Smartness and Creativity Smoothen the Path of Life By -Nusrat Jahan


Smartness is a combination of KNOWLEDGE AND PERSONALITY. Here personality deals with application of knowledge in the right direction, assessing the situation and handling matters efficiently. A smart person is one who makes the right moves to stay ahead in life.

Smart means exclusive something- ‘Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.’ Smartness is such an extraordinary thing which may be that ‘My friend thinks he’s smart, he said onions are only the foods that make you cry. So I threw a coconut at his face’. No, Don’t fear. It’s just a different, exceptional idea.

There are many words about smartness. Samuel Goldwyn said, ‘Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius’.  George Burns funnily said, Smartness runs my family, when I went to school I was so smart my Teacher was in my class for five years. Another said, they laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.

According to Aristotle, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.’ Louis B. Mayor said about this differently, ‘be smart but never show it’.

Anyway, smartness is necessary in every step of our life. A smart person is always extraordinary and an extraordinary job is always exceptional and unique which makes one different from other and looks attractive more. In social life we may student, service holder, leader, husband or wife etc. In all sphere of life we can be smart and smarter by following some techniques.

Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter:
Be smarter about your online time: Every online break doesn’t have to be about checking social networks and fulfilling your daily ration of cute animal pictures. The Web is also full of great learning resources, such as online courses, educational sites and vocabulary-building tools.

Write down what you learn : It doesn’t have to be pretty or long, but taking a few minutes each day to reflect in writing about what you learned is sure to boost your brainpower. “Write 400 words a day on things that you learned,” suggests yoga teacher Claudia Azula Altucher.

Make a ‘did’ list : A big part of intelligence is confidence and happiness, so boost both by pausing to list not the things you have yet to do, but rather all the things you’ve already accomplished. The idea of a “done list” is recommended by famed VC Marc Andreessen as well as Azula Altucher. “Make an I DID list to show all the things you, in fact, accomplished,” she suggests.

Have smart friends : It can be rough on your self-esteem, but hanging out with folks who are more clever than you is one of the fastest ways to learn. “Keep a smart company. Remember your IQ is the average of five closest people you hang out with,” Saurabh Shah, an account manager at Symphony Teleca, writes.”Surround yourself with smarter people,” agrees developer Manas J. Saloi. “I try to spend as much time as I can with my tech leads. I have never had a problem accepting that I am an average coder at best and there are many things I am yet to learn… Always be humble and be willing to learn.”

Read a lot : OK, this is not a shocker, but it was the most common response: Reading definitely seems essential. Opinions vary on what’s the best brain-boosting reading material, with suggestions ranging from developing a daily newspaper habit to picking up a variety of fiction and nonfiction, but everyone seems to agree that quantity is important. Read a lot.

Explain it to others : “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” Albert Einstein said. Make sure you’ve really learned what you think you have learned and that the information is truly stuck in your memory by trying to teach it to others. “Make sure you can explain it to someone else,” Xie says simply.

Do random new things : Shane Parrish, keeper of the consistently fascinating Farnam Street blog, tells the story of Steve Jobs’s youthful calligraphy class in his response on Quora. After dropping out of school, the future Apple founder had a lot of time on his hands and wandered into a calligraphy course. It seemed irrelevant at the time, but the design skills he learned were later baked into the first Macs. The takeaway: You never know what will be useful ahead of time. You just need to try new things and wait to see how they connect with the rest of your experiences later on.

Learn a new language : No, you don’t need to become quickly fluent or trot off to a foreign country to master the language of your choosing. You can work away steadily from the comfort of your desk and still reap the mental rewards. Learning some new languages help you many ways.You can get extra facility from this at any time.

How can be smart, genius, wise or intelligent?
Being a genius is typically something you’re born with. But being smart, wise, or intelligent is something you can learn. However, it really depends on how you define being smart. Some people equate being smart to knowing a lot of facts or getting good grades while other people equate being smart to being able to learn something quickly.

Being smart is something you can learn, because no one is born with a wealth of knowledge preloaded in their brains. Everything a smart person knows, they learned from somewhere at one point or another. As for learning quickly, some people are just better at understanding certain concepts than others but part of it comes down to how they’re taught as well. Some people learn very well with methods used in school for teaching which is why they can seem very smart while for other people, teaching methods used in school might not work well for them which can result in bad grades leading people to think they’re not very smart.

To become smarter, you need to put in the time and effort to learn new things. It helps if you’re genuinely interested in learning. For some, learning is enjoyable while for others, it’s a chore but if your goal is to become smarter, you just have to put in the work.

How to look handsome?
Be well-groomed and maintain good hygiene.
Wash your hands regularly… Keep hands and fingernails clean and neat.
Take time to comb and style your hair. Trim and wash it regularly.
Wear clean clothes that fit you well.
Have good posture, smile, and make eye contact.
Eat healthy, sleep well and get enough exercise. Be smart.

Parenting tips on how to raise a smart child:
Childhood is critical in the intellectual development of your son or daughter, according to child development experts and neuroscientists. This is the stage where the brain develops most quickly. How you help your child develop intellectually affects him through adulthood.

Below are some of the suggestions backed by science and observations by child experts to help your child’s intellectual growth and help him grow smart:

Give your child an early start – According to the study by Ronald Ferguson, director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University, giving your child a head start in learning should “start in the crib”. He recommends the following activities to support early childhood development: maximizing loving responsiveness and minimizing stress, talking, singing and gesturing a lot, using number games and rhythm, enabling and encouraging three-dimensional competencies, and cultivating a love of learning.

Read books to your kid – Start reading to him even if he does not understand the words.  This gives him a head start in developing language skills.  Reading books is one of the most important activity that make kids smart.

Talk to your kid – This develops your child’s strong language skills.  Also, listen to your child when he’s talking.  This reinforces his effort to communicate and develops his facility for language.Be friendly, interact with your kid, play with him (her), and make him feel loved – Scientists observed that babies who were not cuddled, played with and loved have stunted brain growth.

Make your child a reader – The love for reading brings so many benefits for your child and develop to grow up smart. Reading develops your child’s appetite for knowledge. The more your child learns from reading, the more he wants to know. By being a reader early in life, your child is well-prepared to grasp the complexities of mathematics, science, history, engineering, mechanics, political science, and other knowledge necessary for a productive life.

Let your kid play – When your kid plays, he is creating the foundation for his intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills. When he plays with other kids, he learns to combine ideas, impressions and feelings with other kids’ experiences and opinions.

Encourage your kid to exercise – Physical exercise does not only make your kid strong, but it also makes your kid smart!  Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain and builds new brain cells.  Exercise is good for adults’ mental sharpness, but it has a more long-lasting effect on your kid’s still developing brain.

Foster your child’s creativity – Creativity is a valued mental characteristic in the arts, science involves problem solving as a whole.  Kids are naturally creative.   Although some kids are genetically more talented than others, it can be a learned behavior that can be nurtured from childhood.   Some of the ways to nurture creativity include exposing your child to literature, music and the arts, and making tools like paper and paint available for him to work on.

Let your child see you doing smart things – Kids learn by modeling adult’s behavior.  If he sees you engaged in reading books, writing or doing creative things, he will imitate you, and in the process make himself smart.

Limit your kid’s TV viewing – Your child should not be watching TV before age 2.  Letting your kid watch too much TV takes him away from doing activities that are more important to his developing brain, like playing, socializing and reading books.

Give your kid smart computer games –   The best kid-friendly computer games teach your kid about letters, math, music, phonics and many others.  It also develops his hand-eye coordination and prepares him for tomorrow’s technology.  More importantly, he learns these while he plays.  Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your kid to learn. They can see many educative cartoon videos.
Besides these they have to be given moral values, attitude and manner knowledge.

Ways to Talk Like a Smart Person
To begin with, confidence is a key. If you look and act as if you know exactly what you’re talking about, you’ll likely be perceived as so. To do this, try avoiding blank, filler words such as ‘um’. It’s perfectly acceptable to pause if you’re not sure how to proceed.

Talk slowly, remain calm and think before you speak. Before you know it, you’ll have everyone believing you’re the smartest person in the room. To end the conversation, make sure you slot in a meaningful last word. Getting the final word means your comments will remain fresh in the minds of your peers. If you reiterate your ideas to sum up, they’ll remember the facts, making you sound like you know just what you’re talking about.

Some smart ways to build self-confidence:
Recognize your positive qualities.
Develop opinions
Do challenging job
Accept feedback
Express Yourself.
Learn one new skill every year (at least)
Break a record!
Study Self Confidence.
Be positive thinker.

How to Make Your Personality Stand Out
Many people want to be noticed and stand out. This can be beneficial at social circles or at work. If you want to stand out, work on becoming more interesting. Read more and explore new places. From there, strive to develop your unique self. Recognize your good qualities and find ways to express them. Lastly, engage with others socially. Embrace your unique interests, sense of humor, and opinions.

Ways to work smart    :
All of us work hard in life – there is no doubt about it. We work hard in our jobs so we can excel at work. We work hard to maintain our relationships. We work hard so we can achieve the best results in our life.

After working hard for an extended period of time, there comes a point when we realize that there’s only so much we can do by working hard. Don’t get me wrong – working hard is important. I’m a firm advocate of hard work – I can be quite the workaholic. I can go on working non-stop to get something done. Hard work is definitely the brick of success.

Apply them to your life and you will experience better self-management, higher productivity and more results. Here they are:

Get clear on the objective : Everything has an objective. It’s just a matter of whether you know it or not. What is the end objective you are looking for? The people who don’t know the objective of what they are doing are the ones who waste the most time. If you know your objective, you can be laser-focused and cut right to the chase. The clearer you are the better.

Create a vision : Now that you know your objective, what is your vision? See the objective as your direction, and your vision as your destination. Knowing your objective lets you know where to travel in, while knowing your vision helps you charge forward.

Take the 80/20 route : There are always many different ways to achieve the same outcome. 80/20 route refers to the route that takes the least effort but gives you the maximum results. What’s the most effective route that will get you from where you are to where you want to be? Take that path.

Go for high impact items : There are endless numbers of things you can do to achieve a goal. Go for the most important tasks – the ones that cause the highest impact.

Create structures to maintain your flow : If you know how motivation works, you will know it comes in bursts and waves. It’s not possible to maintain a 100% full motivated state every single second. Hence, you need to create/ leverage on your environment to maintain your flow. Examples are your physical environment, people you hang out with, your routine and communities you are a part of.

Stop being a perfectionist : Being a perfectionist isn’t all that perfect if it prevents you from achieving more. Release the perfectionist mindset. Stop obsessing about the details and specifics; they often take care of themselves.

Learn from others : There are great resources, smart people, direct opportunities and top books around you all the time. Learn to make use of them. There is never a stop to how much you can learn from others.

If it works, stick to it : If there is already a success formula that’s working, then reapply that formula. There’s no need to innovate or reinvent the wheel for the sake of it. Innovate only if there’s value in doing so.

Hard work Vs smart work:
Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. They say you can do anything if you just work hard. Well, they’re wrong. Except working your butt off is not always enough. Need proof? You can’t inflate a flat car tire by blowing into it as hard as you can, the same way you can’t effectively mow a lawn with a pair of household scissors. No, you need the right tools, the right strategies, for the right tasks. You need to work smarter, not harder.
Be Creative thinker, productive worker, ignore low-priority items , make routine habits and proper time management. Do “Multitask” (not in the traditional sense).No matter how busy you are, there are always “negative spaces” in your day—and these gaps are when you should “multitask.” Try to fill the empty spaces with productive work: On your lunch break, watch a tutorial video or catch up on your emails. On your drive into work, listen to audiobooks or podcasts. The more you learn and work in these negative spaces, the more you’ll get done overall. Smart job does not mean hard work it’s a tact, tactfully act!