Where Secularism is an Anti-Islamic Phenomenon By -Rafeed Arian


Bangladesh is a country of peace and coherence which is situated in South-East Asia. It is a Muslim majority country of over 90% of the total population. The rest of the people are Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, followers of indigenous religions etc. Although most of the indigenous religions have mostly been eliminated by the Christian missionaries, there exist few of them with sheer striving to live their existence. This country has incredible geographical identity as it is the only Muslim majority country in the world that does not have any Muslim neighbor.
Historically this country is bestowed with huge amount of natural resources by the almighty Allah. Unfortunately, after the invasion of the British, this region lost its dignity and affluence. British offenders came as merchants but later changed their niches as rulers. That colonial regime firstly poisoned this region with hatred. It was their clever decision to divide the nation and rule them safely. Regrettably, that colonial policy is still effective in the society of Bangladesh albeit it is an independent country. Besides, it has a huge neighbor which has gruesome imperialist agenda to its neighboring countries including Bangladesh.
Since 1971 Bangladesh is an independent country and is first ever ruled by its own. Historically the countrymen of the region are peaceful and mostly religious and have strong feelings and emotions for their religious beliefs. As a result, it is seen that the teachings of Islam, the majority people’s religion, are deeply rooted in the societies of Bangladesh. As Islam teaches its followers to coexist peacefully with other religions, this country has never accepted any kind of violence against people of other faith. Whereas the neighboring countries have worse legacy of riots and violence against minorities, Bangladesh have no sign of riots or violence against minority segments fueled by the religion. Some incidents took place but had strong evidence of political interest and rivalry effective behind. Most of the incidents were staged by the so called secularists especially by the party of Awami League which is also the patron of secularists and their agenda in the country. Secular media network try to portray these incidents as violence caused by religion of Islam as it gives them tremendous political and ideological gain.
Any kind of violence against any of the minority group or the so called extreme Anti-Islamic atheists brings huge benefits for the secular parties. It is thought in the society that those violence are keenly expected by the ‘secular elites’ as they can easily consolidate their power by those incidents. International community strongly reacts to any kind of this violence which is very much considered as favorable to the secular elites in fight against Islam.
From the very time of the history, secularists of this region are prone to extreme Anti-Islam ideas. Customarily they can accept every religion except Islam. They even arrange campaign to ban Islam in the country although it is the religion of at least 90% of the people. Apartheid activities and propaganda against Islam impact huge on the society and as a result society deeply hurt. For example, Shahbag conspiracy and the so called secular movement was one of the biggest historical efforts by the secularists to evict Islam from every sphere of the society which resulted chaos and bloodshed. Society strongly and largely reacted to this Anti-Islamic showdown which leaves hundreds of Muslims murdered brutally. Although this secular showdown largely failed, it successfully persecuted and still persecuting top Islamist leaders of the country.  Present secular government led by the largest secular party of the country imprisoned thousands of the Islam loving people. Hundreds are still imprisoned and the jails are overcrowded now.
Currently, brutal incidents are taking place around the country by the state apparatus and the extremists in the name of religion. Police and other law enforcing agencies are accused with clear evidence of involving in abduction and killing of opposition activists especially from the Islamist political parties. On the other hand, some of the secular activists have been killed by the unknown attackers where responsibilities have been claimed by some extremist groups functional around the world from unknown place. These claims and governments’ stance towards them makes this issue mostly controversial. Some sees these killings of extreme secularists are to balance between the mass killings of opposition activists especially from Islamists countrywide by the present ruling secular government. After Awami League-led secular government came into power in 2009, they evict the historical peaceful coexistence of the people in the society by applying secular agenda and as a result the nation is deeply divided. Secular media network played a large role in dividing the nation by propagating and instigating hatred and violence. This deep division among the nation paves the way of the extreme secular party Awami League and their allies to rule this Muslim majority country without considering democratic values and justice in every sphere of the society.

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