US Presidential Election; Probable impacts on Bangladesh -By Mohammad Kepayet Ullah


United States holds the supreme power in terms of economy, military capability and geopolitics in all over the democratic countries. As a power holding country, it has hooked up over the all issue in the world such as Europe, Russia, Middle East and Palestine vs. Israel issue. In our south chain & Indian sub-continent region, it holds a notable muscle. On the other hand, we have a large number of people who stay in USA and contribute to our economy sending a large amount of remittance. So, presidential election of USA is a very important indicator for our country. The candidates into election race after every four-year and its citizens elect their president for White House to represent their nation in the world. In upcoming election, it’s selected two precedent candidates are from two major parties. Donald Trump represents Republicans and Hillary Clinton, Former Foreign Minister of USA, represents ruling Democratic Party. They have come to front-line outstripping rivals and surpassing all expectations particularly of election experts and voters. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have drawn people’s attention in different ways. Hillary Clinton promised to create jobs and increase the minimum limits of the national income. The citizenship will be provided for unregistered immigrants. Referring to climate change, she said that it will be protected by making a clean energy policy. Hillary Clinton pledged to support domestic producers cancelling discriminatory commercial contracts and civil rights, women’s rights will be ensured. Meanwhile, she will reach 69 just two weeks before the election and would be the second-oldest president in USA. Probably, she is going to be the first woman president in US history. Not only first woman president candidate, she also made history when elected the first women senator at the New York, in 2000. Then 2007 she campaigned as a presidential candidate. But upon defeated by Barack Obama she was appointed as the US state secretary.

Hillary had more concern about Bangladesh, already she came here three times, In 1995 and 2000 she came Bangladesh by the virtue of Garmin Bank, when she become the first senator at New York state. In 2000, her husband President Bill Clinton also visited the country. At the last time in 2012 when Hillary become the Secretary of State, then she came Bangladesh by the invitation of Ruling Sheikh Hasina’s Government.

Bangladesh and the United States have some Pending business issues. In 2013 Obama suspended Bangladesh from generalized system of preference (GSP). In June 2013, based on Bangladesh’s failure to meet statutory eligibility requirements related to worker rights, several US company withdrew the investment in the gas sector of Bangladesh.

In addition, Bangladesh and USA signed Trade and Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement (TICFA) at 25 November, 2013. This is given a business platform by a bilateral contract. However, there are favorable and unfavorable opinions. That being said, if Hillary would be the US president she is actually one of these who will be sentient. But, if Trump becomes the president he will need to get started newly.


In contrary, as a republican right wing leader, Trump pledged to protect the interest of Native American people. So he spoke up against Muslims using blasphemous word and abusing them for not being the resist, the white or Jesus. He did not particularly care the country’s population where almost 14 percent are black, 17 percent Hispanic and 1 percent Muslim. His goal is to cast the votes of rest 68 percent of white people. He accused Clinton for mass forgiveness, mass migration. Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday on 14 June. If he can defeat Mrs. Clinton in November election, he would be the oldest president in United States’ history. In Republican National Convention, Donald trump said that after being president and building up a great border wall, he would evict all illegal emigrants who stay in USA and would stop illegal immigration, gangs and violence, drugs. We know almost 20 lakh native Bangladeshi people lives there. If trump wins presidential election he would blockage the person who wants to be immigrant. As a Right wing thinker, he tries to interfere with internal issues of our sub-continent countries. They have a big concern to our political and government system. We have experience of Dan Mozena, Ex-US ambassador, the present Bangladesh ruling party Awami League blames him for illegal connection with the team against Government.  Even, AL General Secretary Syed Ashraful Islam jeering his name as ‘Babysitter’ for this connection. Then instead of Mozena, they sent Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat as their ambassador.  When Bangladesh executed the penalties, we saw them to cite some confusing statements to avert the execution of war criminals.

In addition, our Political control is led by sides such as India, USA, Pakistan, Chain and Russia. But United States is the key fact for us. Because, they try to keep china and India under their control. Both are threats for USA. Because, one is rising economic power and another is most Hindu nationalist country.


Question is who is going to be seated on the most powerful chair of president. Which is proportional to us? I think Hillary is more collaborating personality than Trump. Because in a statement he has already criticized Bangladeshi immigrant community living in USA. Someone says, if Trump becomes president he will step to reduce interference with Iraq, Middle East and Iran’s nuclear Issue. He roughly criticized the Middle East policy of Obama and Hillary. Tramp said, Obama’s government not only spent money but also failed to bring peace in Middle East. Also said, Hillary is the Founder of Islamic State in all over the world and she is also an evil personality.  Meanwhile, criticism has begun by two main parties. Hillary’s delighter Obama says, Donald Trump is unprepared and incompetent for the presidential election of United States. Nevertheless, how the Republican Party is going to support him- is still surprising to Obama. So we can think that America is going to be a Radical nationalist country by supporting Donald Trump. Not only America but also many countries around the world are becoming Nationalist; for instance India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. At the same time, many consider Nationalism as the key of development.  Almost half of the people in each country believe in radical nationalism. So as a Right wing party’s candidate Donald Trump is trying to get this opportunity. But in various surveys on United States presidential election, the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton is more advanced than Republican racer. According to polls analysts, Trump is back for his hardliner speech. Whoever wins in USA Presidential election, they have a National consensus of protecting the highest level of national interest. The Sign is clear when we see Barack Obama as President of USA but Africa’s problem of being treated as slaves remained unsolved.

The writer is journalist and geopolitics analyst.