contributing much to educate the children in remote areas. But, if the government and NGOs work hand in hand with the help of local people our dream of inclusive development through education will be in reality.
It is our duty to make the world make better for the living of upcoming generations through inclusive development. For that we also have to make sure that the right of education is received by everyone. Together we can all help transform the way the world develops, disseminates, and uses knowledge for ultimate well-being of each and every human being.
The writer is a Undergraduate student of Development Studies at the University of Dhaka.

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